Best Robotic Arm: Pros and Cons

While they appear to be sci-fi stuff, the robotic arms are here to surprise and entertain you and your kids. This guide gives you an overview of 6 best robotic arms with the pros and cons of each. Look for your desired features, buy an arm robot that meets your needs, and have fun while learning.

Best Robotic Arm: Pros and Cons
Best Robotic Arm

The “Robotic Arm” was considered a sci-fi or imaginative product before it was introduced in the 1950s by George Devol, Jr. Initially, robotics got a foothold in space exploration, though its development was slow. People remained unaware of the robot’s potential in industries until the 1980s when Armatron – a robotic arm toy by Tandy Electronics was introduced. Later on, its integration into the automobile and manufacturing sector got hype. And today, it is a completely new world.

From carrying out an industrial operation and performing surgery to having a fun toy – a robot arm is an amazing invention with wide applications. Robot arms can perform multiple tasks in industries like laser engraving, CNC works, and 3D printing, but they are mainly the best at pick-and-place tasks. Surgical robots equipped with 3 or more robot arms are redefining the healthcare sector. Getting a robotic arm that can perform similarly to a human arm has always been a fantasy. Luckily, we live in an era where owning such a robotic arm is no longer a fantasy. Though not as efficient as an industrial or surgical robot is, the robotic arms available in the market are the best affordable robotic toys you can bring home to help you get firsthand knowledge and improve your robotic skills before you enter this field.

This guide will enlighten you with some basic knowledge about the core principle of a robotic arm and its significant features. We will mainly discuss 6 best robotic arms within the affordable price range that can help you learn coding and programming in robotics while delivering extreme fun. Let’s proceed!

What is a Robotic Arm? How Does It Work?

A robotic arm is a mechanical programmable machine developed to operate objects like a human arm. Normally, when you think about a robot arm, the first thing that comes to your mind must be a mechanical arm capable of doing various tedious and dangerous jobs that humans might find difficult to perform. However, an arm robot is more than just an efficient machine to ease humans from physical jobs. In fact, a programmable robotic arm is an interesting companion for kids, teenagers and those interested in STEM learning.

A robot arm is pretty close to a human arm with a shoulder, elbow and wrist. The shoulder of a robotic arm rides on a stationary base instead of a mobile body. Generally, an industrial robotic arm consists of seven metal segments. All segments are joined together via six joints that can hinge in six different ways as it possesses six degrees of freedom which refers to the number of rotational joints on the robot arm. In contrast, a human arm has seven degrees of freedom. With each joint, a stepper motor is attached. Unlike an ordinary motor, the computer rotates the individual stepper motors in exact increments to precisely control the repetitive movement of the robot arm. The end of the robot arm called the gripper or end effector, can do the tasks that a human hand performs. It can grip like a hand, tighten screws and many more. The motion sensors ensure that the robot’s arm movement is just right. Robotic arms leverage network technology and machine vision to see, evaluate and understand their surroundings. Based on this artificial intelligence, a robotic arm can perform the assigned duty with great precision, flexibility, and speed while ensuring in-house safety.

Nevertheless, a robotic arm is not just an expensive huge machinery used in industries, several manufacturers offer inexpensive robotic arm kits that are easy to assemble, and you can have fun with these robotics toys. A programmable robotic arm kit available in the market to help you learn the basics of robotics works almost with the same principle of the industrial robotic arm. A robot arm toy is easy to control by programming via USB. They can be operated via wired controllers or wirelessly with a smartphone. You can also control it with Arduino and even a hydraulic motor.

If you are new to the field of robotics or want to learn coding and programming, buying a reliable robotic arm kit is the perfect solution.

What to Look for While Buying a Robotic Arm?

If you plan to buy a robotic arm, you must consider the following points before making any decision.

1. Ultimate Use:

Your selection of a robotic arm depends on the function you want it to perform. Various robotic arms are designed to perform different functions. Your primary intention to purchase a robotic arm decides which one to select. Do you just want a robotic toy with smart arms to gift your young one to play? Or a robotic arm with fast speed is your requirement? Does the task you want it to perform demand granular or précised controlling? Your end use will help you filter a perfect fit from various arm robots as all the other features are connected with it.

