5 Free AI Art Generators to Get You Started

This article provides a collection of free AI art generator tools. These tools use artificial intelligence to help create beautiful artwork and getting very popular among young artists. They can have fun and experiment with different artistic styles and techniques.

5 Free AI Art Generators to Get You Started

In this article, we will explore a collection of free AI art generator tools. Art is not just made by people anymore. Now, we have computer programs that can create art by themselves. These special art tools are called 'AI Art Generators'. These tools use artificial intelligence to help create beautiful artwork and getting very popular among young artists. It's like having a robot friend who loves to draw! They can have fun and experiment with different artistic styles and techniques.

AI art generator tool market research showed that generative AI was sized USD 10.6 billion in 2022. GlobeNewswire predicted that growth will quicken at a CAGR of 31.4%, bringing in an additional USD 151.9 billion by 2032. Generative AI employs mathematical models to learn from massive data volumes. It produces new content similar to the original data but not a replica. These models include neural networks and deep learning algorithms. In the future years, there will be a significant increase in demand for tailored content and more immersive virtual experiences. It will propel the market for generative AI to expand quickly.

Top 5 Free AI Art Generators to Blow Your Mind

We all are aware of AI art generator apps, but do you know there are also free AI art generator tools available in the market? We have shortlisted few of these attention-grabbing tools Let’s discover the top five free AI art generators that will change the way you create art.

Free AI Art Generator
Image source: NightCafe

NightCafe is the best illustration of these text-to-image applications that will amaze you. This tool uses AI to transform any basic English statement into an artwork. You will first log in to use it, which is entirely free.

You may select from various aesthetic styles, including cubism, oil painting, matte, surrealism, and steampunk. Additionally, you can choose algorithms and models, including the well-liked DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion, among others.

Are you looking to use NightCafe AI art generator free?

  • Go to Number of images and then select 1 image.
  • Select Thumbnail in More Settings under Output Resolution.
  • Anything under Aspect Ratio.
  • Runtime as Short.

Midjourney is one of the most popular paid text-to-art generator apps, and NightCafe is its free alternative.

The Best AI Art Generator of 2023
AI art generator tools are becoming increasingly popular among users. Best AI art generator tools have revolutionized the creative process, thanks to the text-to-image generation capabilities. With just a few clicks, these tools empower art enthusiasts to effortlessly create mesmerizing artwork.

2. DALL-E 2: Stunning AI Painting Generator

AI Painting Generator
Image source: DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 receives text prompts to generate high-quality images. It uses CLIP (Contrastive Language-Image Pre-Training) technology to offer inpainting and outpainting features. The users can remove elements or add specific details to generate their desired images. Moreover, they can instruct DALL-E 2 with specific details and ideas to outperform in art creation.

The outpainting feature allows users to create images beyond their original boundaries by filling in the missing information. In contrast, inpainting makes it an excellent image generator as it removes unwanted content from the pictures.

It is one of the best AI art generators due to its capability to enhance human creativity. Beginners may find it challenging to learn about this free AI art generator. Luckily, its extensive guides are available in video tutorials and documentation. This huge instructive material helps users to get started. DALL-E 2 offers FREE credits; once the limit is crossed, users must pay to keep using it.

3. Pixray: The Best Free AI Image Generator for Geeks

Best Free AI Image Generator
Image source: Pixray

You can run Pixray for free on the computer, browser, or even with an API. Its simple interface makes it attractive for geeks. Extensive documentation and guides with custom codes help users spend hours on Pixray without boredom.

Add your prompt to its simple interface, similar to any other app. Go to Drawer to select different AI rendering engines. You will get

  • Pixel art from Pixel.
  • GAN images from VQGAN.
  • Stroke images from line-sketch and Clipdraw.

Go to Settings for even exciting images. In primary settings, you can change AI settings differently. For instance, you can add styles or artists, iterations, explain quality, change your artwork, add filters, and change images or video settings. You need to read it well before using it. Also, the good point is that you don't need coding knowledge.

4. Jasper Art: Free AI Image Generator

Free AI Image Generator
Image source: Jasper Art

Using the latest AI painter updates, Jasper Art turns your imagination into reality for free. It produces adorable digital art by giving users multiple art style options to choose the best.

Pro Tip: As an AI art generator, it depends on your prompt. It means the response of Jasper Art depends on how you explain your desired output to it. So, send smart prompts to get a sensible response.

Jasper Art’ AI writing assistant also helps write blog posts, summaries, and social media posts in no time. The same applies to its free AI art generator tool. Join it now by registering on the platform and start generating stunning art.

AI Art Generator– A Tool to Enhance Human Creativity
An AI art generator elevates human creativity by driving their creative boundaries and rendering prompt concepts to create a stunning AI-generated image, illustration, painting etc. Just describe your thoughts in text or image prompts and watch an AI image generator bring them to life.

