What is the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt™ Certification Cost?

Six Sigma is a method for detecting flaws or variances in a scrum process that employs tools and principles. Its certification is a professional course that demands the completion of particular criteria before taking the exam. Learn it to reduce company flaws and maximize productivity to compete.

What is the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt™ Certification Cost?

Six Sigma is a method that uses tools and concepts to spot defects or variations in a scrum process. An authentic Six Sigma certification shows the knowledge and experience of using the methodology by an individual. The certification helps to add value to a company's growth and become a valuable asset. Moreover, it increases career opportunities in a variety of industries and helps get a settled professional life.

What is Six Sigma Certification?

Six Sigma certification is a professional course that requires specific criteria and procedures to be followed before applying for the exam. These things change with different Six Sigma levels. There are multiple stages of the program;

  • Six Sigma White Belt Training- Suitable for beginners
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training- For White Belt achievers
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Training- For Yellow Belt holders
  • Six Sigma Black Belt Training- For Green Belt achievers
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt Training- For Black Belt holders

An online Six Sigma Black Belt Certification course trains and certifies candidates who have the potential to implement the Six Sigma methodology in the organization. This improves employment opportunities for the certification holders. A certified Six Sigma Black Belt holder has leadership qualities, assigns tasks to all team members, and understands workflow and team dynamics. A Black Belt holder can work as a coach, develop business strategies and manage employees to achieve desired business goals.

Why get Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is popular among business professionals due to its global recognition and skills development in individuals. It is issued by the International Association for Six Sigma Certification. Further, it comes with numerous advantages, such as;

High Salaries- Salary is the most crucial factor that impacts an individual's life personally and professionally. It is significant to stand out from the crowd to claim higher salaries for the skills people have. One way to do this is to get a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification to develop skills that are in high demand across industries, including management, publishing, manufacturing, utilities, oil, gas, etc. The average annual salary of a Black Belt is US $87,660. Further, a master Black Belt holder can earn up to US$ 1,30878 annually, depending on experience. Moreover, the demand is expected to increase by 14% by 2030.

Career Advancements- Many professionals like MBA degree holders can't get their dream jobs in their dream companies due to a lack of skills in these changing industries. However, the common thing is that many companies are adopting Six Sigma methodologies to achieve business objectives. Hence, having a Black Belt certification can increase the chances of grabbing the dream job. Employers are looking for professionals who can eliminate errors and provide desired results. Sigma professionals can do this. Therefore, highlighting this certification on the resume can enhance hiring chances.

Job Security- The best way to secure a job is to understand the employer's mind and help him achieve his goals, reducing errors and maximizing profits. During layoffs, the chances are less of firing Sigma professionals. These people play at the front foot to increase profits through cost-saving initiatives. If there are massive layoffs at the global or national level, these professionals can earn more to craft strategies to cut down the competition.

How to Get Lean Six Sigma Black Belt™ Certification?

Candidates must know that there are no prerequisites to attend the training course or appear in the exam. Follow the steps to get the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

  1. Get trained- Enrol in a six sigma black belt certification training program offered by the ATO (Accredited Training Organization). Attend 36-hour training.
  2. Take the exam- Appear for the exam and score a minimum of 70% marks to pass it.
  3. Get the certification- Visit the official website of IASSC and download the e-certificate.

What is the Cost of the Certification?

According to the IASSC, the Six Sigma Black Belt certification cost is USD 395. In India, the average cost for the certification is Rs.17,696. The Black Belt certification has different levels, so the cost is also different. It varies based on the training provider.

What Are the Learning Goals of the Certification?

The Black Belt certifications help learn the following;

  • Customer satisfaction- Learn how to build customer satisfaction through improved product quality and timely delivery.
  • Lower costs- Learn to manage expenses through cost-cutting on wasteful events.
  • Process understanding- Understand processes and improve them.
  • Efficient production- Develop strategies to boost productivity and manage demands.
  • Problem evaluations- Use an analytical approach to solve problems.
  • Identifying errors and preventing reoccurrence- Learn how to find errors and prevent their reoccurrence.

What Skills Will Individuals Develop?

The certification training program helps individuals develop industry-oriented skills. These include;

● Managerial Development

The Black belt certification help individuals develop the knowledge and skills required for administrative and managerial positions. These include leadership, interpersonal skills, analytical skills, management, etc. With this training program, they learn how to increase revenue, cost-cutting, and boost the overall efficiency of an organization or company. They also learn about risk assessment cum management and financial operations. Through these skill sets, individuals can efficiently lead team members and develop an ability to make crucial decisions about the company's upliftment.

● Business Processing Skills

The certification allows individuals to in-built the necessary skills to analyze, manage and enhance business processes. Through this course, they can understand and learn significant techniques on how to achieve quality improvement. With these abilities, individuals can easily manage organizations, train employees, conduct performance reviews, and help team members to make effective strategies for the company's growth.

● Operational Costs Skills

Sigma Black belt professionals can help organizations reduce operational costs through development in employee working efficiency and business processes. The course can guide individuals to improve their operational costs or cost management skills to speed up the organization's operations.


Many companies at the national and international levels are hiring Six Sigma Black Belt professionals to improve business errors and increase productivity to meet consumer demands and combat competition. The certification allows professionals to develop their decision-making skills and develop an analytical approach to solving problems. Moreover, it also fine-tunes a company's work environment to ensure responsibility toward tasks and overall business growth.