Craiyon AI Image Generator: Everything You Need to Know

Craiyon AI image generator is an innovative tool that helps you create unique photos with textual prompts. Read all about this free AI image generator, including the step-by-step guide to create your first unique artwork.

Craiyon AI Image Generator: Everything You Need to Know
AI Image Generator

Imagine a world where creativity is boosted by smart technology. Craiyon AI isn't just any tool—it's a game-changer revolutionising creativity and innovation. Previously recognised as DALL.E mini, the Craiyon AI image generator is a renewed addition to the tech block. It can turn fantasised pictures into reality with a simple text prompt. This AI model learns basics from the images. With each new prompt, AI will combine concepts to form a unique picture.

Since the generative AI market is growing fast, AI image generation is the most essential part of it. A forecast predicts that by 2030, the market value of generative image AI will reach $917.4 million, at a CAGR of 17.4%. We can imagine how rapidly this market is expanding. Considering that, the article will provide you with the ins and outs of Craiyon AI image generator to know how it is transforming AI-driven visual art/image industries worldwide.
From abstract art to breathtaking AI sceneries –Explore the endless possibilities of art with this tool. So, read the article to let your imagination rock!

1. What is Craiyon AI?

Craiyon is an AI image-generating tool that creates art in response to simple text prompts. Launched in 2022, it was considered the primary AI art generator available.
It utilises DALL-E 2 technology to create AI-assisted designs from simple text descriptions. This tool generates visually appealing and unique images, bringing text prompts to life.
Based on the user's input, the Craiyon tool generates color schemes, patterns and textures using advanced AI algorithms. You can use the generated photographs for professional, private, or academic purposes.

2. How does the Craiyon Art Generator work?

It utilizes a deep learning model called DALL-E 2 to generate images from written prompts. Stats declared that since the launch of DALL-E-2, people have been going crazy by generating an average of 34 million images per day.
This art generator's AI model is trained on millions of image-text pairs. These pairs combine to learn the connection between visual concepts and words. When a prompt is entered, the model creates a unique image identical to the text description.
Hence, the Craiyon AI model can distinctively combine concepts to create imaginative images.

3. Standout Features

  • It has an intuitive text-prompt interface.
  • Does not require sign-up for the free version.
  • It has an Expert Mode option to specify negative words, which will remove unwanted ideas from the image.
  • You can download the image without any watermark.
  • Generate nine different photos for your prompt at a time.
  • It has an extensive library of pre-existing photos and designs. Go to Craiyon search, where you will find millions of free images.
  • A lot of customization options are available.
  • It has advanced algorithms that predict and suggest prompt ideas for you.
  • It also enables you to buy T-shirts with your favorite designs made on them.
  • Advanced personalization options like text editing, form and color changes, and more are available.

4. How to Use Craiyon AI Image Generator – A Step-by-Step Guide

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Step 1. Sign Up to Create an Account

Navigate to the Craiyon website. Go further by entering your email address to create an account. You don't need to sign up to use its free tier.

Easy-to-use interface of Craiyon image generator
Easy-to-use interface of Craiyon image generator

Step 2: Write the Prompt to Define your Image

Enter the text description of the image in the given bar.
In the beginning, you can enter any prompt of your choice. Write roughly something like;
"An award-winning photorealistic image of a black and white lion in nature"

Craiyon AI Sample Prompt
Craiyon AI Sample Prompt

You can enter the prompt. Also, add style and hit the Expert Mode icon to avoid the stuff you don’t want to see in the generated picture.

Click the “Expert Mode” button below the prompt bar to exclude certain items from your request. Then, specify the negative words you want to exclude.

Expert Mode
Expert Mode

Craiyon image generator also reminds you to select the style of your choice. The style could be art, photo, drawing, or none.
You can experiment with different keywords, such as "photorealistic," "award-winning," and “high definition," to get the perfect results.
Moreover, consider joining the Craiyon Discord server. You can build connections through chat and learn how to write better prompts there.

Step 3: Create the Results

Hit the draw button and wait for a few seconds. Craiyon AI has produced a bunch of pictures for you to select from.

You can see that the AI tool produced nine different variations of images related to the prompt.
You can see that the AI tool produced nine different variations of images related to the prompt.
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Step 4: Select Your Favourite Image

Click on your favourite image to see a bigger version. Here, you can customise the image by removing its background, upscaling the photo, and much more.

Click your favorite image for further customization.
Click your favorite image for further customization.

Craiyon image generator allows you to:

  • Download your favorite image.
  • Save your favourite image by hitting the heart icon.
  • Take a screenshot and you can also save it as a PNG file.
  • Also, share the image link with your friends.

Step 5: Modify Your Prompt for More Accurate Results

Below the selected image, Craiyon AI gives you a chance to fine-tune your results further. Here, you can add more negative words to avoid stuff you don't like. You can also find details about the image size, model, resolution and aspect ratio, which you can see in the screenshot below.

For further customisation, you can re-edit the prompt here to add missed info.
For further customisation, you can re-edit the prompt here to add missed info.