5. Starry AI

Best AI Art Generator
Image source: Starry AI

Starry AI art generator works similarly to other AI art generators. Its unique feature involves granular control, allowing you to get highly personalized outputs. Create an account on Starry AI to start using it.

There are two types of AI image generation; Art or Photo. To generate Art:

  • Give it an excellent Input
  • Select Style
  • Select Canvas Size
  • Choose Runtime
  • You can also upload your start image to give it a starting base.

Use a similar process to generate a Photo. However, you cannot choose styles here.

After selecting the above options, click on Generate. Now wait for its magical response. Each generated image requires 5 free credits.

Pro Tip: You don't need to buy credits every time, as Starry AI gives you free credits weekly or monthly. You can also watch ads or share your generated images on social media platforms to earn credits.

Is AI a Threat to Human Artists?

The advent of AI-generated art can disrupt the conventional art market. As AI-generated art spreads, it can result in a drop in the market for conventional art, costing artists their livelihood. Furthermore, the lower price of AI-generated art can cause conventional art's perceived worth to fall. Hence, it will further impact artists' livelihoods.

Finding ways to integrate AI into the creative process without replacing human artists is crucial. Using AI as a supplement to human creativity rather than as a substitute for it is one method to achieve this. People should know the worth of traditional art and the significance of artist support through education and public awareness initiatives.

Top 10 AI Art Generator Tools
By producing lifelike graphics, AI art generator Text-to-Art tools are becoming increasingly popular. You only need to type a few keywords to have an AI art generator tool create something that expresses your ideas. We covered the top 10 AI art generator tools in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions About Free AI Art Generators

1. What is the best free AI art generator?

One of the most well-liked photo-editing and design apps for the web and mobile is DALL-E 2. With its own free AI art generator, it has entered the AI realm like NightCafe, Pixray, and Jasper Art.

2. Is Jasper's art free?

In addition to your Jasper AI membership, it costs $20 per user each month. Furthermore, it makes no difference how many photos you produce. The user can create AI (limitless) photos with just one membership.

3. Is NightCafe free?

Yes, you can access NightCafe AI for free. The majority of projects need credits. However, you receive free credits daily and may increase your earnings by participating in the community.

4. Is Midjourney free?

Midjourney is only free for a few limited promotional times. In July 2022, when the service first went live, anyone could make 25 photos for free. You will create a free Discord account and log in to the Midjourney server to use its services.

5. Is DALL-E 2 accessible to everyone?

DALL-E 2 formally terminated its waiting list and made its platform accessible to everyone in September 2022. Users receive 15 free credits each month beyond the first 50 free credits. They can convert searches into unique artwork. You can also purchase extra credits on the website.

Best AI Art Generator Apps That You Should Try
Best AI art generator apps are talk of the town these days especially among mobile app enthusiasts. The best AI art generating apps turns your ideas into stunning artwork, bringing your imagination to life. If you want to create intriguing masterpieces of AI-generated art, this article is for you.

6. Are there any free AI art generators?

Several free AI art generator tools are available to help you create stunning digital art pieces. Here are a few of them:

7. Is NightCafe unlimited?

You can make infinite free basic Stable Diffusion designs with the NightCafe free AI art generator. Thumb resolution, a brief duration, and a single picture comprise a base generation.

8. Is Starry AI royalty-free?

The creator can use Starry AI creations for free. They hold the intellectual property rights to their works, both for-profit and nonprofit objectives. The Starry AI team has mentioned it in their license.

9. Does AI art pay artists?

According to Ascendant's website, a quarter of net sales proceeds go to the creators whose work was used to train the AI. Ascendant's proprietary software records the proportion of their work in training AI. Then it uses this information to disperse the revenues subsequently.

10. What is generative AI art?

The researchers train AI models on pre-existing art data to produce stunning and unique digital art. This phenomenon is generative AI art. Millions of photographs from the internet help to train the model. When a person asks an AI art generator via text, the model creates new artwork using the knowledge it has from the image styles fed into it.

11. Is it illegal to use AI art?

According to US law, intellectual property can only be protected by copyright if created by a person. The USCO currently only recognizes human-generated art. As a result, machines and generative AI algorithms cannot act as creators, and their results are not protected by copyright.

12. Can I sell digital artwork created with AI?

Yes, selling AI-created artwork is often fine. Selling AI artwork on websites like Etsy, Redbubble, and Fiverr is a common way for freelancers and artists to earn money.

Wrapping Note

AI image generators are becoming more widely used and these tools will decide how humans will generate art in the future. The greatest free AI art generator for art, design, and branding will soon be a part of our daily life. This article discusses the top five free AI art generators to test and provides a basic overview of AI art and its workings. I hope this post on AI generated art is useful to you. Have you used any of these in the past? Or which tool do you find the best for your need? Are you ready to use these free AI tools in your routine work to generate high-quality images? Or do you know any other tool we've missed in our guide? Let's comment and let us know how you feel in this AI-enhanced world!