Robotics was introduced for the first time in 1898 when Nikola Tesla remotely controlled the movement of a robot boat in an artificial pond during the event of an electrical exhibition in New York. Based on that experiment, Tesla is known as the “Father of Robotics”. Almost fifty years later to the introduction of robotics, Alan Turing, a British Polymath introduced the mathematical potential of “Artificial Intelligence”. He introduced different ways to build intelligent machines. With robotics already prevailing on the scene and AI emerging as the most advanced technology, it did not take much time to merge both of them to develop an “AI Robot”. AI and Robotics are the most stimulating but controversial combination. Everybody perceives a robot performing repetitive and exhausting tasks at the assembly line, but there is no general agreement on the notion of Robots being “Intelligent”.

An “AI robot” is a smart robot that observes, learns from its surroundings and experiences, and develops its aptitudes based on that learning. It can team up with human beings to work together, be their companion, and learn from their behavior. Moreover, it can walk, play games, and entertain us through dancing and many other activities. Based on its magnificent uses, the demand for AI robots is rising at a great pace. It has been estimated that the market size of AI Robots that was 6.9 billion USD in 2021 will reach 35.3 billion USD by 2026 at a CAGR of 38.6%.

Potential use of Robotics in Education System
When we think of a robot at work, we think of them cleaning, delivering things to designated locations, and assembling components in a factory, but we rarely think of them doing creative work like teaching a class or prescribing medication to patients.

Anticipating the potential demand for AI robots, Amazon, the world’s largest digital retailer has arranged a huge inventory of AI robots in its warehouses of different marketplaces. It is selling a wide range of AI robots for kids and adults at budget-friendly prices. These AI robots are operated through remote control systems or batteries. In this blog, we will have an overview of the best AI robots available at Amazon.

Premium AI Robots at Amazon

Since the beginning of the science-fiction era in the 1960s, robots have been an element of fascination for the youth. Our young generation is grown up with the dream of being lost in space. Pre-millennial generations have been fascinated by seeing robots taking orders, walking, and dancing in movies. But, millennial and Gen-Z visualize robots as their companions.

Amazon is selling superior-quality AI robots for kids as well as adults. Having an AI robot is open-ended fun. Experts believe that robot toys are very useful for kids’ development. These smart robots are interactive, educational, and entertaining. Let’s discuss a few of these smart robots one by one!

Nabot – STEM Educational and Programming Toy

Source: Amazon

Manufacturer: Ximpatico
Age group: 8 years and above
Price: $169.99
Package Dimensions: 16.3 x 12.5 x 9 inches

Nabot is an intelligent autonomous robot with a 3-axis robotic arm. This smart robot mostly ranks organically within the top five positions in the search results of AI robots on the amazon first web page. Nabot has an easy-to-use interface on which it is easy to train. The robot can understand the surroundings and behave accordingly. It is a coding robot that helps you learn to program a real robot. Its AI algorithm uses a neural network to processes real-world images from its camera and hence its computer vision technology detects objects, people, and pets.  Its ability to process real-world images gives it a competitive edge and makes it a perfect realistic model of the most advanced robot.

Nabot has Python API that enables it to perform numerous useful and fun tasks. It can perform the tasks as you program it. The robot working on two Lithium Polymer batteries can water plants, grab things for you like a TV remote, mobile phone, etc., and hold it over to you. It can also vacuum the house. By attaching a pet toy to Nabot, it will entertain you by autonomously playing with that toy and keep itself active. Through interaction with Nabot, kids develop an interest in STEM and learn how to program a robot. Programing a robot is a brain exercise that improves critical thinking, cognitive and problem-solving ability.

How is AI helping paralyzed patients
AI has the capability of analyzing patient data and predicting outcomes. It obtains patient insights quickly and identifies crucial areas of patient care that need to be improved. Wearable healthcare technology also employs artificial intelligence to better assist people with disabilities.

Boxer – Interactive AI Robot

Source: Amazon

Manufacturer: Spin Master
Age group: 6 years and above
Price: $59.99
Package Dimensions: 5.25 x 5.25 x 5.25 inches

Boxer is a small interactive robot delivering huge fun while working on 3 LR44 batteries. This quirky bot organically ranks within top ten positions on amazon’s first page. Boxer comes with 10 game cards inside. Kids can play games such as Paddle Bot, Go Kart and Bot Bowling, etc., with this smart boxer. You can choose one of the gaming cards and let the boxer roll over it to scan. This, in turn, activates the game. Once you start playing with this bot, it will show you its quirky personality through its emotions like happiness, sadness, sleepy, grumpiness. This smart bot can manifest a complete range of emotions. Kids can even play more than ten games if they download the “Boxer app” to their smartphones.

