What is ChatGPT and Why Does it Matter?

AI conversational model ChatGPT has gained a lot of hype and popularity over the past couple of years. Its operational mechanism is damn sophisticated that everyone is heading toward it to know more about its emerging features. So if you want to get more out of generative AI, this guide is for you.

What is ChatGPT and Why Does it Matter?
What is ChatGPT and Why Does it Matter?

Well, ChatGPT is the talk of the town nowadays. Everyone next door is feeling attracted towards this smart Chatbot and its insolent use. Why everyone is heading towards this generative AI bot? Because it talks to you. Yes, it does- in a human-like fashion. Now you guys would be striving to look at how it creates a conversation. Don’t worry we will drive you through all these temptations. But before that, have a short look at its basic intro to make a flow of this cool talk. So, ChatGPT is a smart conversational software owned by OpenAI. It was launched in November 2022. Currently, ChatGPT is working on Gpt-3.5 architecture. This advanced architecture is trained on over 175 billion parameters of data. The ability to create personalized responses and immediate content creation make this AI bot the must-have for everyone.

Generative AI programs become so popular among users that their statistics game goes around one million users within less than five days. This number of turn-around results is a new record in the tech epoch ever. So ChatGPT has now become the fast-growing app in history as per the estimation of the Swiss bank UBS. Apart from that, regarding its awareness around 40% of people mainly adults in the U.S. are aware of generative AI programs. This article is going to address all the powerful questions about AI chatbots. By the end, you will have a comprehensive understanding of why it matters. So if you are new to generative AI then hold on here. We will walk you through all your queries about this Chatbot.

Tweet by Sam Altman (OpenAI chief) about the sky-rocket increment of ChatGPT users

Understanding the Beginning

1. What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI software/tool that uses natural language processing to create conversations in a human writing style. The acronym GPT stands for generative pre-trained transformer. The term pre-trained means that it retains the data up to 2021. So, GPT refers to the working of this model from processing requests to generating responses. It can answer almost all types of questions. This Conversational-AI bot can also help in managing various tasks. For example, writing code, crafting emails and essay generation.

This software is helpful for all people to find the right answer in a quick time. Currently, its GPT-3.5 architecture is available to all users for free. The paid version which is called GPT Plus is also now available which subscription charges $20/month.

2. Who Owned ChatGPT? - A Smart Generative AI Bot?

Sam Altman chef-owner of OpenAI Company holds the throne of creating ChatGPT chatbot. OpenAI is an AI-based company established in San Francisco. He launched this AI bot in November 2022. Sam Altman along with the collaboration of renowned entrepreneur Elon Musk found it back in 2015. Microsoft is the supreme investor of this company with a giant amount of $1 billion dollars.

Additionally, OpenAI is also popular across the globe for the launch of DALL-E. Which is a versatile AI art generator tool. Apart from that, OpenAI is also the maker of Wisper. It is an automated system of speech recognition.

Working Mechanisms of ChatGPT

3. On What Protocols ChatGPT is trained?

The generative AI bot, ChatGPT uses reinforcement learning through human feedback (RLHF). Through RLHF, various prompts are analyzed. Those prompts help in the demonstration of model behaviors. The outputs that are generated are then used to fine-tune the model. In short, these models help to make ChatGPT capable of admitting mistakes and answering various questions. So, this type of training makes this AI bot unique from all other chatbots.

4. How Does ChatGPT Work?

The working of ChatGPT starts through a Generative pre-trained transformer. This transformer utilizes specific algorithms for finding patterns. Generative AI bot uses GPT-3 language model supported by a neural network. This transformer helps in pulling the major amount of data for the formulation of the response.

ChatGPT produces human-like responses through a transformer neural network by using deep learning techniques. These neural networks predict the texts and then generate a response in sequential order.

Additionally, the training of this conversational AI bot starts from the generic to the most tailored data. Where human trainers rank the responses based on the quality of conversations. For regular training of the chatbot, users can utilize the thumbs up and thumb down buttons for the voting of answers. This will help ChatGPT to admit its mistakes and improve over time. Apart from that, users can also write feedback for more fine-tuning of the model for future dialogues.

Access towards Generative AI

5. How can we access ChatGPT?

We can simply access ChatGPT from its website that is chat.openai.com. Visit this website and create an account. After creating an account, you can ask dozens of questions from this smart AI bot. There's no limit to questions because currently, it's free due to its ongoing research phase. Also, now the mobile app is available on iPhone to enjoy its features as like desktop.

6. How costly Generative AI is?

Currently, ChatGPT is free for anything you want to ask. You can use it for writing, coding and many more. As free version sometimes causes some issues like at capacity. But, its paid subscription is also available which costs you $20/month. The paid version allows you to enjoy its all features. Those features include; the use of plugins to access the internet, quick responses and access to generative AI even model is at capacity.

In short, the free version is very good to go. It contains all options except the access of Gpt-4 and plugins for internet access.

