Voicify AI (Jammable): A Beginner's Guide

Have you ever imagined hearing your music come alive with the powerful vocals of a famous singer? If yes, then Voicify AI (Jammable) is here to make this happen for you. Read the article to explore its workings, features, pros and cons, and a how-to guide to generating your first AI song cover.

Voicify AI (Jammable): A Beginner's Guide
Voicify AI (Jammable)

Voicify AI now known as Jammable is an AI-driven music creation platform that allows users to create AI music covers using the voices of their favorite artists. With the accessibility to over 22,000 AI voice models, the Voicify speech generator is now a powerful innovation in the music industry. It stands out by offering the capability to clone voices. This ability provides users a unique and exciting way to create music covers. Users can get quick AI music covers due to the platform's easy-to-use interface, thus making it accessible for newbies and professionals.

With each innovation through artificial intelligence, it’s obvious that globally growing Generative AI will do wonders ahead. A forecast predicts that in 2024 the generative AI market is about to reach $36.06bn and by 2030 it will reach $356.10bn at a CAGR of 46.47%. Considering that this article will provide you with the working of Voicify AI (Jammable) by exploring its how-to guide while knowing its amazing features. So stick around and enjoy the read.

What is Voicify AI (Jammable)?

Jammable interface
Jammable interface

It's an all-in-one online platform that contains several tools such as

The most used tool of Voicify AI (Jammable) is a Music Cover Generator. It enables you to create music covers within a minute. By using Jammable, users can create limitless combinations of well-known songs and voices.
You can choose from some of your favorite AI voice models which include;

  • Messi
  • Ronaldo
  • Sidhu Moose
  • Sfera Ebbasta
  • Lee Felix
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Ariana Grande

Jammable also allows you to use your voice to make the process more exciting. Moreover, to make custom models, the Acapella extractor from the Voice toolkit helps you to create one along with the option of Reverb Remover. Like this, you can use its text-to-speech tool as well.

How does Voicify AI (Jammable) Work?

It's an AI music cover generator that typically generates top-quality song covers using well-known voices. So, it utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning processes to duplicate the voices of famous artists or to create an entirely new voice.

Jammable works through advanced speech synthesis technology. It helps in analyzing the music input and generating lyrics/vocals to make unique song covers. After creating an account, you will get access to countless cartoons and celebrity voices. Users can select their favorite voice model to further create song covers and Duets in no time. Hence, we can say that Voicify AI (Jammable) is flooring the way for the new era in music.


Jammable came up with four amazing features which are as follows;

AI Voices

AI Voice Feature
AI Voice Feature

Voicify AI (Jammable) has a giant library of AI voice models. When you click on the AI Voices option from the features list then a page will appear with an enormous number of voices to choose from. Voices will be of your favorite celebrities, cartoon characters, game characters, and politicians. To experience this feature, all you have to do is;

  • Select your favorite voice.
  • Paste the chosen YouTube link to the song you would like to cover.
  • Now listen to the outcome.

Remember, you are not able to try this feature without buying a subscription. However, it gives you an option to listen to a demo song to check voice quality. Four demo songs will be offered; two in female voices and two in male. You can further visit the community tab there you will be given a free preview to listen to AI song covers created by others.


User-friendly interface of feature “Duet”
User-friendly interface of feature “Duet”

The next feature is Duets. It's the newest addition to its features list. Through this feature, users can upload multiple voices at a time from the voice library to create Duets. It's very easy to use. You can create a Duet by following easy and simple steps below;

  • Select Duet from the feature list.
  • Click the plus icon, there you can add voices.
  • Choose your favorite AI Voices. Remember, you can select multiple AI Voices from the Jammable community.
  • Hit the next stage. A bar will appear. There you can paste a YouTube link for the voice to sing along to. Press continue.
  • There it offers you three options to adjust your voice. Options will be; Slow Swap, Just Perfect, and Super-Fast.

Select the tempo according to your choice and hit the "Ready to convert" button. After a few seconds, you will get Duet. You can play the preview, download, and share it as well. Hence like this, the Duet feature works. Any newbie can easily create an AI Duet without being perfect.

Custom Voices

"Custom Voice" feature of Jammable
Create a song cover in your voice with the "Custom Voice" feature of Jammable

Another great feature of Jammable AI is creating Custom Voices. It means that users can create their voice models instead of available ones. To experience this feature all you have to do is;

  • Provide your sample voice to the tool
  • The tool will analyze the voice and will create a model.

After creating your custom voice, you will be given an option to use your voice to convert it into music covers. For this, add a link to your desired song. The engraved AI will blend your voice with the voice of the artist you selected and ultimately a music cover will be generated. Remember you cannot use this feature for free.

AI Voice Tools/ AI Vocal Toolkit

In the AI Vocal Toolkit feature you will get three amazing vocal tools which are;

3 in one Voice toolkit
3 in one Voice toolkit
  1. AI Acapella Extractor: It extracts first-class Acapella
  2. AI Reverb Remover: It removes reverbs if happen in voice recordings.
  3. AI Silence Remover: It removes silence from recordings.

