5 Best AI Voice Over Generator Tools of 2024

Have you grown tired of hiring expensive voice-over artists? Don't worry; AI voice-over generator tools can do this work for you. Explore the curated list of the five best voice-over tools and discover how these speech generators along with their features are reforming the content creation industry.

5 Best AI Voice Over Generator Tools of 2024
AI Voice Over Generator

Have you ever questioned how smooth voice-overs are generated in your favourite audiobooks, podcasts, or commercials? Your answer lies in the creative fusion of audio with AI technology. Welcome to the world of AI voice-over generator tools. These AI tools now become an essential part of the technical landscape. The AI voice-generators can generate convincing custom voices –from text-to-speech to various audiobooks and customer response automation. These AI voice-overs also work under deep learning algorithms to imitate human–like voices. The magic function of voice-over tools lies in their understanding of intonation, emotion, and context behind the words. Isn't it cool? Therefore, the days of hiring professional and expensive voice-over actors for fancy voice-overs are gone. With AI, you can now create fascinating voice-overs more than ever before.
Considering the growing market of AI voice-over generators, in 2022, the size was valued at approx. USD 12,10 million, and in 2032, this market size is estimated to grow to USD 4,889 million, growing at a CAGR of 15.40%. Hence, AI voice-overs have levelled up the content generation industry by offering high-class voice-over generators. In this article, we will review some top-notch AI voice-over tools. Through this review you will be able to evaluate the best one among all by analysing their features, language options availability, and sound effect quality. Let’s learn how AI voice generation tools can make transformations in the future of speech.

Graph showing the exclusive rise and fall market of AI-voice-over generator tools.
Graph (Globenewswire) showing the exclusive rise and fall market of AI-voice-over generator tools.

What are the Features of the Best AI Voice-over Generator Tools

Before choosing any of the AI voice-over generator, remember the following features to crack the full potential of AI technology for voice generation.

  • Multilingual Support: Look for a voice-over tool that offers multiple languages. This allows the user to tailor the content to a large audience.
  • Compatibility: Before picking any AI tool ensure it is compatible with other formats like MP3 or WAV. The compatibility will certify the integration into different types of content.
  • Fine-Quality Voices: Be inclined towards that tool which offers first-class voice quality. Also, confirm that the picked voice generator provides a wide variety of human-sounding voices with brilliant speech quality.
  • Customization Support: Always choose AI voice-generating tools that allow you to customize your voice-over. For example, the tool should allow you to adjust the pitch and speed of the voice according to your requirements.
  • Pricing: Also, do extensive research on the price plans of voice tools. Pick one that aligns with your budget while offering the services you want.

List of 5 Best AI Voice-over Generator Tools

1. Murf.ai

Murf AI is the first pick in our list of the best AI voice-over generator tools. It’s one of the great voice-over generators for creating convincing voice-overs for your tasks. Its work lies in the utilization of machine learning through generative AI. Murf AI is a voice and video generator that can turn text into everyday speech. This tool allows male and female voices with multiple English accents.
Furthermore, the Murf AI voice generator offers a set of 120 different human-sounding voices in more than 20 other languages and accents, which you can choose according to your taste.


As said above, this voice tool is more than a voice-over generator; it can also help users generate videos. Again, it's not like all other traditional video generator tools; instead, it supports the options of millions of stock images, video resources, and music so that you can use them to create videos for your social accounts, marketing, and much more.


Murf AI offers multiple features, which are as follows;

  • It provides 120+ different voices in 20-plus accents and languages.
  • Murf AI voice-over generator has tone adjustment, pitch adjustment, and inflectionoptions.
  • Ability to alter voice accent, gender, and language even in the middle of paragraphs.
  • A voice cloning option is also available.
  • You can also convert roughly recorded voices into smooth and clear voices with the voice changer option of this tool.
  • It can allow direct import of videos from hundreds of sites, including YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Murf AI also has a video voice-over option through which users can generate an auto-sync voice-over for the video.
  • Allows the direct Canva integration by which users can add voice-overs to their Canva projects.
  • It provides variations of avatars.
  • It also offers Google Slides, a TTS extension, and a completely free audio library.
  • Murf API is also available for any AI-based voice integration on your website. The API of this tool comes with another 40 voices, which you can use. You must buy the Murf API feature separately because the subscription plans do not fund this feature.
  • Simple interface.


Murf AI is such a powerful tool for marketers and business professionals. It’s a solid voice-over generator with the following benefits.

  • Ease of Use: The interface/dashboard of Murf's generating tool is very spontaneous, so you can easily use this voice-over tool.
  • Customization Options: This tool's voice editor allows you to alter the speaking style for your project and change the tone and pitch of the voice according to your needs.
  • Bundle of Choices: The Murf AI voice generatorcontains 120 voices with 20-plus accents and languages, so users will always have options.
  • Save Time and Money: Murf AI also enables you to avoid spending a lot of time and money hiring professionals to do the work. With Murf, you can edit and generate voice in a few clicks.