2. Load Capacity:

The maximum weight a robot can hold is called “Payload”. This load capacity is different for different mechanical robot arms. So, while choosing a robot arm, check its payload and the weight you want it to pick and place during its assigned task. The load capacity is mostly mentioned in the robotic arm’s specifications.

3. Number of Axes/Degree of Freedom

The motility of an arm robot depends on the number of axes an arm can move around. With greater number of axes, its DOF (degree of freedom) to move around freely will increase.

Though a robot arm with four axes can perform various simple functions, select the one with 6-axes if you want it to perform complex tasks in a smaller space.

4. Reach

Another important feature to look for while selecting a robot arm is the vertical and horizontal extent to which it can move its arm while performing a task. You can confirm the reach of a robotic arm from the product specifications section.

5. Accessibility:

Select a robot arm accessible via different means like remote control, smartphones, PC etc.

6. Coding Platform:

If you want to learn coding skills or want your kid to develop an interest in coding, choose a robotic arm that provides a coding platform.

Top 6 Robotic Arms Available at Amazon

The robot arms come in different styles but with more or less the same principle of motion. Programmable robotic arm toys are best to complement your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning strategy. Several programmable robotic arm kits are available in the market. These “Built-It-Yourself” robotic arms are an ideal gateway to moving toward advanced and complex robotic designs. Let’s walk through some best robotic arms the market offers to help you understand what’s out there. Whether you are a tech lover, curious to know how automation works, a beginner in robotics, or looking for a useful and enjoyable gift to foster your kid’s interest in coding and programming in a fun way, select any of these robotic arms based on your preferences.

1. OWI Inc Robotic Arm Edge Kit

Brand: OWI Inc
Model: OWI-535
Weight: 2.35 lbs.
Recommended Age: 13 years and up
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OWI has been satisfying educational trainers and concerned parents for more than 3 decades. It is recognized for making the finest robotic arms for STEM education. OWI Inc robotic arm is a leading line of educational robotics kits with five degrees of freedom. This remote-controlled robotic arm has five motors with five gearboxes to make the five arm joints functional. It can move its radial wrist at 120 degrees, elbow at 300 degrees, shoulder at 180 degrees, and base at 270 degrees, while it has a gripping motion of 0-1.77”(0-4.5cm). The Gearbox will make a noise if it meets undue resistance to motion. It is a warning to you that the robot arm movement has reached its limit in that direction. Now, you must immediately stop the arm’s movement in that particular way. The safety gear audible indicator at the gripper helps safeguard gear from breakage. With a vertical and horizontal reach of 15 and 12.6 inches, the Robotic Arm Edge can lift weight up to 100 gm. The LED light is fixed at the hand of the arm, which illuminates what the gripper holds and allows it to operate safely in the dark.

Robotic Arm Edge has an illustrative manual with pictorial descriptions to help you through the assembly. It just requires Screwdriver, diagonal cutters, and long-nose pliers; soldering is not required.

This second-generation robotic arm kit by OWI is the best to help you learn the fundamental mechanics and electronics of constructing and controlling a robotic arm. It is a decent programmable arm robot available at Amazon with a price range under $100.

Tech Specs:

Load Capacity: 100 gm
Number of Axes/DOF: 5
Axes Control: Individual Servos
Arm’s Reach: up to 15 inches vertically and 12.6 inches horizontal
Rotational Capability: 90 degrees
Controllability: via a Wired remote and USB interface
Power: 4 D-Cell batteries


  • Very affordable price
  • 5 Degrees of Freedom is enough to allow it to perform various tasks.


Note: To buy its USB interface, click here.

2. SunFounder Robotic Arm Edge Kit

Brand: SunFounder
Weight: 1.01 lbs.
Recommended Age: 15 years and up
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SunFounder is among the best-selling brands with high-rated products on Amazon. Its 4-Axes Robotic arm Edge kit is another addition to its product line. It works with an open-source microcontroller board, i.e., Arduino UNO. You can manipulate all four axes of this Arduino-controlled robotic arm using four potentiometers on the control panel. It can move its wrist, elbow and base at 180 degrees. The grippers that are double layered open to 3.54 inches can rotate at 260 degrees. The jagged edges of the grippers help the arm robot hold the objects firmly.

Program this "smart" robot to perform up to 100 movements simultaneously. It memorizes its movements and can repeat them whenever you ask it. It. The Arduino serial port and the USB cable also allow you to operate the axis by sending instructions to the arm.

