Top 10 Must-have AI Tools for Businesses

Browse our recommended 10 AI tools that are a must-have for your business. These AI applications will revolutionize your start-up with automated solutions, predictive capabilities, and efficient data analysis. Read the article and learn to unleash the full growth potential of your business.

Top 10 Must-have AI Tools for Businesses

Artificial intelligence has surely taken the world by storm. I mean, look around. We all are using AI tools in one way or the other. Be it your personal, professional, or social life. Artificial intelligence impacts you daily.

Research suggests that almost 77% of the devices employ AI features. Specifically, talking about businesses, AI is revolutionizing their way of working. Gone are the hard days of performing every task manually. Now, companies are using AI to automate operations and boost output. AI-powered tools are writing content, analyzing data, and optimizing marketing strategies for almost all the big companies. According to Forbes, 64% of business owners agree that AI-driven tools increase business productivity.

Whether you are a business owner or planning to own one, you have landed right. We will suggest in this article 10 of the must-have AI tools for business available in the market. These tools will streamline the workflow and uplift the yield of your business when employed correctly.

So, read along to grow your business at a faster pace.

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What are AI Tools?

Before we dig deep into our recommendations, it is essential to know what AI tools exactly are.

AI tools are software that employ AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to solve problems. Several industries use them for automating the process, analyzing data, and making predictions. Thus, using AI-powered applications leads to enhanced accuracy and productivity of the task.

10 Must-Have AI Tools to Boost Business Growth

Following is the list of 10 AI-driven tools you must have;


Best AI Speech Recognition Tool is one of the finest AI tools for real-time transcription. The tool leverages AI and ML to recognize speech and convert it into text.

The artificial intelligence software claims to be the number one tool for sales meetings. It can automatically join and record meetings if connected to Google or MS Calendar. The AI transcription tool can also take notes during meetings. It further eliminates multitasking by sending you an email afterward. The email contains all the key talking points of meetings.

So, the tool enhances your concentration and engagement during the meeting.


  • It accurately synchronizes transcription with the recording.
  • The Otterpilot feature is compatible with Google Meet, MS Teams, and Zoom.
  • It enables you to skip silences during the talk.
  • The AI tool has a variety of playback speeds. (0.5x-3x).
  • It generates a real-time summary of the meeting.
  • It allows collaboration with the teammates in the live transcript.


  • The AI-driven tool only works with English (UK and US).
  • It has a limited free version.
  • Shows occasional inaccuracies in accurately naming different speakers.


  • Basic: free
  • Pro: $10
  • Business: $20

2. SheetGod

AI Excel Formula Generator


SheetGod is one of the free AI tools that automates the generation of complex Excel formulas. It can read plain English text and turn it into any Excel formula you want.

The AI-powered tool requires three simple steps. First, select your desired category. Formulas, VBA, Excel macros, etc., are some available categories. Next, you input details of the query in English text. As a result, it creates an AI-drivenoutput for you to use. Also, the tool delivers a step-by-step guide for performing tasks in Google Sheets and Excel.

It can help businesses create reports, calculate taxes, analyze financial data, etc. This way, the AI software both automates the processes and saves time.

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  • Free to use with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It automates basic manual work.
  • Simple user-interface.
  • Availability of Live Chat.
  • It can also generate macros and PDFs.


  • It works with the English language only.
  • The mobile version is not available.
  • It requires a strong internet connection.
  • The macros generated are not user-friendly.


  • $29/month.

3. Scalenut

AI Tool for Content Marketing


If you are in the business of content creation, Scalenut is one of the must-have AI tools. It is an all-in-one AI software that assists you in every step of SEO content creation.

The Artificial intelligence platform enables you to plan content and draft outlines. Furthermore, it writes content and maximizes the SEO of the written text.

Thus, the AI-powered tool is helping writers and agencies drive organic traffic and elevate ranking.


  • NLP models for SERP optimization.
  • Thorough topic research and powerful keyword cluster.
  • Real-time SEO score.
  • On-page SEO and content optimization.
  • Insights about the traffic on the content.
  • The AI writer can create an article with 1500 plus words within 5 minutes.
  • It also enables you to set the tone of the content.


  • A Limited free version.
  • Some users did not find the editing feature user-friendly.
  • The generated output may contain some irrelevant content.


  • Essential: $20
  • Growth: $40
  • Pro: $75
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4. Synthesia

Best AI Text-to-Video Generator


Synthesia surely tops the list of best AI tools that generate videos from text. This AI-powered tool uses machine learning techniques and NLP to create professional-grade videos.

The AI algorithm enables the tool to learn the facial features of a human in detail. Thus, it can create digital avatars that look like real human faces. Furthermore, you can record voice or use the AI voice generation option for professional voiceovers. The AI video generator also has 60 plus pre-designed templates to choose from.

Synthesia is a powerful video marketing tool. It allows businesses to create sales and technical training videos. Furthermore, it automates the creation of how-to and product description videos. Google, Nike, and Amazon are consumers of this AI video creation tool.


  • 140+ AI avatars.
  • 120+ languages and accents.
  • Creation of your avatar.
  • Generation of video from any written text.


  • No free trial.
  • There is no automatic translation feature.


It starts with $22 a month.

5. GetFloorPlan

AI Software for Real Estate Agents


Getfloorplan is one of the interior designing AI tools for real estate agents. It is also popular among architects and property managers. The application uses an AI algorithm to build professional-looking floor plans. The AI software is well-reputed due to its precision and flexibility.

The AI-powered tool allows you to create 2D and 3D floor plans for your building. Furthermore, it enables the 360˚virtual tour. The process is so simple. You upload or sketch a plan and let AI do its magic.