Boxer has built-in gesture sensors to respond to kids’ movements in a funny style. It has interactive touch sensors. Kids use their hand movements and the boxer zigzags and scoots around to follow each movement. This plucky small robot is equipped with infrared sensing along with balancing motors. It can spin, somersault, and show amazing wheelie tricks!

The best thing about Boxer is that it requires no assembly and comes to life as soon as it is out of the box.

Ruko Carle – Large Smart Robot

Source: Amazon

Manufacturer: Ruko
Age group: 4-9 years old
Price: $148.99
Product Dimensions: 11 x 4.7 x 15.8 inches

Ruko Carle is a smart interactive robot that can work through remote control, voice commands, phone APP, or gravity sensor. That is why it is a perfect solution for a wide range of age groups. It organically ranks on the first page of Amazon. It has numerous control ways to get responses from it for kids. It has a built-in Bluetooth speaker to play songs and unlimited stories. Through this robot, you can play any MP3 audio from your phone. Further, it can dance in eight different steps. Equipped with 14 voice commands, Ruko can talk to you in a friendly voice. You can say certain dialogues and it will respond with different answers. It has five levels of adjustable volumes, while it’s at level three by default. It can do gymnastics, walk, play and record messages. Its face has LEDs that make it a more responsive-looking robot. LED face changes just like different Emojis to express its emotions. It has 9 powerful and flexible motors that enable it to move smoothly and hurriedly. It has gesture sensing to feel your hands motion and turn right, left, walk forward, or backward. It responds in a lively voice when touched on its head and promotes interaction with kids. These activities stimulate the child’s inquisitiveness to interact with the robot. This smart robot is easy to operate as it is remote-controlled. When fully charged for two hours, Ruko can continuously operate for 2-3 hours.

Top 10 must-have AI gadgets
AI gadgets have been launched as a result of technological advancements to make our lives easier and more pleasant. With their various applications, AI devices are altering the globe. Top-of-the-line AI devices have distinct qualities that set them apart from other household appliances.

Codey Rocky – STEM Educational Toy Robot

Source: Amazon

Manufacturer: Makeblock
Age group: 6 years and up
Price: $94.99
Product Dimension: 4.01 x 3.74 x 4.05 inches

Codey Rocky is STEM education and programming toy comprising of more than 10 latest electronic modules. These modules work on AI and IoT technology with MAKEBLOCK app and neuron. Its 16 x 8 LED Display enables it to express a variety of emotions and animations. It has a pair of powerful motors, built-in WIFI and Bluetooth, various sensors for voice, distance, color, and light, 6-Axis Gyroscope, IR Transmitter and a Gear Knob. All these features of this small track-mounted robot using wireless connectivity make programming and controlling more interesting and interactive.

Kids can learn coding within a few minutes through its block-based programming and robotics hardware. This coding robot enables the learners to change a visual code into Python and keep going with the latest and practical coding language. Kids and adults can practice Python coding easily through this smart robot with the MAKEBLOCK app.

First of all, you have to download the android app. The android app has three modes:

  1. Drive Mode: In this section, kids can just drive the robot around with the help of a screen joystick. On the android device, the bubbles appear. These bubbles transfer to the screen of the robot once touched on the android device.
  2. Draw and Run Mode: You draw a random pattern on the robot screen and the robot would walk and draw the same design on the ground.
  3. Code Mode: You can learn and practice Python coding with just a single click. The package includes an electronic coding Guide of 57 pages to help you learn programming and coding.

Apart from MAKEBLOCK app, it also works through mBlock software. Its mBlock software is workable on several platforms including PC, Android, Chromebook, Mac, and ioS. You just have to write the program, and Codey Rocky will start interacting with those characters appearing on the screen. Codey Rocky and mBlock software together enable you to leverage advanced AI to create cool projects like voice-controlled robot, and the robot recognizing facial expressions.

ClicBot – Coding Robot

Source: Amazon

Manufacturer: KEYi TECH
Age group: 8 years plus
Price: $499.99
Product Dimensions: 15 x 11.14 x 4.65 inches

ClicBot is a coding robot with 5GHz brain, designed for educational and entertainment purposes. It is an intelligent robotics creation platform enabling you to build robots. Equipped with AI technology, ClicBot has built-in two personalities Bic and Bac. These are just like animated characters that would respond you. Both of them would nuzzle up to you, try to follow and find you, accompany you acting as they are your robot pets, and behave just like your family members. You can even feed them on your smartphones just as you play virtual reality games.

ClicBot is easy to set up within three minutes. Its “drag and drop” interface is very friendly and fully programmable that is based on Blockly. By clicking numerous robotic blocks together, kids can improve their creativity and hands-on ability. Kids can build famous characters such as Jedi, Buzz Lightyear, mickey mouse and whatever they like beyond imaginations. This robot can improve 3D thinking imagination, problem-solving and logical thinking ability.

