Chai AI - The Best Character AI Alternative Without NSFW

Chai AI is a chatting platform that lets you converse with popular fictional characters. It enables you to unleash your creativity and build your chatbot. Read the detailed article about Chai AI bots and learn how the NSFW toggle makes it the best alternative to popular chatbot Character AI.

Chai AI - The Best Character AI Alternative Without NSFW
Chai AI

Have you ever been obsessed with a celebrity or a fictional character? Do you imagine having hours-long, exciting conversations with them? If yes, you might want to know about the Chai AI chatbot.

Chatbots are one of the most successful applications of Artificial Intelligence. According to Statista, the chatbot market is predicted to hit 1.25 billion dollars in 2025. It is a notable increase as the market size was $190.8 million in 2016. AI bots have reformed the communication sector in many ways. Chai AI is one such rising chatbot. As the name indicates, Chai (Chat+AI=chai) is an AI-driven chat service. It simulates human conversation and provides a unique chatting experience. The Chai AI platform offers plenty of chatbots for engaging chat. It further allows users to build personalized bots. You can create a chatbot as per your liking and style.

NSFW toggle is one of the outstanding features of Chai AI. It makes the chatbot the best alternative to Character AI and other NSFW chatbots.

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So, if you are searching for an NSFW free chatbot, you've landed right. We covered in this article everything you need to know about Chai AI. Let's explore its features and learn about its working.

What Is Chai AI?

Chai AI is a two-way chatting platform that allows users to converse with chatbots. It leverages AI to create bots that can interact like humans. The AI bot is trained on the dataset of billions of chats and dialogues. Thus, it responds to queries in a natural and human-like tone.

William Beauchamp, a graduate of the University of Cambridge, founded It has been available for use since 2021. But it went viral last year in 2022. The credit for the popularity goes to intelligent marketing efforts and publicity campaigns.

The main purpose of Chai AI was to create a limitless chatbot, unlike ChatGPT. Beauchamp was aware of the ChatGPT limitations and wanted to build a chatbot that is more fun than factual. Therefore, he optimized to be entertaining and versatile. The platform offers chatbots with different personalities and backgrounds. You can select one and interact without the restrictions of specific conditions.

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How to Use Chai.AI App?

It is simple and easy to use. Following are the steps to use the chai AI chatbot.

Download the Chai App

The Chai AI app is a great tool for conversing with an AI chatbot. It is available on the App Store for iPhones and iPads. You can also download and install it for your Android devices.

Set an Account

Once you've installed the app, the next step is account creation. The app provides you with two sign-in options

  • Sign in with Google
  • Sign in with Facebook sign-in options
  • After Signing in, set a user name and a display picture for your avatar.

Choose a Chatbot

The app has a discover bot feature that displays different AI chatbots. Chatting bots have different personalities and natures. Whether you are a bossy tech freak or a sweet introvert, Chai AI has a bot for everyone.

Select your favorite one and start a fun conversation.

Chai Discover chatbot feature
Chai Discover chatbot feature

Create a Bot also allows users to build chatbots.

  • Click on Create a Bot.
  • Name your chatbot as per your liking.
Step 1: Basics
Step 1: Basics
  • Select a category to further group the chatbot. Six categories Chai AI offers are:

1. Roleplay 2. Factual 3. Friendship 4. Romance 5. Horror 6. Humor

  • Select a personality for your chatbot.
Step 2: Traits
Step 2: Traits
  • The chai will generate a response that the chatbot will send at the start of every conversation. You can regenerate the response if you don't like one.
Step 3: Greetings
Step 3: Greetings

Features of Chai AI chatbot

Despite being new, it can compete with the most popular chatbots in the market. Following are the advanced features of the

Easy Accessibility

Chai AI is available on multiple platforms. You can download the app or access it through the website. The mobile app is free to use. You can download it on both Android and iPhone devices.

Customized Suggestions

The chatbot harnesses AI to learn your preferences and style. It then recommends chatbots based on your liking. Thus, the chai chatbot ensures an engaging chat experience for the users.

Easy to Operate

Chai chatbot has a user-friendly interface. You can simply start with a swipe. Even beginners with no AI experience can easily use the app. You can either select a chatbot or create your own. It also has a visible dialogue box where you can input your questions. You can make AI friends and converse with them. In the same way as a human pal, the AI bot would respond to you in a natural tone.

