5 Best Kubernetes Course for DevOps Engineers

Kubernetes scales a Microservice architecture by automatically deploying and managing containers as needed. Microservice architecture is currently popular, making Kubernetes one of the most known tools for container orchestration. It is a must-to-learn skill for all DevOps engineers and Developers.

5 Best Kubernetes Course for DevOps Engineers

Kubernetes, created by Google, has emerged to be a fairly popular tool and a lucrative skill in the community of container management and is naturally in high demand today. It is clearly a must-learn skill for all DevOps engineers as well as Developers. However, you should take several factors into account while working for production in environments having microservice patterns or containers. Some of these factors are version control, rollback mechanism, health check, scaling, and so on. Kubernetes offers the management and organizational abilities for deploying containers in sync with the necessary facets mentioned.

Kubernetes is critical if you want to scale a Microservice architecture by deploying as well as managing containers automatically according to requirement. Nowadays, Microservice architecture is trending, which makes Kubernetes one of the most sought-after tools to orchestrate containers. Kubernetes witnessed an exponential growth in searches for job opportunities recently.

Clearly, we see a high requirement for DevOps knowing Kubernetes with a Kubernetes certification. This can be the edge you need to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Therefore, this certificate not only helps you to be a Kubernetes master but also boosts your chances of landing a highly-paid job.

In case you have been looking for the best Kubernetes course online for architecture or are preparing for CKA or CKAD, here is a list of the top 5 online courses for Kubernetes along with tutorials from trustable online learning sites such as Udemy, Coursera, and others which you may choose for learning Kubernetes so that you can successfully achieve the Kubernetes certification.

1. KnowledgeHut's Kubernetes Training

The Kubernetes Training offered by KnowledgeHut provides hands-on guidance to utilize Kubernetes as a tool for tackling real-world problems. The course will introduce you to the process of deploying stateful as well as stateless apps through the cluster. Students will be able to autoscale apps and install Kubernetes Cluster on platforms such as Virtualbox, AWS, and even Google Cloud. With free access to myriads of classes, material, and concepts, you are guaranteed to get clear concepts about topics such as Kubernetes Cluster- Master, AddOns, etc. along with their key components.

Candidates will be encouraged to build container infrastructures using components and services related to Kubernetes architecture. This includes the necessary knowledge of dealing with pods and services, along with skills required for the deployment of a Kubernetes cluster.


  • Essential knowledge of Docker
  • Primary Linux Administration skills
  • Primary Networking capacity

2. Udemy’s Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course

Also an Udemy’s "Learn DevOps: The Complete Kubernetes Course" could be a nice choice for anyone who wants to learn the process of building, deploying, maintaining, and using Kubernetes. It encompasses many of the most important concepts including how to run stateful as well as stateless applications through Kubernetes, how to use Docker client through Kubernetes, scaling, etc.

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Aside from local, this course will give you the chance to use Kubernetes with AWS. It’s a good option for anyone with previous AWS knowledge.


  • Understanding AWS and Docker is recommended

3. PluralSight’s Kubernetes For Developers: Core Concepts

In case you are just beginning and need to first get hold of the basic concepts of Kubernetes smoothly and easily, "Kubernetes for Developers: Core Concepts" from Pluralsight is a good choice.
As a beginner-friendly course, it begins with basic ideas of Kubernetes, gradually moving to complex concepts such as the deployment of containers through Kubernetes.

With a total duration of fewer than five hours, this course is ideal for students looking to learn all the core concepts fast. However, Pluralsight membership is required to access the course, making this a paid endeavor.


  • Basic understanding of Kubernetes

4. Udemy’s Kubernetes Certified Application Developer (CKAD) with Tests

This is the best-rated course for Kubernetes at Udemy. Along with in-depth explanations, this course also offers hands-on exams, which are extremely useful in order to get a good grasp of the concepts. You can also participate in coding quizzes with this course.

Over thirty-seven thousand candidates are enrolled in the course, having complete access to the entire community of students and teachers. This community assists you to solve problems while guiding you through problems with ease.


  • Basics of system administration.
  • Basics of app development with python.
  • Basic understanding of Kubernetes

5. Udemy’s Kubernetes For the Absolute Beginners - Hands-on

For the complete beginners with a blank canvas, the "Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners - Hands-on" makes for the perfect choice. You do not require any prior knowledge or experience and you can choose this course without knowing what Kubernetes actually is. The facilitator has to spend more than forty minutes with just the explanation of Kubernetes.

The best part is that every topic included in this course has been explained well without a hurry. Even if you are just getting started, this course is ideal for you. With more than fifty-six thousand enrollments, this is the most popular course mentioned here.


  • Basic understanding of system administration.


This list included the most informative online courses for learning Kubernetes in detail. Please note that they are among the most popular courses about Kubernetes from top sites. The best part is one can enroll in any of the listed courses and become an expert in this in-demand skill. It is trending really well among DevOps and using a proper understanding of Kubernetes you will be able to grab lucrative and highly paid jobs. Certifications are always important to prove your knowledge and the ones mentioned here are sure to boost your chances of getting a job.

The courses included here also provide practical experience which is imperative for understanding Kubernetes. A few of these courses are targeted at DevOps with some basic knowledge related to Kubernetes, while others are aimed at absolute beginners. As the candidate, you must choose your course according to your level of understanding.