It is a must-have gadget for learning Arduino-controlled automation via Android. This interactive robotic arm kit comes with 101 pieces and a PDF document for instructions, making them easy to assemble.

Tech Specs:

Load Capacity: NA
Number of Axes/DOF: 4
Axes Control: Individual Servos
Arm’s Reach: NA
Rotational Capability: 180 degrees
Controllability: via 4 Potentiometers (control panel), Arduino, or PC
Power: Two 18650 batteries (not included)


  • Perfect entry-level model
  • Double-layered claw/gripper
  • Can memorize up to 100 movements


  • Just four degrees of freedom.
  • Some of its components are of poor quality.

3. VANLINNY Robot Arm Kit 2 in 1

Weight: 3.98 lbs.
Age Range: up to 14 years
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Made with aluminum alloy and ABS raw material, the VANLINNY robot arm kit combines a robotic arm/excavator and a smart robotic car at an affordable price of under 100$. You can change the excavator and the robotic arm at your will. The robot car moves at various angles, whereas the robotic arm rises and falls freely. The arm robot is programmable to grab something. Its simulation sound effects are amazing.

The 2-in-1 combination of the robotic arm and the smart robot cars promotes in-game learning. It is the best birthday gift for 8-14 years old kids. Whether enjoy it as a robotic arm or convert it into an RC car with a retractable arm and McNum wheels that can rotate at 360 degrees.

This robotic arm kit comes with multiple accessories like DIY tools, remote control, a battery, USB cable for charging. VANLINNY Robotic arm can be controlled remotely up to a distance of 30-50 meters.

Tech Specs

Controllability: via Wireless Remote Control
Degree of Rotation: 360 degrees


  • 2-in-1 Kit for kid's in-game learning.
  • Budget-friendly


  • The robotic arm is less functional than the kit's robotic car.

4. Adeept 5-DOF Robot Arm Kit

Brand: Adeept
Weight: 1.5 lbs.
Recommended Age: 14 years and up
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This arm robot is actually a complete robot kit. In addition to a robotic arm and its accessories, this robotics kit contains a bundle of other modules. You can assemble them in a way that seems best. 3 Modes complement this desktop mini robotic arm; Leaning, Drawing and Memory modes. It has self-learning capabilities in some basic functions, e.g., it can emulate the movement of a human arm, make drawings and memorize to repeat what it has learned. It can be easily programmed for grabbing and moving objects. Equipped with a strong gripping feature and reliable construction, Adeept 5-DOF robotic arm stands out among others.

Like any decent programmable robot arm, the Adeept robotic kit also comes with a tutorial in PDF document and Arduino Code routines. This budget-friendly option is a perfect fit for testing the waters if you or your kid want to get some firsthand knowledge about robotics and coding.

Tech Specs

Load Capacity: NA
Number of Axes/DOF: 5
Axes Control: Servos
Controllability: Manually, Remotely, Via an App, Arduino IDE, Python, and other tools to control the board.


  • Arduino IDE compatible.
  • Highly flexible because of 5-axis claws.
  • Open-source.
  • Ideal for beginners to enhance their robotic skills.
  • It can repeat certain motions of the users based on its learning mode.
  • The integrated OLED screen displays the present status and the steps left.
  • Suction cups on the base.
  • Can easily learn and memorize multi-step processes.


  • Tutorial Instructions could be clearer.
  • Slow wi-fi connectivity.

5. Robotic Arm Kit 6DOF with Handle

Brand: LewanSoul
Weight: 4.2 lbs.
Recommended Age: 14 years and up
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The LewanSoul robotic arm kit 6DOF is a sturdy robot with various manipulation technologies and 6 degrees of freedom. The robotic arm's full-body metal construction and metal claw are worth mentioning. Aligned with a metal plate at the bottom and an aluminum bracket, the arm robot offers strength and durability that lacks some other robotics toys. This arm robot stands out for its motion fluidity supported by premium quality servo motors. These digital servo motors with a high degree of accuracy make this robotic friend more responsive and improve the overall control. They further enable you to monitor every facet of the system by providing feedback regarding voltage, temperature and rotation angle.

