Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone: What Can Users Expect

Virtual reality (VR) headsets are becoming more common and less expensive. Let's examine what to anticipate from an iPhone virtual reality headset that will be available in 2023. We'll also talk about other VR headsets and what you should consider before buying a virtual reality headset for iPhone.

Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone: What Can Users Expect
Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone

If reports are to be believed, Virtual Reality headsets are about to make their way in 2023. With the news of the VR headset's debut, users are already busy contemplating the features, functions, performance, and other aspects.

With the launch of the VR headset, Apple is all charged with making a mark in the arena of mixed reality. The first headset release is considered to be Developer-centric, while the second generation headsets are known to be more customer-focused with improved design specs.

Let's explore what you can expect from a virtual reality headset for iPhone, which is about to be released in 2023. We will also discuss some alternative VR headsets options and what you should look for while purchasing one.

Processing Capabilities

Earlier, it was reported that VR headsets would utilize the iPhone's processor to process its software. However, the authorities disapproved of any such claims and suggested the headsets would be standalone. You can expect M1-level processing of resource-heavy apps.


The VR headset by Apple is expected to be heavily priced between USD 1000 and 3000. Think of a premium price tag as the product is going to be an exclusive gadget that will stand out from its competitors.

Sync Capabilities

Similar to other Apple devices, the VR headset would integrate unmatched sync capabilities. You can expect beyond your imagination as no restriction applies to the sync functionality. Maybe your new headset allows you to enable the dnd on mac right by tapping on the left lens.

Design Rumors

If we talk about design and dimensions, the upcoming VR headset for iPhone is going to be sleek with a visor made up of a mesh material linked by swappable headbands. With the advent of innovative metaverse technology, headsets seem more practical.


The next-level gadget from the house of Apple is going to be the most practical virtual reality headset for iPhone available on the market. With the integration of augmented reality, VR, AI, MR, and Metaverse technologies, will revolutionize the industry in no time.

Top-Rated VR Headsets for iPhone

The following are the widely used VR headsets for iPhone fully tested for hardware and software requirements. All of these virtual reality headsets work the best for iPhones. However, the great thing is that newcomers can also use them along with experienced ones. There are no highly advanced features and functionalities that require great skills and expertise to use. All of these feature a user-friendly interface.

Merge VR

This is one of the topmost choices if you are looking for a virtual reality headset for iPhone available with excellent features. It is made up of a flexible-but-durable foam material that is bumps and drop resistant. The easy-to-use and lightweight headset has a friendly design approach that influences its compatibility with the phone slot holding iOS. Adjusting the lens-eye distance is possible by sliding two spring-based buttons on the top.

Meta Oculus Quest 2

Meta Quest 2 features built-in speakers and a 3.5mm jack to offer a 3D positional sound experience. It comes with a controller and is highly compatible with iPhone running iOS10+. You can enjoy 360-degree movies or gaming without connecting any cables. You will get three cameras to track your position without using any external sensors. Since it is lightweight, you can ensure long-term use. Overall, this headset makes virtual reality more exciting.

Destek V5 VR Headset

Featuring lenses with anti-blue light and anti-reflective coatings, Destek's V5 VR headset has a non-spherical surface for reduced distortion. This is certainly an affordable virtual reality headset for iPhone equipped with a Joy-Con-like one-handed Bluetooth controller that ups the view field to a wider 110 degrees. You can adjust the headset according to your eyes using the pupil distance button.

BNext VR Headset

A top-rated VR headset, the BNext VR headset comes with a comfortable foam face brace. Thus, anyone, including kids and adults, can easily wear them by adjusting accordingly. It effectively works with all smartphones ranging from 4" to 6.3" in screen size. You can locate the right viewing angle for immersive VR games and movies by adjusting the field of view. The breathable face brace and an adjustable head strap allow its use for longer sessions.

Google Cardboard

Compatible with iOS 8+, Google Cardboard can be used with all models between 4-6 inches screen size. This is the finest VR goggle for iPhone, with a 90-degree field of view and 60Hz refresh rate. In this headset, you will get 1440x1280 per eye resolution and immersive views for durability. Its unique feature is that it also features an app. But, it has a major downside of having no head strap to hold the headset in place.

How to Buy the Perfect VR Headset?

There is no specific virtual reality headset for iPhone that is perfect for every person. So, what should you check out while buying a VR headset? First of all, determine which features and functions you want to be available on your device. Figure out how much you can pay and how many services you can enjoy. Before making a final decision, keep into consideration the design, compatibility, features, space needs, controllers, and the following things.

● Price

It is a myth that only expensive VR headsets can ensure better use. Hence, first, examine your budget and ensure what you are selecting suits your budget without burning a hole in your pocket. Ask your seller about the up-front price and the hidden costs so that you don't have to pay further. To ensure you will get the best deal for your needs, research the market to know about the price difference.

● Reviews

Get assured about the VR headset use and features by asking active users of the Apple iPhone VR headset. Ask them about the practical experience they are getting and how satisfactory it is. You can also check for the customers' reviews and ratings online. You may find positive and negative feedback about the specific product. Analyze both before giving a final call to your decision.

● Brand

The Apple iPhone is a bigger brand in itself. Hence, to make sure an awesome headset user experience gives equal significance to brand loyalty. Choose a brand that is constantly gaining increased credibility among customers for offering quality. Note that every different brand has unique visual characteristics, price range, and other attributes. So, select a brand that features traits you find highly comfortable and best suit your needs.

● Functionality

Another important factor that plays a vital role in making the highly-functional and right virtual reality headset for iPhone is functionality. Deeply understand the functionality of the Apple iPhone VR headset through other customers' experiences. Thoroughly read the specifications and ensure it should have a lightweight, easier setup process and be designed using quality material. Consider one that is equivalent to your requirements.

How to Test VR Headsets?

Alongside considering the things discussed above, it is necessary to test the Apple iPhone VR headsets. Determine how well it is designed and using which material. Consider how easier it is for you to set up a VR headset and system.

Take a look at the working of its interface to ensure easier use. Check the quality of the controllers that come with the headsets. Most importantly, evaluate how comfortable it is and how much space it consumes.

How to Set Up Headset With iPhone?

Download, install, and open a VR app on your phone. Put your mobile with the screen pointing you in the mount. Before mounting it, ensure you remove the protective case from your mobile.

Access your VR app via the hand controller of your phone while ensuring its connectivity with Bluetooth. Align your screen and put the headsets after aligning everything. Adjust the straps, spacing of lenses, and top roller of a headset to prevent it from falling off.