Step 6: Purchase a T-shirt with Your Desired Picture (Optional)

To offer some cool swag, Craiyon will sell you a t-shirt with your beloved image made on it. To buy the T-shirt, you first have to pay $26. For this,

  • Click on the print a t-shirt button.
  • Confirm your favourite image.
  • Chose the theme: light or dark
  • Hit buy button

That's it. See the below screenshots to understand more clearly.

Craiyon AI tool allows you to get a t-shirt with your favourite image.
Craiyon AI tool allows you to get a t-shirt with your favourite image.
 Hit ‘Buy’ if you want
 Hit ‘Buy’ if you want
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5. List of Keyword Ideas to Write Better Prompts for Perfect Results

Craiyon AI suggests specific prompt keyword ideas for your image description to get realistic images. Try adding and experimenting with these words to get better results.

Keywords for Photography and Cameras

  • Realistic photograph
  • Award-winning photograph
  • High-speed photography
  • Portrait photograph
  • Photo realism
  • Soft focus
  • Vintage Film
  • Editorial style
  • NIKON 30mm photography
  • 35mm lens
  • Macro
  • 80mm camera lens

Keywords for Realistic Faces

  • Detailed skin
  • Symmetrical face
  • Accurate face

Keywords for Vibe

  • Rich
  • Saturated
  • Stunning
  • Massive
  • Colourful
  • Brilliant
  • Accurate
  • Fine
  • Vivid
  • Luxe

Keywords for Lighting

  • Professional lighting
  • Cool color
  • Daylight
  • Bright lighting
  • Backlight
  • Dim and soft lighting
  • Warm lighting

These few examples gave an idea of how to write better descriptions. Moreover, you can visit the Craiyon AI blog to get perfect prompt writing ideas.

6. Pricing

  • Free Tier: With certain feature limitations, Craiyon AI is free for non-commercial purposes.
  • Supporter Plan: $5 per month
  • Specialised Plan: $20 per month
  • Enterprise Plan: It offers custom plan that fits user preferences.

7. Pros and Cons of Craiyon Tool

Pros and Cons of Craiyon AI
Pros and Cons of Craiyon AI

8. To whom Craiyon Image Generator is Useful?

It is helpful for;

  • Artists – To get new direction and inspiration for their work.
  • Influencers/Bloggers – Make attractive images for social media posts.
  • Creators/Designers – Immediately create dummies and custom images for themselves.
  • AI Investigators – Can experiment with the capabilities of AI art generation.
  • Small Businesses – To design logos, banners, ads and other branding resources.
  • Students – Can demonstrate ideas and concepts for their assignments and projects.

9. Craiyon AI Alternatives

Other than Craiyon, if you are serious about generating high-quality and solid detailed images, here are some other options we recommend to look forward to;


With a 15 million active user base, Midjourney is our top recommendation. It can create high-quality AI images in a diverse range of styles. All you have to do is

  • Join the Discord server
  • Go to a newbie room
  • Type /image
  • Write the description of your image and see the results.

Remember that longer text descriptions will give you better image results. Additionally, you can read our guide on the best AI art generators in the market to enhance your art knowledge and creativity further.

Lensa AI

To generate images with Lensa AI, all you have to do is

  • Upload a set of your selfies
  • Provide a style of your choice
  • Now, see the results. It will create exciting and dazzling images you can use for profile images.

Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion)

Again, Drem Studio is an excellent AI art generator to create fantastic visual artwork. Although Dream Studio is a complex tool, for advanced AI users, it’s perfect. It’s an excellent tool to generate truly stunning images with textual prompts. All you have to do is;

  • Create an account
  • Interface will appear
  • Enter the prompt
  • Choose style
  • Select canvas size
  • Select image count
  • Generate image.

Additionally, it provides a free trial option with 25 free credits, which is nice.

10. Final Thoughts

So, Craiyon AI image generator is a powerful platform for users to generate detailed art from text descriptions. Creators and designers can seek inspiration from visually striking inputs produced by this art generator. Moreover, it's a versatile tool for a wide range of audiences looking for easy and quick visual content creation.

Q1: Is Craiyon a Free AI Art Generator?

Yes, it's free to use. You don't even need to sign up to use its free version. It is designed to give users basic access, allowing them to experience the art from textual prompts.
But, the free tier does include limited features and certain restrictions such as;

  • Ads will appear on the interface.
  • Every picture will take at least 45 seconds to display.
  • Additionally, the generated images from the free version will be disposed to open sharing.

Q2: Can we Use Craiyon AI Images for Commercial Purposes?

Yes. You will receive a commercial licence if you buy a subscription plan from Craiyon. This licence will enable the open use of AI-generated images for business purposes.
However, the free version of Craiyon AI does not allow images for commercial use.

Q3. Can we get High high-quality images from Craiyon?

Yes, you can get a high-quality image using the Craiyon tool. Its AI capabilities improve every day to generate the best picture. So, in this case, make sure to use the "Upscale" option to get the high-resolution image.