Instead of wiring and screwdrivers, ClicBot has just one button, a charging port, and a buckle for all connections. To unleash creativity, the manufacturer has provided the ClicBot academy to teach about using advanced functions such as coding.

Will AI Become Smarter Than Humans?
Human Intelligence is the intellectual ability of humans to think, analyze and solve issues, and learn from past experiences that aid in future situations. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intellect in a machine that is trained to accomplish tasks in the same way as humans do.

Anki Cozmo – Educational Robot

Source: Amazon

Manufacturer: Anki
Age group: 2 years and more
Price: $ 899
Product Dimensions: 7.91 x 7.32 x 5.35 inches

Cozmo is a smart real-life robot that is ready to be your devoted sidekick, just like you see in the movies. It has a beginner-friendly interface that makes it an ideal robot for educating kids. It is helpful for adults as well to learn coding. This smart robot has four motors and more than fifty gears. This feature helps Cozmo to move around, explore like a mini-mars rover. 30fps VGA camera along with facial recognition software enable Cozmo to not just see you, but remember your face and recognize you, and even call you by your name. In short, Cozmo is a robot companion who recognizes you, does not forget your name. It can show hundreds of emotions as it is designed with facial display of 128 x 64 resolutions, where its heart resides. That’s why you don’t need to guess how it is feeling; rather his emotions are clearly visible on its face. A compatible Android or iOS device along with a free Cozmo app is required for this robot to work.

This smart robot is a game-playing machine that is up for action anytime. You can challenge it in games such as Keepaway, Quick Tap, and Memory Match. Certain games including speed challenges and puzzles have been recently added to this smart friend. A few of these include Code Cracker, Robo Showdown, Cube Tennis, and Stack Attack. Moreover, you can check out the latest app updates on Anki’s website in the section of Cozmo Blog.

Cozmo’s Sandbox Mode: Beginner level

The Sandbox Mode of Cozmo is the perfect place for a beginner to learn coding. You can let Cozmo sneeze or sing a song by simply snapping the blocks together. Similarly, you can polish your skills and customize your creations through this Sandbox mode.

Cozmo’s Constructor Mode: Intermediate level

Cozmo’s constructor mode can rise your coding skills to the next level. Coders of intermediate level can create and complete more complicated projects such as designing games or coding a dance party etc.

Cozmo’s Explorer Mode:

Through Explorer mode, you can see what this smart robot sees. You can guide it to roam around, greet guests and pets.

Astro Robot – the Latest Addition of Amazon

Source: Amazon

Manufacturer: Amazon
Age group: 6 years plus
Price: $999.99

Amazon’s latest invention “Astro” launched in September 2021 seems like an Echo show roaming around on wheels. It is an AI robot that serves to monitor home, and eldercare. Moreover, Astro’s camera can be used for video chats. It also gives you a portable Alexa experience. Unlike other AI robots discussed above, Amazon’s Astro is a “Day 1 Edition”. This means that it can’t be sold to everyone just like other online products. Instead, people who want to buy this latest AI robot would have to first sign up, then Amazon sends them invitation to order the robot.

What Astro can do?

Astro employs AI algorithm’s modern navigation technology to move around your house. Based on this navigation system, it can easily find out how to reach out where it is needed inside your house. This AI robot patrols the house, investigates what is going on, records the video, and stores it in its Ring’s cloud storage. This video remains saved in this system for at least two months. It sends alerts to the housemates if it identifies an unrecognized person. It also shows reaction to infrequent events like sound of breaking a glass.

What’s different and interesting about Astro?

The most interesting thing about Astro is that it can perform majority of its tasks on its own hardware, without running computations on the servers of Amazon. Another amazing feature of this latest AI robot is especially interesting. First of all, it identifies walls, doors, people, pets, objects, hurdles, and stairs. Then it draws a map of your home so that it can easily navigate it. This is what we call SLAM in Robotics and has been a long-standing challenge. Astro can solve SLAM through various cameras, sensors, ANNs and planner systems.

Elder Care

Astro is remotely controlled from a phone app if you want to watch out your aged family members who are living alone. It can even remind them to check their blood pressure and other important routine activities.

Privacy Ensured

The main threat about AI devices has always been that of “Privacy violation”. Fortunately, there is no privacy violation issue linked with this advanced Amazon’s AI robot.  If you want to ensure privacy and keep Astro away, you can just turn off its mics, cameras and stop its movement by pressing a button.

So, what are you waiting for? Just order and enjoy the miracles the advanced technology is revealing to us to ensure comfortable and prodigious life!