How AI is helping a common person’s life

Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a process of transferring human cognitive intelligence to computers. Though AI is difficult for a common man to understand but it has a big impact on everyone in society and a key role in progressive modern life.

How AI is helping a common person’s life

In 1955, when John McCarthy presented academic introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI), since then it has become the most intriguing area of research for scientists and technology companies. Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a process of transferring human cognitive intelligence to computers. AI involves deep research and intense programming. To understand its core areas is not a game for a common man who has no idea about computation and robotics, but it does not mean AI is not playing any role in a common person’s life! There are a lot of applications and devices in the market that are serving humanity and having AI programs installed in them. Let’s have a glance at which areas of human life are being served by Artificial Intelligence.

1. AI for your personal security and identification

Image processing and recognition is a subfield of AI. Imagine, you are passing through your office where entry is restricted and an unauthorized person is not allowed. Each time you have to show your card to the security and sign the attendance on a register. How easy would it be for you if you put your thumb on a scanner and you do not need to worry about security and the attendance? Facial recognition is being used to identify you through your face and you don’t even have to take out hands from your pocket. AI has sorted out this solution for you. These days almost every organization is using this technology for security as well as attendance. Moreover, your bank transactions and issuance of personal mobile SIM are also being secured by biometrics these days. Fingerprints, facial recognition, retina scan and palm scan, all are used nowadays.

AI for personal identification and security

2. Search engines use AI to optimize search results

When you enter any search query in the google search bar, you get certain results showing links, images or videos. While typing, you also notice that google offer some suggestion prior to your query is typed completely. All happening in the background is artificial intelligence. Google collects data about your search history, videos watched by you, ads clicked or viewed by you, location, websites visited, apps, and devices you use. Some information is not collected by google but the user provides the consent to collect. This includes name, birthday, gender, passwords and anything you type in. According to Google’s privacy policy, your data is not disclosed to anyone. This data is only used to enhance your experience with google and suggestions according to your needs.

Google search suggestions use AI

3. Smart email response

“Hi, I hope you are……… “. You might have seen while typing an email, the phrase in quotations, “doing great.” is automatically filled as your email knows it already what you are going to type. This is happening because almost all emails sent to a person include such phrases and email services are recording everything you type in. This will help the user to complete the desired phrase automatically to save time and brain processing. Similarly, email categories like “Primary”, “Social” and “Promotions” in Gmail automatically receive corresponding emails based on their header information and previous behavior for the reception of emails. Junk emails are thrown to the junk or bulk folder automatically after estimating their mode of generation, e.g. from email marketing server.

Smart email response uses AI

4. Google location services and maps

Either you want to call for Uber or asking google about tasty pizza around you, Google Maps and Location services are undoubtedly your first choice. These services are gathering data about your location, your travel history, previously-stored places, and time of travel that calculates average speed through certain roads. AI algorithm analyses every bit of information to suggest you shorter and safer ways, highly rated restaurant and other places around you, estimated time to reach and people nearby.

Google Maps uses AI

5. AI is assisting medical science for swift, accurate diagnosis and err-free treatment

Life is going to depend on AI soon. Artificial Intelligence is deployed in medical diagnosis, treatment and disease susceptibility testing. A study in 2017 presented a comparison between the predictive diagnosis of skin cancer after training AI programs with 129 450 images, and a team of the specialist dermatologist who also possessed biopsy reports. The results revealed that AI outpowered the dermatologists in diagnosing the disease. Support vector machine is used to detect breast cancer, nephritis and heart diseases are diagnosed by using Artificial neural networks, and early diagnosis of heart diseases is possible using Decision Tree Algorithm.

Artificial Intelligence has helped scientists to predict genetic disease susceptibility prior to diagnosis. An enormous amount of DNA data is being generated continuously in the labs worldwide. Certain AI algorithms use this genetic information taken from patients to detect the genetic changes associated with a certain disease. Emedgene is one example of such platforms that use AI for early disease diagnosis.

Robotic surgery is another bright area in medical science. Robots are being trained through human surgeon activities and imaging data supply. They are fast, accurate and smart enough to evolve according to the patient’s needs. da Vinci Surgical System is a perfect example of AI mediated robotic surgeons and has performed more than 1.5 million surgeries since 2000.

Robotic surgery in progress

6. AI-controlled vehicles (Autonomous cars)

From manual transmission to automatic, cars have gone so far away from such basic improvements. The most common AI manifestation in cars is the installation of the GPS system that guides a rider towards the destination. Driving a car accompanies many risks including road accidents. As Artificial Intelligence is getting improved day by day, the researchers thought to put this into vehicles as well. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla predicted to launch the first-ever completely automated car without the influence of a human. The driver just has to set a destination and the car will take him to it. This vehicle will take care of road accidents, legal charges and speed control. In the US, thirty-seven states have enacted legislation regarding Autonomous vehicles (AV).

Autonomous vehicle uses AI 

7. AI-assisted home appliances

Today, technology has reached to a certain point where the machine can communicate with humans in a much better way. Artificial Intelligence has entered our lives through such advancements. Consider, you are coming back home in hot summer and you want your room cool before you arrive. There are several companies that offer air conditioners that are controlled through your smartphone. The way of communication between appliances and smartphones is through IR blaster. Any mobile with IR blaster and any appliance that receives IR signals can be operated this way. Washing machines, TVs, and air-conditioners can be operated from distance. What if you come home and your dinner is also ready automatically? Yes!! It is possible now with the help of Moley, the world’s first robotic kitchen. You just have to give it the command and it will serve the purpose.

Robotic kitchen at work

8. City surveillance and safety

The use of AI surveillance is increasing worldwide. AI cameras are being installed throughout the cities that not only detect the face but also warn about certain malicious activities like robbing, murder or stealing. Cameras are connected to smart programs that are trained with images and videos and every data is categorized. The camera can easily detect the difference between mischief and robbery. These cameras are also recording and maintaining the data of a person’s movement and locality. This data can be used for further security.

Surveillance and safety using AI

9. Smart flight operations

On average, 102,465 flights take place worldwide via 49,871 routes. Such a huge number of flights and each flight with different time and trajectory are so hard to regulate. Artificial Intelligence has played its role again for safe and timely flight operations. The airline industry uses Artificial Intelligence to improve flight operations including revenue management, air-safety and plain maintenance, feedback analysis, communication automation, crew management, fuel efficiency optimization.

Use of AI in aviation control

10. Artificial intelligence in business

When every aspect of life is getting automation, how the most important aspect of social life, the business can stay empty-handed? From a simple chatbot and virtual assistant to automated car manufacturing, all are operated using AI. Through the implementation of AI and robotics, repetitive functions are now fully automated. This helped to increase speed, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. There are several Forex Robots that automatically run your forex trading based on rules you have set for them. E-commerce is going to be handed over to AI very soon in the future. Every E-commerce store is collecting user data, that is used to train AI programs for the better shopping experience and correctly anticipated user’s choice. Transaction records, economy flow and credit management are also being control using AI.

Use of Data Science in Business

In the upcoming future, these aspects will be increased surprisingly with the advent of new algorithms and better hardware. Researchers are trying to achieve the level of super intelligence where almost every activity will be auto controlled.

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