Complemented with Arduino IDE, this arm robot makes coding and programming easier for beginners. This mechanical bot can be accessed via Apple/Android devices or a separate controller complimented with the robotic kit. The comprehensive video tutorials, including 3D videos of this arm's kit, allow the user to understand how to operate it perfectly.

As presumed from such a resourceful robot arm, it occupies a Handle PC software to allow users to incorporate it into any elaborate assembly they like.

Number of Axes/DOF: 6
Axes Control: Servos
Controllability: via Apple/Android devices or a separate controller


  • Supports wireless handle.
  • Compatible with iOS/Android apps; can be set up using PC or mobile devices.
  • More sturdy and durable because the main material is metal.
  • Bluetooth servo controller with 6 channels.
  • High torque level.
  • Metal claw is high-temperature resistant.
  • High action capacity, as the servo controller has up to 230 action groups; each holds 1000+ actions.
  • Can memorize manual positioning.


  • More power is required as it is a heavy-duty robotic arm.
  • It is not an open-source device (though mentioned in the package), so it holds limited control.
  • Some components are very tiny, such as screws that make it hard for young kids to assemble the device.

6. OWI Hydraulic Robotic Arm Edge Kit

Brand: OWI
Model: OWI-632
Weight: 2 lbs.
Age Recommendation: 10-15 years
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Say goodbye to batteries and servos, and get an arm robot fully powered by water. OWI Robotics – a famous brand, introduces a “Water-powered Robotic Arm Kit” with more movement axes than others in this price range. The gripper opens to 1.89 inches and holds the objects. Your robotic friend can move its wrist at 98 degrees with 180 degrees rotation in two directions and its shoulder in one direction at 45 degrees. It can also move its elbow at 44 degrees and has base rotation at 270 degrees. The robot arm also has 12.42 inches horizontal/16.35 inches vertical reach. Hence, you can direct the OWI hydraulic robotic arm kit in six axes. It operates a lever control system to monitor hydraulics on every axis. The prodigious feature of the braking system incorporated in the lever controllers helps this robotic arm perform all tasks accurately.

The hydro-mechanical robotic arm operates a gripper and a suction mechanism. It holds the objects through its gripper. If you remove the gripper, the arm will still perform lifting/moving functions through the suction mechanism as the objects stick to the arm.

Equipped with easy-to-follow graphic illustrations, this robotics kit is a simple and compelling way to get basic knowledge about hydraulics and robotics. Though recommended for kids above 12, this robotic kit with 229 assembly parts is a challenge for beginners' engineering fanatics

Tech Specs

Load Capacity: 50 gm.
Number of Axes/DOF: 6
Arm’s Reach: 12.42 inches horizontally, 16.35 inches vertically
Functionality Control: Levers, and Hydraulic Cylinder
Power: Water


  • A 3-in-1 bot to teach you robotics and mechanics along with hydraulics.
  • With this hydraulic robotic arm kit, kids can explore the basic concept behind an alternative source of energy, i.e., water.
  • No battery electricity is involved.
  • More responsive control because of the lever control system.
  • Convenient assembling.
  • Two mechanisms for holding objects: Gripping and Suction.
  • Affordable Price.
  • Excellent range of motion.
  • It can work in outdoors even if it's rainy weather.


  • Lack of safety sensors.
  • Payload capacity is low, i.e., just 50 gm.
  • Not recommended for ages below 1o.
  • Assembly instructions are just in English.
  • Limited coding as this mechanical arm robot does not involve IDEs like Blocky and Python.
  • Difficult to handle for kids because of numerous parts and sizes that are a bit quaking.

Wrap Up

Owning an arm robot is not a fantasy anymore. Today, you can build as well as program a robotic arm. These incredibly cool and ingenious programmable robotic arm kits allow you to learn the basics and improve your robotic skills before you enter this field.

Finding a good robotic arm model depends on its construction and operational software. If you are a beginner to robotics, select a robot arm with pre-set parameters. Once you get firsthand knowledge, you will learn to code and program your own parameters. These robot arms can be a valuable gift for your kids to let them enjoy their educational activities and elevate their critical thinking skills while getting hands on experience in coding and programming. If you are a growing-up kid and want to learn the basics of robotics, a fun project with a robotic arm kit is all you need. If you are an adult and want to get your feet wet in the programming space, an Arduino-compatible kit is a perfect fit for you.