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Use of ChatGPT

7. What Kind of Questions Can We Ask from ChatGPT?

We can ask every kind of question from ChatGPT. It can answer more simple to complex questions. As we know that it is limited to the data of 2021 so it can answer up to the respective training year information. Moreover, ChatGPT is a versatile model with STEM disciplines. It can even debug a code for you. Additionally, it can write essays, and create AI art prompts in detail. In short, it's a conversational AI bot so you can create any dialogue.

8. For What Purposes ChatGPT can be used?

As we know generative AI is far more than answering simple questions. So it can be used for:

  • Drafting emails
  • Summarization of articles or podcasts
  • Composition of music
  • Keyword discovery for SEO
  • Creation of articles, and blog posts for websites
  • Writing medical reports
  • Preparation of exams
  • Generation of essays
  • Writing cover letter
  • Paraphrasing existing content
  • Writing codes
  • Creation of article titles
  • Image generation

These were a few purposes for which it can be used. As it is also capable of remembering previous chats/ questions to make the conversation smoother.

9. How ChatGPT can be used in the Education and Healthcare sectors?

Like every other industry education and healthcare sectors are also getting benefits from ChatGPT. In education, it can be used by teachers and students alike. Teachers can use it for planning lessons, generating quizzes and preparation of lectures. On the other hand, students can utilize this chatbot for writing assignments and exam preparations. If you want to learn more about its use in education and healthcare then these articles will guide you in detail.

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10. Can we do a Friendly Conversation/Chat with ChatGPT?

Yes, as most people are using generative AI for extravagant purposes. The complex functions include malware or code generation. But, you can use it for friendly chat or dialogue. For example, if you are feeling lazy and want to cheer up then you can command ChatGPT like;

“Suggest me quick games or activities to make myself energetic for work”.

Another example is that if you are hungry then you can ask for some quick recipe for beating hunger. The prompt would be like this:

“Suggest me a quick 5 minutes recipe to beat my hunger”

So whatever you ask, for sure, ChatGPT will have some awesome answers for you.

11. What are the Limitations of ChatGPT?

As generative AI is capable of so many things but it has certain limitations. A few of them are as follows:

  • ChatGPT can indeed generate content in a humanoid style but it lacks common sense. It is not capable of understanding background knowledge of the information. Doing so often results in generating nonsensical and unauthentic responses to certain questions.
  • Generative AI is not capable of possessing emotional intelligence. It is unable to detect or respond to intricate emotional states.
  • ChatGPT lacks the power to understand or respond to sarcasm or humor. For example, if we add some humor or satire in our prompt then it would not be able to grasp that one. It will result in inappropriate or irrelevant output.
  • Although conversational AI bot consists of a large amount of data. But still, it lacks all information that a human has. As it is trained up to 2021 data so, it might have zero knowledge about recent innovations.
  • ChatGPT also lacks the power of creativity. It does not produce creative responses like humans.
  • It lacks internet access.
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12. What Ethical Concerns Are Attached to Generative AI?

ChatGPT is a versatile chatbot but there are some ethical concerns attached to it. Here are a few of them:

  • Generative AI is prone to create biases. This model has pre-trained data. So, if the model is trained on such data which is biased then it might reflect in the output as well. ChatGPT is also unable to detect offensive or discriminatory language. So there should be a review session for avoiding biases.
  • In the education sector, ChatGPT can be used for unethical purposes. The most significant issue regarding this chatbot is cheating. Most educationists show concerns about generative AI. They are worried about students using ChatGPT to cheat in exams. Moreover, it can also cause plagiarism in assignments. As CNET once revealed news about errors in ChatGPT-generated articles. To cope with these issues, a text classifier is designed by OpenAI which differentiates between human and AI-written text. Moreover, OpenAI is also planning to watermark the long-form AI written content.
  • Some other ethical concerns related to conversational AI are the replacement of jobs and some privacy issues.

13. Does AI Generated Content Can be detected?

OpenAI launched a Classifier tool for AI-written content detection

OpenAI recently launched a “classifier” tool to target the problem of AI-generated content. This tool is capable of identifying 26% of AI-written content. It labels the AI-written content with the phrase “likely AI written”. On the other hand around 9% of the time it provides false positives. This means that it incorrectly identifies human-written content as AI-generated one. Furthermore, other AI content detectors are available in the market for detecting AI content.

14. How ChatGPT Differs from Traditional Search Engines?

ChatGPT responds conversationally. It can generate exact answers without deviating from the path. As we know that generative AI is trained on limited data up to 2021. So if you ask something latest from this chatbot then it will disappoint you in this regard. Why so, because the free version didn't have internet access.

On the other hand search engines like Google can answer your latest query as it has access to the up-to-date info. For example, if you ask for a free version of generative AI about the latest champion of the football world cup of 2023, then it would not give you the response but Google will for sure.

Furthermore, if you have access to GPT Plus then you can enjoy the latest information as well. Because GPT-plus has integrated Bing into their model. This integration allows internet access to this chatbot.

15. Is ChatGPT Good or Evil? What do Experts say?

The advanced conversational AI chatbot is progressing at a faster rate. It has made the lives of people much easier. This chatbot also saves time of people through its quick answering style. But, like every technology, we have to figure out the technical concerns attached to it. By negotiating these issues we can prevent negative outcomes such as misinformation.