  • You can't download audio with the free Plan.
  • Users can face some security concerns while voice cloning.
  • You can encounter some bugs while using voice-over video tools.
  • Problems could be faced with acronym pronunciation.
  • Sometimes, it becomes time-consuming in terms of producing multi-character discourses.


  • Free: The free Plan offers a ten-minute trial period for voice generation and transcription.
  • Basic: $19/ Month (annual billing will cost $228)
  • Pro: $26/ Month (yearly billing will cost $312)

Note: Annual billing will be profitable up to 33%,but if the work is short-term, please choose monthly billing.

Ideal for

Murf AI is an ideal tool for all those business owners and creators who want high-quality customized voice-over content at reasonable prices. Other than that, it is also best for educators to create video content and audiobooks. Additionally, this tool has got you covered, from product developers to podcasters.

Reviews and Ratings

Due to the language diversity, people like this tool and rate Murf AI 4.6/5 on G2 and product Hunt rating platforms.

2. Lovo Genny

Lovo AI is another excellent voiceover-generating tool. It is also a popular AI voice-over generator that mimics human voice. Due to its quick functioning, Lovo AI can generate a personalized voice in just 15 minutes. This technique allows users to convert their text into speech in just three easy steps.
One of the most striking factors is that it continues to enhance the speech synthesis models. These models paved the way for this tool to produce remarkable innovations like Genny. You would be desperate for what Genny is. It’s a voice generator with video editing capabilities. Therefore, the combination of features makes this tool the most valuable for all content creators who want to create natural voices alongside editing their videos.

Lovo Genny
Lovo Genny

The Lovo AI voice generator is an award-winning software with the availability of 500 plus voices in a hundred different languages. The variety of languages, emotions, and voices ensures its professional quality to meet users' needs. This exception puts Lovo ahead in the game of voice-over generators. Due to its continuously enhanced voice synthesis models and user-friendly interface, Lovo AI is a favourite in the entertainment, documentaries and journalism, gaming, banking, and education sectors.


Lovo AI offers multiple features, which are listed below;

  • Lovo contains the most extensive voice library, with 500 AI voices and 100 languages.
  • Includes 30 plus tones with various emotional voices.
  • It gives you royalty-free music, videos, and stock images.
  • It gives you the option of video editing alongside the generation of voice-overs.
  • This tool has a very easy-to-use dashboard with various customization options, ensuring the best option for beginners.
  • Lovo is also jam-packed with voice cloning technology, enabling the user to record their voice and then convert/edit it like a voice changer.
  • It also supports auto AI subtitles.
  • Lovo voice generator also supports an in-built AI image generator. So, you can also create amazing images.
  • Genny, the AI writer in this software, will help you with scriptwriting if necessary.
  • Users can create multiple-character screenplays with the editor of Lovo AI.
  • Lovo AI also enables you to customize the pronunciations of languages other than English.
  • It also holds Pixabay integration for stock material.
  • Lovo AI tested to have the best female voices among all other voice generator tools.
  • It is an ideal tool for video dubbing with fantastic background music and sound effects.


While using the Lovo AI voice generator, users can get the following benefits.

  • Strong and Appealing Communication: As discussed above, the Lovo AI voice generator is the best tool for generating male and female voices. You can captivate your audience with realistic voices using this tool. The Lovo AI generator also benefits you by developing demos of products or explanation videos, ensuring the enhancing impact of your message.
  • Consistency of Brand: Lovo AI voice-over generator use will benefit you in creating a significant difference in the cohesiveness of your content. It will support the users in producing a strong brand voice across different announcement stages. Using Lovo for advertisements and website audio files will enormously benefit you in establishing a strong brand presence by having the same audio.
  • Productivity Enhancement: The Lovo AI voice generator allows users to manage their voice-over projects easily. It enables users to adjust speech parameters to generate fine-quality audio quickly, saving them a lot of time.


  • Does not support any other language for voice cloning except English.
  • The emphasis and pause customization features only come in some languages.
  • Sometimes, it needs to improve audio quality.


  • Free trial: it offers 14-day free trial period for the pro version of Lovo.
  • Starter Plan: $4/Month (gives you 30 mins of voice generation)
  • Basic Plan: $24/Month (with annual pay). It gives you 2 hours of speech generation.
  • Pro Plan: ($ 48 when it comes to month-to-month paying) and ($24/ Month when billed annually with a 50% discount.) You can enjoy 5 hours of speech generation with this Plan.

Ideal For

Love AI's voice-over generator is ideal for content creators who want voice-overs for their videos, animations, ads, and social media posts. Its primary focus is on emotional expressions and customization. Moreover, content creators can leverage this voice generator's transcription services to convert verbal linguistics into text.

