All major tech giants, including Google, Microsoft, and Apple, are introducing extraordinary Artificial Intelligence (AI) features in their systems. Siri and Alexa personal assistants are examples of AI as a service and becoming the must-to-have devices in the USA homes. Innovated machine breakthroughs like self-driving cars are no more a dream but a reality now. AI has truly revolutionized the world we live today - surrounded by many gadgets, devices, and tech that is influenced by machine learning, deep learning and data science.

The Ultimate Guide To Crack Your Data Scientist Job Interview
Crack your Data Scientist job interview successfully. These data scientist, machine learning engineer, and data engineer interview questions are gathered from Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

Artificial intelligence applications and innovations have reached the world-changing point and have become an essential component of a computing system. Leading corporates and innovative companies across the globe continue to use Machine Learning and Deep Learning as an essential force behind their innovation drive. Given below is the list of such innovative machine learning companies that you need to know.


Industry: Hardware

Location: Bristol, England

Description: Graphcore company is exceptional for developing unique hardware systems, including IPU-Accelerators and IPU-Appliances. It provides Intelligent Processing Unit AI chip to promote the potential of AI applications. Graphcore is one of the best machine learning companies that focuses on advanced ML applications. The company introduced a new processor, the Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU), especially for innovative artificial intelligence ideas. With its system, the developers can run machine learning programs at a much faster rate than usual. The researchers can do new types of tasks that are not possible with current technology. Further, it also brings marvellous machine learning startup ideas to drive the next generation breakthroughs.


Industry: Robotics

Location: Pleasanton, California

Description: AEye is one of the companies who has the best AI models specializes in developing vision software, hardware, and algorithm. It artificially produces eyes for autonomous vehicles by using its advanced LiDAR Technology. The company’s next level artificial perception platform iDAR (Intelligent Detection and Ranging) enables autonomous vehicles to care about things that are important. iDAR mimics human visual cortex and conceptually visualize and evaluates the surrounding environment. It introduces crucial information about road hazards, other vehicles, and animals in the vehicle's sightline. According to them, a correctly implemented iDAR improves vehicle’s artificial perception by upto 10 times. It also lowers power consumption 5 to 10 times.

3. NVIDIA Organization

Industry: Software, Hardware

Location: Santa Clara, California

Description: NVIDIA involves developing Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and hardware for other types of technology companies to strengthen their systems. Its technology is compatible with robots, self-driving cars, smart factories, and intelligent video analytics software. Further, NVIDIA developed integrated circuits for motherboards, game consoles, and graphic processing units. It can transform sketches into fine images with its elegant GauGAN Technology. It’s the latest deep learning innovation that works via a paintbrush. It converts text or illustrations into high-quality pictures quickly. Directors and top-class artists use NVIDIA art AI tool to make rapid changes in digital sceneries. Computer researchers are also interested in NVIDIA AI art to train self-driving vehicles in the virtual world. The company uploaded its demo video on YouTube that go more than 1.7 million views.


Industry: Big data, Healthcare, Biotech

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Description: Tempus collects and analyzes massive data related to the medical and clinical field. The company uses innovation intelligence to provide its patients with precise and individual disease treatments. From genomic profiling to clinical trial matching and diagnostics, Tempus aim to solve healthcare computational problems with precision. Further, it covers every medical aspect, including DNA makeup, medical history, disease diagnosis, and treatment. The company is currently working to bring reliable breakthrough in dealing with cancer.


Industry: Visual quality inspection for manufacturers

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Description: Neurala is a software-based machine learning company focusing on developing The Neurala Brain. It's a top deep learning neural software that uses Lifelong-Deep Neural Network for visual quality inspection for manufacturers and makes digital devices smarter than ever. More than a million devices, including cameras, smartphones, and drones, use Neurala’s quick solutions. Plus, big organizations like Huawei, Motorola, NASA, and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) use this stunning system. Neurala’s Vision AI is assisting manufacturers improve their vision inspection process by detecting anomalies and product variations. By using their automation tools not only manufacturers can increase production but also maintain higher levels of quality controls.


Industry: Software, Adtech

Location: San Francisco, New York

Description: Persado offers its users with excellent Marketing Language Cloud service; this AI-generated language can communicate with any audience or individuals of any country. It's for clients to learn high revenue earning strategies in the marketing world. Further, it works like a unique data scientist and a copywriter for every person in public. This specific algorithm company develops techniques to attract potential buyers by suggesting to them the most effective approaches. In 2019, the company signed a five-year contract with JPMorgan Chase large corporation to use Persado’s AI innovation across all its marketing. Persado, excitingly, claimed in the last years about doubling of its annual recurring revenues.


Industry: Customer experience (CX)

Location: New York City

Description: LivePerson introduces profound learning innovation to support customers via better communication. The company introduced an excellent messaging app to deal with customers’ queries. Over 18,000 AI brands, including HSBC, Citibank, The Home Depot, and Orange, use this conversational solution. It connects millions of humans and AI with deep personal relationships to create a comfortable environment among humans and machines. Interestingly, its clients from voice companies earned twice the efficiency and 20% more sales than direct-customer interactions. The system becomes accurate with time and experience via getting a variety of queries from customers.


Industry: TV advertising and Sponsorship

Location: San Francisco

Description: Hive AI involves in bringing digital precision to TV content. The company’s data and API services aims to intelligently automate back office business processes of enterprises by training AI/ML models by interpreting unstructured data that includes video, image, text, or audio. The algorithms it uses take video as input and identify its content. Hence, it helps advertisers to associate their ads with niche-based content. It helps target the right audience by detecting the proper subject of the matter discussed in the video; for instance, a car commercial after a chase clip. It's one of the artificial intelligence platforms that contracted with Bain by introducing 20 million households data. It gave new unique insights about their audience interest and their messages.


Industry: AI Food Corporation, serving restaurants

Location: Massachusetts

Description: Interactions comes with Intelligent Virtual Assistant with innovative machine learning business ideas. It supports direct and effortless communication via speech or text, among other AI marketing companies. Interactions bring more options for self-service and brand-choice across channels to offer excellent customer care service. The company started serving in 2019 via its Guest Experience Platform (GXP). It used AI to accurately attend orders from phones and messages to overcome wrong order delivery chances. Plus, it also suggests its customer with other delicious items; for instance. If the customer orders a burger, it offers him/her to buy fries with it. The company handled more than 3 million orders from the clients who frequently order lunch using this app.

10. X.AI

Industry: Communication and Scheduling

Location: New York

Description: X.AI focuses on AI innovations to develop autonomous personal assistants with intelligent technology. Their, a meeting scheduling tool help teams to collaborate with ideal availability and schedules. Amy and Andrew Ingram are the assistants who work with systems like Google, Office 36, Slack, and Outlook to schedule or update existing meetings. Moreover, it learns continually from every single interaction.

The Ultimate Guide To Crack Your Data Scientist Job Interview
Crack your Data Scientist job interview successfully. These data scientist, machine learning engineer, and data engineer interview questions are gathered from Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

Wrapping Note

Artificial intelligence opportunities are never-ending as there is no limit in training machines to cross human intelligence. The companies using machine learning in their current AI projects are making the future of AI brighter than ever in human history. There is always great potential in making AI excellent and autonomous to work without any expert guidance. Let's wait and watch how to further artificial intelligence could improve our lives and lifestyles.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping the future of nearly every human being on the planet. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) is now a reality, and researchers are now focusing on Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) that is beyond human level.