Top 5 Math AI Tools: Learn Maths on Fingertips

If you are struggling with maths glitches then the tension is over now because Math AI tools are now in the market with the most advanced features to upgrade your skill to the next level. Explore the top 05 AI-powered math tools, their features and mechanisms to uplift your maths-pursuing journey.

Top 5 Math AI Tools: Learn Maths on Fingertips
Math AI Tools

People who are interested in maths and want to bring renovations in this field then the Math AI tool can do this marvel for you. Like in every field, AI is going ahead in education. So AI technology has reformed the maths field through maths AI tools. These tools help in understanding maths in a much easier and more enjoyable manner. Therefore both students and professionals can take a bigger advantage of these maths problem-solving AI tools for quick solving and understanding complex questions

Generally, if we consider the usage of AI tools across various fields then the number shift has gone to 250 million in 2023 and it is expected to cross over 700 million to year 2030. Moreover, a U.S.-based survey of 2023 about AI tools usage in education also highlighted that around 65% of students approved that AI can improve the learning of students. So, we can comprehend how people are going crazy about AI tools and their use. Therefore, due to calculation tools now solving maths problems and intense calculations is going to be much easier by picking the best and most amazing maths AI tool. So, in this article, we will explore the top 5 AI maths tools to highlight how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the field of education through its huge assistance while maintaining the human touch. So after understanding AI capabilities the maths professionals would take their calculation skills to the next level. Let's explore.

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Top 5 Maths AI Tools in the Market

1. Photomath

An AI Powered Mobile App to Solve Complex Math Problems

Through the Photomath AI tool, you can also solve complex algebraic problems efficiently.
Through the Photomath AI tool, you can also solve complex algebraic problems efficiently.

The first tool we are going to discuss is Photomath. This is one of the most popular math AI tools that offers a great solution for people who are struggling with maths. This is a mobile application which is fueled by only artificial intelligence. Photomaths enable the students to find innovative and smart solutions to solve complex maths problems. If we talk about the best part about this AI maths tool then through photomath the users can scan their hand-written or printed questions with the help of their cell phone camera. After scanning the photomath AI tool will proceed with a step-by-step solution of the problem in a quick time.

Moreover, the Photomath AI tool covers multiple topics including Algebra, arithmetic, Calculus, and more. It has a simple user interface that anyone can easily use. So this math AI tool not only supports students in understanding and solving maths but also makes them capable of improving their skill through immediate feedback.


  • Users can scan the questions with the help of a phone camera.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Gives step-by-step solutions.
  • Also gives quick feedback to users.


  • Students will most probably lack the power of in-depth learning due to quick answers.


  • Basic plan: It’s Free
  • Premium Plan: $9.99/month and $69/year


4.5 Out of 5

2. Wolfram Alpha

A Powerful Math AI Tool Along with the Capability of Solving Graph Problems

Wolfram Alpha is an amazing AI tool to solve complex math problems with its step-by-step guide.
Wolfram Alpha is an amazing AI tool to solve complex math problems with its step-by-step guide.

Another amazing tool for solving maths problems through AI is Wolfram Alpha. This tool is known as one of the best computational knowledge engine tools which uses powerful AI to answer various questions from science to maths. In math problems, Wolfram Alpha is a wonderful tool that offers a lot of features to assist students in their math problem-solving. One of the best features of Wolfram Alpha is that along with maths questions, it also supports solving complex graph functions by providing a step guide which helps in exploring the underlying ideas.

Moreover, this math AI tool also has a maths concept library in which multiple concepts, equations and formulas are given for more nuanced understandings. So this tool is one of the best solutions for students who want to go deep into maths skills.


  • Not only covers maths but also other subjects such as science.
  • Also helps in solving complex graph problems.
  • A math concept library is present which includes formulas and other important mathematical concepts.


  • Requirement of complex phrasing.
  • Needs a huge amount of data.


  • Basic plan: The Basic Plan is Free
  • Pro Plan: $7.25/month
  • Pro Premium Plan: $12/month


4.5 Out of 5

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3. Mathway

Best Math AI Tool for Algebraic and Trigonometry Problems

By using the Mathway AI tool, you can get a lot of support in your homework because it teaches quickly and easily.
By using the Mathway AI tool, you can get a lot of support in your homework because it teaches quickly and easily.

Another wonderful math AI tool on our list is Mathway developed by Chegg. This is also one of the best virtual maths learning platforms for students who are struggling with algebraic problems, calculus, trigonometry and much more.

Moreover, this AI-powered math tool assists students by providing step-by-step answers which in return help students to get their solutions easily. So with AI-powered features, the Mathyway AI tool is the best option for students who want some additional support in their maths homework. Additionally, the subscription plans of this AI math tool offer both free and paid versions. The free one has limited AI features. Apart from that the paid version offers unlimited AI–powered features so choose the one that fits best according to your requirement.


  • Solves algebraic problems along with trigonometry and calculus.
  • Provides step-by-step answers.
  • Its basic plan is all free.


  • Its free plan has limited features.


  • Basic plan: Free
  • Paid Plan: It starts from $19.95/month


4.5 Out of 5

4. Socratic

A Free Math AI-Powered Tool, Solving Problems from Elementary to Higher Level Maths

A free AI math solving tool which can solve mathematical problems from simple to higher level including video lectures as well.
A free AI math solving tool which can solve mathematical problems from simple to higher level including video lectures as well.