Reviews and Ratings

Due to the diverse voice options and excellent sound quality, Lovo is rated 4.4/5 on the G2 rating platform.

3. PlayHT

If you are in search of some trustworthy text-to-speech tool for commercial use, you should check out Play.ht. This AI voice generator is its exception regarding accents and regional languages. Many big enterprises like Samsung and Verizon speak a lot about the quality of Play. ht. In terms of giving a personal touch to your work or some project, Play.ht should be your priority. This tool utilizes state-of-the-art technology from multiple business leaders like Google, Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft to generate human-like speeches.


Moreover, one of the most beautiful attribute of this tool is its multilingual voice cloning. So this is appreciable. PlayHT contains over 907 voices, including 11 ultra-realistic voices. For example, "AI voice Ruby” is excellent for narrating audiobooks, and "AI voice Noah" does whispering if someone needs it. Even some voices in this tool laugh according to the text's tone by just prompting (ha-ha). Besides that, "Fredrick AI voice” is also impressive for YouTube mini-documentaries. So every character varies with different attributes like:

  • They have different speaking styles.
  • Loud, whisper, and neutral.
  • Male and female.
  • Young and old.
  • Slow and fast.
    Hence, you can interpret that PlayHT can generate screenplays with different character voice-overs.


  • There are one hundred forty-two different languages and accents with 907 AI voices. So you will always have options.
  • It gives your audio ultra-realistic results that match human voices, making it perfect for audiobooks and e-learning sections.
  • Multiple voice styles help users create any content. For example, suppose someone wants to prepare a news report. That style will be available to edit the audio further with access to SSML (Speech Synthesis Mark-up Language) tags and multiple speech styles, which gives users complete control over the final sound.
  • PlayHT also enables you to convert the written SEO-optimised article into audio formats.
  • It also comes up with the option of creating its pronunciation library.
  • Ply.ht allows users to distribute the voice-over directly to Google and Spotify podcasts from the dashboard without going through the download fuss.
  • If it offers 2500 words for the free Plan.
  • PlayHT also had an excessive gathering of non-English languages like Hindi.
  • It also offers the best voice cloning (a paid add-on), enabling you to clone the voice in multiple languages.
  • Users can also download their voice-overs in MP3 and WAV layouts.


  • Access to Preview Mode: By using PlayHT Previewing the created voice-over ensures satisfaction with the outcome and allows you to solve more voice-related issues before the final result.
  • Allows AI Podcast Incorporation: with PlayHT AI voice generator, users would profit from management tools and podcast incorporations. You can directly publish audio articles on iTunes and Spotify-like platforms by creating an RSS feed for auditory-article.
  • User-Assistance and Customer Support: PlayHT helps users maximize their services by providing multiple FAQs and tutorials.


  • It has a limited free Plan and does not support commercial use.
  • Although it has multiple AI voices and accents, Play.ht lacks various customization options.
  • Price plans are less affordable.


  • Free Plan: The free Plan will give the user 2500 words and all the voices for non-commercial use. Voice cloning is also available in a free plan.
  • Creator Plan: $31/Month (it offers 600,000 words annually if billed annually.)
  • Pro Plan: $49/Month (if billed annually, it offers 2.5 million words. Additionally, it gives access to high-class voice cloning.

Ideal For

PlayHT AI voice-over generator is best for content creators and podcasters who want to fulfill varied text-to-speech needs. Furthermore, it enables you to create OK voice-overs on a trustworthy platform. Due to the extensive amount of languages and voices available on Play.ht this is best for learners who want pronunciation practice.

Reviews and Ratings

Due to emotional infusion and adaptive accents, users embrace Play's versatility, and its rating is around 4.5/5 on the G2 platform and 4.6/5 on the product hunt rating platform.

4. ElevenLabs

Our next AI voice-over generator is ElevenLabs. It's another text-to-speech platform with a user-friendly interface. ElevenLabs also offers voice cloning within a budget so you won't need professional equipment. This voice generator functions as follows: first, it has a voice lab where you can configure your computer-generated voice by experimenting with gender, age, and accent. Then, you can bring life to various fictional characters in the audio with its speech synthesis tool.


This fantastic AI-voice-generating tool leverages text-to-speech tech to generate natural sound effects in a voice-over within seconds. Ultimately, the generated voice-over can then be easily downloaded for further use.
EvenLabs is also trying to expand its features. In October 2023, they launched their new feature of "Dubbing". Through this feature, you can dub the content by uploading any video or link from TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter. This feature also enables you to change the language of the video within seconds. By doing so, your content can reach a larger audience.