So, the AI tool is used by companies for showcasing properties, enhancing listings, and designing floor plans.


  • 30% raise in client calls.
  • Improved property visualization.
  • Easy to use on mobile and desktop.
  • Affordable.
  • Money-back guarantee.


  • Limited customization.
  • Questionable data security features.
  • No free version.


It starts with $35 for 1-9 floor plans.


AI Photography for Consumer Packaged Goods is among the top-listed AI tools for designing branded content. It allows professional-grade product photography for branding and marketing purposes.

The AI-driven software employs machine learning techniques to automate the generation and optimization of the design. The design process is easy due to its simple interface. First, upload the product image onto the canvas. Then, prompt the tool about placement, surroundings, and background. Finally, adjust the desired features. Your design is now ready to be exported.

Businesses use high-quality photos generated by the AI software for digital marketing, campaigns, and product listings.

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  • A simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Team collaboration feature for enhanced communication.
  • AI-powered editing features for further product enhancement (color, light, etc.).
  • 200+ prompt recommendations.
  • AI technology creates a cohesive scene around the product.


  • A Learning curve for beginners.
  • It requires an internet connection.
  • Inefficient handling of advanced design projects.
  • Limited free version (up to 30 images).


It starts from $10 a month.

7. Quillbot

AI Paraphrasing Tool for Professionals


Quillbot is an AI writing assistant that helps you rephrase sentences, paragraphs, or complete articles. It uses artificial intelligence to generate natural and human-like text.

The AI paraphrasing tool is so easy to use. Firstly, you paste or upload the desired text. Next, you adjust the tone of the text from 9 available options. Quillbot will then use pre-fed knowledge to analyze text and generate results.

Marketing professionals use this AI-driven software to reword promotional copies. Business writers also use Quillbot for the formal rephrasing of documents. In addition, content creators use it for curated rewriting of blog posts and social media content.


  • Free and affordable.
  • In-built grammar checker, plagiarism detector, and citation generator.
  • Extensions are also available for Chrome, Microsoft, and MacOS.
  • 3-day money-back guarantee.


  • Limited features in the free version.
  • Text may require manual proofreading.


Premium Subscription: $9.95 a month.

8. Quickchat

AI Chatbot Building Tool


Quickchat is one of the popular AI tools for building chatbots. It is a workplace productivity software that automates customer support and other HR tasks.

Chatbot creation does not require any complex programming or coding. Because the AI assistant creation tool builds the bot. You have to follow the step-by-step guide. The AI-driven tool also enables you to select the personality of the virtual assistant that matches the brand's tone.

The AI chatbot is powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT. It uses Artificial intelligence to recognize the queries of the customers. Then, it generates a fast, real-time, and customized response.

Businesses and website developers use this AI tool to create virtual assistants for enhanced communication with the customer.

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  • Human-like communication.
  • Reduction in response time.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Seamlessly integrates with websites and applications.
  • Multilingual chatbots.


  • Occasional inaccurate responses.
  • Integration is limited to popular messaging apps.


It Starts from $35 a month.

9. Jasper

Best AI Writer for Businesses

Jasper is a popular name among the best AI tools for writers. It uses advanced AI language models and machine learning algorithms to generate human-like text.

The AI-driven software has a simple user interface. Firstly, click Create New Content and select a desired template. Then, input the background information and click generate. After that, the AI writer will create content aligning with the tone of your brand.

You can also write the content on a blank document from scratch. Jasper will then act as an AI assistant and help you in writing.

Businesses use this AI tool to optimize marketing campaigns for their brands. Additionally, it is used to write promotional copies, product descriptions, and SEO blogs.


  • The content generated is 100% original.
  • An Integration library containing Grammarly and others.
  • One-week refund policy.
  • AI chat and image generation.
  • Answers in more than 20 languages.


  • Limited free trial.
  • Extra cost for plagiarism detection.
  • Content may require editing and proofreading.


  • Creator subscription: $39 a month.
  • Teams subscription: $99 a month.

10. TimeHero

AI Time Management Tool


Last on our list of must-have AI tools is Timehero. It is a time management tool that uses advanced AI algorithms to schedule your tasks and automate daily workflow.

The AI tool allows you to manage projects at work more effectively. It also enables you to set deadlines and organize tasks based on the urgency. Furthermore, The software sets notifications and reminders when an event is approaching. Moreover, AI technology can automate the sorting of recurring weekly and monthly tasks. The artificial intelligence application also has a built-in timer. The timer creates an automatic timesheet to compare the actual and estimated time of the task.

So, Companies use TimeHero to plan meetings, track the time of events, and prioritize work errands.


  • Automated timetabling.
  • Enhanced work productivity.
  • Minimized time wastage.
  • Improved team collaboration.
  • Seamless integration with Gmail, Google Calendar, Zoom, etc.


  • No Integration with MS Teams.
  • Finding a task may get difficult sometimes.
  • A limited free trial.


  • Basic: $5
  • Professional: $12
  • Premium: $27

AI Tools for Businesses Price Comparison

Here is the price comparison to help you make decision according to your budget.

AI Tools for Businesses Price Free Option $10/month
SheetGod $29/month
Scalenut $20/month
Synthesia $22.5/month
GetFloorPlan $35/month $10/month
Quillbot $9.9/month
Quickchat $35/month
Jasper $39/month
TimeHero $5/month


In conclusion, it is high time that businesses integrate artificial intelligence into their operations. Because AI tools provide automated solutions that help boost productivity, optimize processes, and enhance efficiency.

The abovementioned are our recommended must-have AI tools for businesses. Pick a tool that suits your business the most and changes the future of your start-up. You surely don't want to risk lagging in this race of success and innovation.

Or Do you?