Personalized Chatbot Building

Customized chatbot creation is another notable feature of It allows you to name your avatar and select a specific category. You can further choose a specific personality for your chatbot. In this way, the AI platform allows you to unlock your creativity and create the chatbot of your dreams.

Search Feature

Chai AI also has a Search For Bots feature. If you have a specific chatbot in mind, you can enter its name in the search bar. Chai will find and display the bot for you.

Search for Chai AI bots
Search for Chai AI bots

AI Styling Chatting

Chai leverages advanced AI algorithms to find the perfect chatbot based on your age group.

Does Chai AI Have a Website?

Yes, it does. Apart from the app, you can interact with AI bots via the Chai AI website. The Chai website is free to use. It allows users to input questions and queries. The Chai bots promptly respond in the form of AI-generated text. The Chai AI website further enables you to select the length of the text.

The AI bots on the website are trained in advanced AI and NLP. They can help you

  • Create content
  • Summarize text
  • Translate languages
  • Answer questions

Is Chai AI Free?

Basic Version

Yes, the basic version of Chai AI is free to use. You can send up to 100 messages free of cost. However, this version of Chai AI is ad-supported.

Premium Subscription

The premium version of the chatbot costs $13.99 per month. This version provides a smooth chatting experience without ad interruption. Furthermore, there is no limit to number of messages you can send.

Annual Subscription

The annual plan provides a discount compared to the monthly subscription. Annual subscription costs you $134.99/year.

Can Chai AI See Your Chat?

In the same way as other chatbots, Chai AI can read your conversation. If you provide private information in the chat, the developers see it. So, it's better not to reveal exclusive details and keep the information casual.

Is Chai AI Safe?

Although Chai AI can read your messages, it is safe to use. The creators have built the app focusing on user privacy and security. The app's privacy policy clearly states how the user data is collected and used.

The app does collect the personal information disclosed by the user. It can be

  • Address, name, location, etc.
  • Social media login information
  • Data of the device you use to access the app

The AI platform uses this data to

  • Facilitates the account setting and app login
  • Handle user accounts
  • Send information to users about new products and services
  • Prevent fraud and scams
  • Provide support services and respond to user queries.

Under usual circumstances, your information is not shared with a third party. The team will take your consent before sourcing your data outside the platform.

No matter how safe the app is, you should always be cautious. Try not to reveal personal and sensitive information during the conversation.

How to Turn On Dark Mode on Chai AI?

Some people enjoy using apps in dark mode as compared to light. Following are the steps to enable dark mode on the chai chatbot

  • Click on the gear icon at the right corner on the top.
  • Now Click the Settings
  • You will see an Enable Dark Mode. Turn that on.
Dark mode feature
  • Dark mode will be enabled.

Is Chai AI an NSFW Free Alternative to Character AI?

Out of all the available chatbots, Chai is considered the most suitable alternative to Character AI. Unlike Character AI, Chai AI provides a filtered chatting environment. The Chai platform comes with an NSFW (Not Safe for Work) toggle button.

So, you get to decide if you want to access NSFW content. If you are OK with sexual or explicit content, enable the NSFW mode. However, if you find NSFW content offensive, turn off the NSFW feature. After that, the app will prevent you from engaging with NSFW content. This feature is an excellent advancement to ensure age-appropriate interactions.

However, some users have complained that disabling the NSFW toggle does not remove offensive content entirely. Bots can still be inappropriate for some users.

NSFW toggle
NSFW toggle

Tips For Safely Using Chai AI

  • If you are getting uncomfortable with a chat, end it immediately.
  • Report and block the offensive AI chatbots

Apart from plenty of benefits, Chai AI has a dark side too. It has been under scandal for promoting suicide. As a result of this, Apple and Google have removed the Chai AI app. It is not available on their store for download now.

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In conclusion, is a great platform to interact with your desired fictional bots. It allows users to create AI pals with varying natures, professions, and styles. Whether you want to get academic advice or a good laugh, Chai bots can do it all.

Chai AI has a continuous learning mechanism. It learns, adapts, and evolves. But it is still prone to making mistakes. Always fact-check every piece of information you get from the bot. Furthermore, follow all the safety protocols to protect yourself from scams and harm.