  • It can auto-dub the audio and convert everyday speech into AI speech.
  • ElevenLabs contains 44 readymade voices. All voices sound like humans.
  • Ability to create a brand new, unique voice with unique prompts.
  • It gives you two options: design your own AI voice or pick one made by the community.
  • It offers both formats: text-to-speech and speech-to-speech.
  • Supports auto-dubbing in more than 50 languages.
  • It contains a custom voice lab for creating unique voices from different ages and genders.
  • It also has a free version with a no-commercial use option.
  • Quick voice cloning. So there is no need to spend hours and hours recording.


  • Ease of Use and Time Saving: This platform is user-friendly and easy to use. This voice-over generator tool allows you to create a voice within seconds, saving time for other valuable works.
  • Functionality: As discussed above, its functionality is so easy that you can generate human-like voices through its easy-to-use dashboard. Less effort in recording and podcast processing times will aid users.


  • Free Plan: It offers a limitless free trial with restricted features.
  • Starter Plan: $5/month
  • Creator Plan: $22/month


  • Had less control overtones, pauses, and pacing.
  • Fewer customization options.
  • Sometimes, it's glitchy.
  • There are fewer voice and language options than other tools in the list.

Ideal For

ElevenLabs is the best and ideal AI voice-over tool for people looking for a voice-cloning tool within budget. This tool is best for bloggers, YouTubers, entertainers, podcasters, marketers, and educators who want to enhance their e-books with human-sounding voices.

Reviews and Ratings

Due to the brilliant quality of its voice synthesis, people gave top-notch reviews about its use. So ElevenLabs got the highest ratings, i.e., 4.8/5, on both G2 and product Hunt platforms.

5. Synthesia AI

Synthesia is yet another powerful AI voice-over tool. It is also an AI video generator for its excellent video capabilities. Synthesia voice generator is famous for generating professional voice-overs within a few clicks. It can also convert text-to-speech and video conversion due to powerful AI algorithms, making it an excellent option for commercial applications.


Moreover, the synthesia AI voice-over generator utilizes text-to-video (TTV) and text-to-speech (TTS) to transform written characters into appealing media demonstrations. Hence, this attribute makes synthesia an ideal tool for efficient content creation. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface allows beginners to create wonderful voice-overs and videos quickly. Therefore, Synthesia is an invaluable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their digital presence.


  • Contains 400 plus male and female voices with 120 plus different languages.
  • Synthesia, apart from creating, also sells the voice-overs for any tenacity.
  • Also, there is an option to pause whenever the user wants.
  • The emphasizing choice is also available to express emotions like happiness, sadness, and excitement.
  • Preview mode is available for reviewing the generated content.
  • The tool is applicable for generating multiple-purpose content, i.e., sale videos, animations, commercials, podcasts, etc.
  • With an AI presenter, you can convert your voice-over into video.
  • It also creates avatars with human-like appearances.
  • It's a budget-friendly tool.
  • Also, have a Chrome extension for image generators.


  • Time and Money Efficiency: Synthesia, as a video and voice-over generator, can quickly generate multiple videos in less time and money. So, it will save you time, cost, and effort spent on traditional video production.
  • Multilingual Video Content: AI allows users to create videos in multiple languages easily. This means you can drive global traffic to your content because everyone can understand it in their language without worrying about traditional translators.
  • Fine-Quality Computer-Generated Imagery: Synthesia AI users will also be aided with CGI elements for their videos, which will add a magical touch and thus make the content more engaging.


  • It takes a lot more time than usual to match the AI voice with the particular avatar.
  • Sometimes, it's unable to pronounce certain words.
  • Its AI face swap does not give a natural look.
  • It only supports 120-minute audio downloads per day.


  • Free Plan: its free Plan offers limited video and voice-over generation.
  • Stater Plan: $22/month
  • Creator Plan: $67/month

Idea For

Synthesia's AI voice-over generator is best for creators who are camera-shy or enterprises that are looking for an all-in-one tool that includes an AI avatar creator and AI voice generator.

Reviews and Ratings

Synthesia's voice-over generator grabs users' attention with its lifelike intonation. People also like this tool for its distinguished content quality. Hence, on popular rating platforms like Product Hunt and G2, this tool got 3.6/5 and 4.7/5, respectively.

Price Comparison of the Best AI Voice-over Generator Tools

Take a look of their pricing together to make quick decision about your purchase.

AI Voice-over Generator Tools Starting Pricing Free Option
Murf.ai $19/month
Lovo Genny $4/month
PlayHT $31/month
ElevenLabs $5/month
Synthesia AI $22/month

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the presence of AI voice-over generatortools is marking impressive innovations in the voice-over content creation in the US. These voice-over platforms excel in producing human-like voices. The AI algorithms integrated into these tools make these tools excellent for everyone in the content creation race. These voice-over generators provide voice outputs and target larger audiences with their multilingual support feature. With technological advancement, these voice-over-generating tools will shape the digital content creation industry with accurate means by offering many solutions to creative individuals and enterprises on a larger scale.