These tools help refine the vocal tracks. To use each tool, you will consume one credit per output. The process will be the same for each tool like;

  • Paste your favorite song on the YouTube link.
  • Press “Convert” after agreeing to the tool’s Terms of Use.
  • To get the output. Wait for at least thirty to sixty seconds.

How to Create Song Cover and a Custom AI Voice With Voicify AI (Jammable) –A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a quick rundown of creating a song cover with Voicify AI (Jammable).

Step 1: Sign-Up

Jammable AI
Jammable AI

First thing first, go on the Jammable website. Click the Sing Up icon in the up-right corner to create an account.

Step 2: Select “Custom Voices” From the Features List

Features of Jammable
Features of Jammable

After signing up, you will be landed on the user-friendly interface of Jammable.
There, navigate to the features list and select the "Custom Voices” feature to make an AI song cover for yourself.

Step 3: “Drop a Dataset” From Your PC

Drop an audio file here
Drop an audio file here

After selecting Custom Voices you will be landed on the page where you will see the option of “drop a dataset”. Here you will drop acapella voices.
Remember if you don't have an acapella voice then Jammable offers an excellent feature of an Acapella Extractor. It allows you to drop a file or paste a YouTube link to extract the acapella.

Users can drop multiple datasets depending on the number of AI voices they want to create. File uploading format must be MP4, WAV, or MP3.

Step 4: Buy a Pass for Custom Voice

Purchase a pass
Purchase a pass

Next, after dropping a dataset, you will be asked to buy passes for custom voices. Each custom voice costs one pass. Voicify AI (Jammable) offers different purchase plans for this, so you can buy one according to your preferences. Here's a quick rundown of per pass cost

  • 1 Voice Pass: $6.99
  • 3 Voice Passes: $14.99 ( It’s the most popular plan)
  • 10 Voice Passes: $50.00

Step 5: Voice Editing

Customise your voice further
Customise your voice further

Once you have bought a pass, your acapella voice will be uploaded on Jammable's Custom Voice tool. Now the next step is to edit your voice. A lot of customization options will be offered here. You can customize the voice according to your style and choice. Customization options would be like this;

  • You can select an image to represent the voice.
  • You can drop more files to create a new voice.
  • Remove instrumentals if the voice has.
  • Remove the reverb from the voice.

After this advanced setting and editing hit the “Begin Training” option.

Step 6: Train the AI Model

AI model training
AI model training

In this step, Jammable will train your AI model according to the provided dataset. Now the model will take almost 01 to 6 hours for complete training. So here you must hold on with patience. You can close the window as well because you will be notified via email once the training is done. After the confirmation email, just navigate to the voices on your account and select it.

Step 7: Generate an AI Song Cover

AI Song Cover
AI Song Cover

After selecting AI voice, a new window will be opened. Here you will get numerous options about how you need to use your voice. Options would be like;

  • Create a Conversion: For this, you have to paste a YouTube link or drop a file to make an AI song through an AI model.
  • Duets: If you want to make a Duet, then create one with multiple AI voices and custom models available.
  • Text-to-Speech: For Text to Speech, enter your desired text. The AI model has a variety of languages, moods, speeds, and accents to customize your speech.

Keep in mind, while uploading the links whether they are from YouTube or your own audio files, make sure to follow the DMCA policy of Voicify AI (Jammable) to avoid copyright claims. After agreeing to the terms and policies, hit the "Generate AI Cover” option.

Step 8: Final Touches

Do the final touches and hit “ready to convert”
Do the final touches and hit “ready to convert”

At this point, Jammable asked you for the final touches before converting.
Here you can make further editing through the following advanced setting options;

  • Pitch Shift: You can adjust the pitch of your input here by increasing or decreasing it.
  • Background Vocal Extraction: If you feel that the original input has some background vocals then you can check this option to extract it for cleaner results.
  • Addition of Post-Processing Effects: Mark this option if you want a mix of personalized effects to vocals.

After adjusting all these settings. hit the "Ready to Convert" icon.

Step 9: Preview, Share, and Download Final Output

Final song cover
Final song cover

This is the final step where after a few seconds, you will get your final song cover. Here you can Preview, Download, and Share your song cover.

So, overall Voicify AI (Jammable) is a great platform for creating AI song covers through custom voices. For more perfect results make sure to upload high-quality voices with no background vocals or noise.