These AI models require a lot of tuning to perform idea functions. So, with that onwards "Elon Musk” tweeted that this is going to be a dangerously strong AI. Responding to his comment Sam Altman tweeted:

He strongly agrees with his statement about its closeness to dangerously strong AI and also pointed towards the cyber security risks and its extreme seriousness too.
Tweet by experts about strong generative AI

Apart from that Sam Altman also said that “he noticed a lot of debates about generative AI. He added:

This talk is going to be the most important debate society ever has.

GPT-4 is more refined version of LLM by OpenAI. It is a multimodal model. GPT-4 accepts not only text but image input as well. This version can be utilized for uploading worksheets, charts and graphs for analysis. Furthermore, Microsoft addresses that its Chatbot Bing is running on this model, which is free and open to use for everyone.

The most important aspect of this version is that it can reduce the hallucinations that this chatbot produces. Currently, it is only open for text input. Users can access these functions by availing their subscription of $20/month.

17. What are ChatGPT Plugins?

ChatGPT plugins are the additional feature in this chatbot to extend its capabilities. These plugins help generative AI to work more efficiently. You can only install plugins with GPT-4 model. It gives this chatbot access to the internet. There are 70 plus ChatGPT plugins such as OpenTable, Expedia, kayak, Zillo and more. All plugins are not owned by OpenAI. They help in generating fast and accurate responses. You can install only three plugins at one time.

For getting access to the latest info from the internet, ChatGPT plugins are now on the market

Note that the use of plugins is not the game change but the most disturbing one sometimes. Research reveals that around 80% of U.S. workforce jobs are impacted by LLMs like ChatGPT. On the other hand, 19% of workers claimed that 50% of their tasks are crushed with generative AI. But apart from all these concerns, complete access towards this chatbot can do anything even can book a whole tour for you. So, OpenAI is going to connect generative AI’s route with the internet for solving the problems of hallucinations.

Connection of Bing and Google Bard with generative AI

18. What is the Connection of Bing Chat with ChatGPT?

Microsoft announced a new version of Bing in February, featuring its integration with ChatGPT as a new announcement. They claimed that Bing Chat is powered by a strong and advanced language model.

Furthermore, Microsoft reveals that it is working on GPT-4 model which is the most powerful model. The basic idea behind this integration was to bring internet access to ChatGPT by incorporating Bing as a default search engine. Secondly, also to make it capable of providing citations. If we compare both then Bing chat is solving two major issues that we are currently facing with generative AI.

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19. What is Google Bard? How it relates with ChatGPT?

Google Bard: an AI Chatbot powered by Google

Google Bard is a competitor model against ChatGPT. It was launched in March 2023. Google announced its experimental chat services on the 6th of February. If we talk about the training of this AI chatbot then it uses the LaMDA google version. The acronym LaMDA stands for Language Model for Dialogue Applications.

The biggest capability of Bard chatbot is its access towards the internet which free ChatGPT lacks. If we compare both models then still ChatGPT is holding the authority in many cases. For example, Bard is not capable of answering correct coding questions but generative AI does. Bard is also not capable of solving math questions.

Furthermore, Google CEO Sunder Pichai while giving an interview to New York Times said that "introducing Bard is like we have jumped into the race of powerful cars". He uses the term Souped-up Civic for explaining this phrase. So, at present ChatGPT is still a more powerful AI conversational model than Bard.

New in Generative AI

20. ChatGPT Introduced a New Feature of “Shared Links”, what does it mean?

Shared link is the new feature in the generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT. It is used to generate the URL of your chat. As the word shared suggests that you can share this link with your friends or collaborators. This beta feature allows users to offer a unique way of sharing thoughts/conversations with other persons. With the help of these links, users can exchange desired content with one another. This feature is the replacement for the tiresome method of taking screenshots. Currently, this feature is available on the website of ChatGPT, but the IOS app does not support this feature yet.

Shared links can be used for the following purposes:

  • Users can utilize shared links for the creation of reference points that can help for future discussions. In future, if you want to share previous information with someone then this feature could help you to refer back to the prior message.
  • If you want to show specific content to your collaborator or a client or they want to see some specific content then the user can use the shared link to segment/share content with them.

You can visit the OpenAI website for more nuanced facts about shared links.

Final Thoughts

As we discussed in detail about generative AI technicalities. Now we are far more aware of this chatbot and its significance. No doubt it's a great AI model which can put our lives at ease by managing so many tedious tasks. Its quick responsive style set this model apart from all other chatbots. Now it's going to become more and more advance over time.

Therefore, with proper dealings with its ethical and privacy concerns, we can utilize this conversational AI technology for taking bigger steps with strength and authenticity. Sooner or later ChatGPT is going to make extraordinary advancements in the era of technology. By following ethical and privacy norms about the right use of ChatGPT, everyone will head towards this smart bot to solve their issues with a lot of hope and confidence to meet the expectations.