With every new case encounter, I am feeling like a detective investigating data to find a target to which there is no given clue or footprints.  Starting from try to understand the data, dimensionality of the data, key attributes and their importance in predicting the outcome, every new day to office seems like a new episode of some detective web series. Every passing day is exposing a clue on the data which create thrill for the next day to come office with a brand-new energy.

On the other side, talking to business people to get the data understanding is sometimes seems like going nowhere due to their own thought process about the data. Their lack of understanding and instinct to impose rules turns into unceasing dialogue.  It is always difficult to convince business on the data which is owned by them. They wouldn’t be convinced until they see a business value as a consequence of the predicted results. To them business value is the ultimate target no matter how good the predicted results are. As a detective, I always have this fear and striving with a hope to get results which create business value.

Here are some tips from me to be a champion detective:
- Understand the case before you solve it, understand the target business value (Business Understanding)
- Spend more time to find right clues (Data Understanding)
- Prepare the clues, assign weights and importance (Data Preparation)
- Choose multiple detective methods (Modeling)
- Exercise all but apply the one which provides best business value (Evaluation)