Voicify AI (Jammable) Pricing

Here are three different subscription plans of Jammable;

Starter Plan

The initial plan starts with $7.99 per month. For welcome protocols, the first month will cost only $1.99. In this plan you will be rewarded with the following features;

  • AI vocal toolkit
  • 25 credits/Month
  • Credits will never expire
  • Access to text to speech
  • Shareable video creation

Creator Plan

The creator plan starts at $24.99 per month (first month at 9.99). Available features in this plan are as follows;

  • Text-to-speech access
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited credits
  • 3 custom models/Month
  • Priority queue
  • AI vocal toolkit

Power Plan

The power plan will cost you $89.99 per month. Available features for this plan are as follows;

  • 10 custom models/Month
  • Unlimited credits
  • All new features will be available
  • Priority queue
  • AI vocal toolkit

Voicify AI (Jammable): Use Cases

  • Music Generation: Music creators and artists can create amazing AI song covers through Jammable. It can enable musicians to experiment with multiple vocal styles of another artist.
  • Entertainment: In terms of entertainment, Jammable can help game developers and animators to incorporate various AI voices for multiple characters thus making the process more fast and effective.
  • Social Media Content Production: With Voicify AI (Jammable), social media influencers can create unique content for their YouTube and Tik Tok making the content creation process more engaging and creative.
  • Educational Content: To make the lessons more interesting to students, educators can add various voices to learning material, making the knowledge more interesting and accessible to a wide range of students.
  • Podcast Diversity: Podcasters can diversify their content with the use of custom AI voices through Jammable. They can create multiple-character voices to add more variety to their podcasts.

Pros and Cons of Voicify AI (Jammable)


  • Tools are easy to use and have user-friendly interface.
  • The price plans are very affordable.
  • The AI vocal tools are quite helpful.
  • Duets takes only a few seconds to generate a great sound.
  • Jammable has a library of thousands of voice models with different categories like music, gaming, animation, and cartoons.


  • Voicify AI (Jammable) has no free plan nor a free trial.
  • The custom AI voice training took almost 1 to 6 hours which is quite exhausting.
  • The generated AI song cover sometimes sounds robotic or distorted.
  • The output worth of the song cover will be poor if the uploaded voice sample is not of good quality.

Beyond Voicify AI (Jammable) –Exploring the Alternatives

Voicify AI (Jammable) is a brilliant tool for music generation but it does not offer any free plan so here are some alternatives that contain free plans and amazing features that we recommend you try as a beginner;


Musicfy AI
Musicfy AI

It’s an online AI music generator platform that enables you to use your voice to create music. You can start with free at the cost of no money or credit. Musicfy offers a great collection of royalty-free AI voice artists. You can also upload your voice to create a custom AI voice. Additionally, it also contains three amazing features which are;

  • AI Parody Voices ( You can recreate any song with humorous parody voices.
  • AI Text to Music (With this feature, you can turn a full-length prompt into a complete song).
  • Stem splitting (With this feature, users can separate the different instruments and vocals from the tracks of any song)

So to experience these features choose Musicfy.



It’s one of the quickest AI voice cover generators. VoiceDub offers a wide range of AI voices from which users can create high-quality song covers through artificial intelligence. It has an extensive library of 10,000 plus famous voices.

One of the amazing features of VoiceDub song generator is that it can clone your voice to create song covers. Additionally, it also contains text to text-to-speech tool and a discord server for help from professionals. So if you want quick results and diverse voices then try VoiceDub.



Another great alternative to Jammable is MusicAI. It's a music generator that quickly generates AI song covers.
The free plan of MusicAI will give you access to ten-plus famous voice models. There you can select your favourite voice model and upload the audio that you want from the model to sing. Additionally, with its VoxBox feature, you can create custom AI voice clones as well. So for realistic voices choose MusicAI.

Ethical Considerations and Future of AI Music

No doubt, AI music generation is exciting, but it also raises some ethical concerns. So, here are the key areas to consider;

  1. Copyright and Fair Use: Tools like Voicify AI (Jammable) are using celebrity voice models to generate song covers. So, it's crucial to understand the copyright laws and strictly adhere to fair guidelines. For this purpose, while using these tools if you are unsure whether your usage falls under fair use then it's always best to consult with a legal professional or customer support team.
  2. Impact of AI on the Music Industry: The significant rise of AI music generation has flashed discussions about its possible impact on producers, musicians, and the music creation process as a whole. Some fear that AI will replace human musicians and artists while others see it as a powerful tool for the music creation industry. So, the future lies in the collaborative approach, where the use of AI can improve the creative talent of human musicians.

Voicify AI (Jammable): A Final Verdict

The field of AI music generation is growing rapidly. It has a great potential to make mind-blowing future advancements. Imagine an AI that can craft original melodies and lyrics instead of only generating realistic vocals.
However, it’s important to remember that AI is also just a tool that has its good and bad. It’s upon us to choose how we can utilize this technology. By considering ethical values and focusing on creativity, we can ensure that AI music will be a powerful force for good change in the music industry.

Frequently Asked Questions/FAQs

Q1: Is Voicify AI (Jammable) Free?

No, it's not free. But it offers affordable subscription plans where you can buy voice passes and credits at pretty reasonable prices.

Q2: How can we make AI Song Covers with our Own Voice?

Jammable offers an amazing “Custom Voice” feature through which you can make song covers with your voice. All you have to do is;

  • Upload an audio recording
  • Adjust the setting
  • Now use your new custom AI model to sing the song of your choice.

Q3: Is Voicify AI (Jammable) a Worth it Tool for Generating Music Covers?

Voicify offers a user-friendly interface with excellent AI vocal tools. So, it's a great option for independent artists. Musicians, content creators and producers to generate unique AI song covers.