The next math AI tool in our list is Socratic. It's a smartphone app supported by Google. Socratic aims to support students with homework. This app not only helps in maths but also in science history and much more.

However, assisting in maths is its exception because of its detailed explanation of problems. Socratic math AI tool claims to solve problems from elementary to higher level including calculus. All you have to do is upload a picture of your homework on this app and see the result in the form of a detailed explanation. It also provides assistance with video lectures, definitions and other connections to support the authenticity of the solution.


  • Provides a detailed explanation along with generating an answer.
  • It is all free to use.
  • Helps in both elementary and higher level maths.
  • Also, provide video lectures.


  • Provide inaccurate answers sometimes.


Socratic is a free math AI tool.


4 out of 5

5. CameraMath

Best AI-Based All-in-One Maths Mobile App with Multiple Features

Cameraman is one of the best mobile apps for solving maths problems including multiple options like calculator, math bank and two more.
Cameraman is one of the best mobile apps for solving maths problems including multiple options like calculator, math bank and two more.

Our last pick is CameraMath. This is again an AI-powered maths mobile application that helps students to solve problems related to maths. CameraMath App is designed in such a manner that it has all-in-one options like Ask Tutors, Calculator, Math Solver and Math Bank.

If we talk about the working of these options then firstly the feature of “Ask tutor” enables students to ask their questions virtually from expert tutors, due to this the user will get to know the personalised answer or recommendation. Secondly, the “math bank” feature as the name suggests is capable of proving all kinds of math formulas and equations. The next feature which is the “calculator” contains multiple helpful calculators like scientific, geometry and graphing calculators.

Additionally, the Final one which is “math solver” helps in solving difficult maths problems in the easiest way possible. So this math AI tool is a great option for all students who want to upgrade their maths skills up to a dexterous level.


  • A mobile app with all-in-one options.
  • Also contains the option of a calculator which includes a scientific, graphic and geometry calculator.
  • Tutor help is also available for the users of this tool.


  • Using this app requires access to your photos and contacts which might be uncomfortable for users.


  • Basic Plan: its initial use is Free.
  • Premium Plan: it costs $11.99/month or $39.96/month.


3.9 Out of 5

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Math AI Tools Price Comparison

Here is a price comparison of above-mentioned tool to help you make quick decision while purchasing basedon their pricing.

Math AI Tools Price Free Option
Photomath $9.99/month
Wolfram Alpha $7.25/month
Mathway $19.95/month
Socratic Free
CameraMath $11.99/month

Advantages of Using Math AI Tools

We can grab a lot of benefits from using AI-powered math tools which are as follows:

  • Math AI-powered tools are the best option for reducing manual calculation blunders. So we can say that these tools can solve problems with accuracy without the risk of error.
  • These AI tools are so efficient because they are capable of replying more quickly than long manual calculations. So using these could be the best part of saving time and energy.
  • The AI math tools are the best option for students and teachers in terms of saving costs. Because most of the tools are free with valuable features.

Limitations of Math AI Tools

With every benefit, AI tools also came up with multiple risk factors so with math AI-powered tools as well which are as follows:

  • One of the top risk factors while using AI-powered math tools is the possibility of defective results. This could happen because of some inaccurate data or algorithmic bias.
  • Due to some inaccurate data, the math AI solvers can also result in generating false answers to various problems.
  • As the AI-powered math tools heavily depend upon the user's input data, so in case of any sensitive information there could be the possibility of data and privacy risks.

AI Math Tools: Final Thoughts

The integration of Artificial intelligence-based tools into mathematics education is no less than a miracle. Students are now engaging more in mathematical concepts powered by AI. So due to the convenience of AI-based educational tools, students are now being at a lot of ease by solving their learning needs in real time.
Moreover, the instant feedback, visual support and step-by-step answers to various questions help the learners in terms of developing their critical thinking skills related to maths. In short, with math AI tools, the future of mathematical education looks auspicious, certifying that students will be well-furnished for their math field goals.

Frequently Asked Questions about Math AI Tools

Q1: What are AI Math Solvers or Tools?

Math AI tools or solvers are advanced AI software or applications that offer a large amount of accurate answers to multiple math problems, questions and issues. These applications help in solving the normal calculation problem to complex statistical operations.

Q2: What Kind of Calculations these AI-Powered Math Tools can Do?

In terms of calculations, you can use these tools for basic as well as advanced calculations. Some tools have advanced features of solving graph functions and some also offer a variety of formulas and equations. So, the capability of every tool depends upon its AI-advanced design and functioning margin.

Q3: Do we Completely Rely on the Accuracy of results provided by AI math Solvers?

As most of these math AI tools perform their best to deliver correct results. However, the precision of the results depends upon the use of the algorithm and the software’s. So sometime it may produce incorrect results that’s why one should be careful and perform manual calculations while doing important number work.

Q4: Can we Use these AI-Math Tools For Free?

Yes, there are various AI tools related to maths that are free to use but with limited features. However, there are some advanced Maths tools as well that offer amazing features but we can use them only by buying their subscription plan.

Q5: Can we Also Use these AI Math Tools on Our Mobile phones?

Yes of course, as mentioned in our article multiple math solver tools are mobile-friendly and we can use them through mobile applications.

Q6: Do AI Math Solving Tools store previous Calculations as well?

It depends upon the tool that you are using. Because some math tools have the option of bookmarking the calculations for future consultations. However, some tools lack this feature. So always choose the one which suits your requirements.