Top 5 AI Homework Helper Tools

Artificial intelligence is all set to take your academic blues away. AI homework helper assists you with assignments, offers personalized support, boosts learning, and saves time. This article explores the best AI homework-helping tools that will take your school stress away in a snap like a genie.

Top 5 AI Homework Helper Tools

Are you struggling with completing homework? Do you feel drowned in the piles of unfinished assignments? Or like you have no time for your personal life? If yes, then AI homework helper tools might be the perfect solution.

Like many other sectors, Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the education system. According to research, the AI education market will reach $20 billion by 2027. Another research revealed that students who study 3 or more hours a night most likely use AI.

AI homework helper tools are a literal lifesaver when it comes to academic tasks. Not only do AI tools like ChatGPT help students with homework, but they also enhance the understanding of the topic. The digital homework assistant can help you write, code, and solve problems. So, they save time and make homework less stressful for you.

In this article, we have discussed the top 5 AI homework helper tools for students. Read if you want an efficient helping hand for assistance.

Turn that roller-coaster-like academic life into a smooth sail.

What Is an AI Homework Helper Tool?

Before diving into the list, let's first discuss the definition of AI homework helper tools.

These are software/applications that use advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms and machine learning techniques to operate. It is designed to help students with homework and understanding complex topics across various subjects.

AI homework assistants are available in different forms, like

  • Mobile Apps
  • Chatbots
  • Websites, etc.

The AI tools adapt to your needs and learning style and provide personalized support with homework tasks. They can help students by

  • Solving maths problems
  • Simplifying complex scientific phenomena
  • Providing step-by-step guides or solutions
  • Providing links to valuable resources (books, articles, videos, etc.)
  • Writing essays and much more.
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Top 5 AI Homework Helper Tools Out There

There are plenty of AI homework helper tools for students in the market. But the following are the best five among them.

1. Socratic

Best for Detailed Explanations and Solutions

Picture this.

You are staring at a complex equation in a textbook, unable to solve it. The deadline is imminent, and your brain has reached a dead end.

You know the stress, right?

Well, Let me introduce you to a superhero - Socratic AI

It is not your average assignment assistant. Socratic is an AI homework helper tool built to save you from the shame of undone assignments.

The Socratic AI homework assistant is powered by Google AI. It further uses text and speech recognition to understand the query. So, you can either type in or talk the query. You can also upload the image. Socratic AI will analyze your question and generate a detailed solution.

Features of Socratic AI Homework Helper

Comprehensive Explanations

It provides detailed explanations so students can understand the underlying concept and principle behind the solution.

Diverse Range of Subjects

The tool covers a variety of subjects like maths, science, literature, etc. According to the developers, the app has already answered over 350,000 questions from 21 topics.

Provision of Visual Aid

Socratic AI also responds with visual explanations to improve understanding of the topic. It provides videos, diagrams, charts, etc., for enhanced comprehension.

How to Use The Socratic AI Homework Buddy?

The AI homework helper for students is easy to use. Below are the steps to use it.

Download the App

The Socratic mobile app is available for download on Android and iOS both. Visit the Google Play or App Store to install the AI tool.


Once downloaded, click on the app to open it. Sign in using your Google account.

Ask question

Before asking questions, identify the method to approach the Socratic AI homework helper. As mentioned above, there are three ways of entering queries

  • Upload the picture of the queries that are too complex to speak or type.
Socratic Scan Question Feature
Socratic Scan Question Feature
  • Click on the microphone and voice the query.
Socratic Voice Question Feature
Socratic Voice Question Feature
  • Type in the question.
Socratic Type Question Feature

Use the Explorer Feature

Besides asking questions, you can browse the subjects to gain more information.

  • Scroll down to explore topics like Biology, History, Fiction, etc.
  • Then, click the subject of your choice, and a list of subtopics will appear.
  • Tap any subtopic and study the Explainers to get in-depth knowledge about it.
Socratic Explorer Feature
Socratic Explorer Feature


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Time-saving.
  • The detailed step-by-step solution to complex problems.
  • Deeper understanding for better learning.
  • It covers 21 different subjects.
  • New questions and answers are constantly being added to its database.


  • It can lead to cheating.
  • Answers for languages and humanities-related subjects can be vague sometimes.
  • Previously asked questions are not stored in the app.


Free to use.

2. Grammarly

AI Writing Assistant for Students

Imagine it is late at night, and you have an essay due tomorrow. Your brain has hit a creative block, and you keep staring at the blank page. The jumbled words are dancing in your head, but you cannot assemble them on paper.

I know it is the worst feeling ever.

But thanks to Grammarly.

Its AI tools can help the students write the best essays of their lives.

Grammarly's AI essay helper can be an essential learning tool for students. It is an AI writing assistant that helps you complete assignments on time.

Grammarly aids you with correcting the spelling, punctuation, and grammar of the content.
It also provides personalized feedback to improve the essay/article.
You can further observe the readability, clarity, and engagement of content.
Moreover, it allows you to set a voice or tone for your essay.

Ways To Use Grammarly AI

The generative AI feature of the homework helper for students can help you with the following.


Students can use the AI homework helper to think of topics to write on.

Grammarly AI Brainstormed Article Ideas on AI in Entertainment


It can summarize lengthy articles in a few moments only.

AI in Grammarly Summarized a Length Article


The AI homework buddy can also proofread the text for typos like grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, missing punctuation, etc.

AI in Grammarly Proofread a written document


Accurate citations are an unavoidable part of academic writing. However, formatting citations is time-consuming. Grammarly homework helper automates the citation process for the students.

AI in Grammarly Cited a Written Document

Generating Outline

You can use Grammarly AI to create an outline for the essay you got as homework.

Grammarly AI generated an essay outline

AI Recommendations

Grammarly AI can also provide suggestions to the students. For example, we asked it about the best articles on Gemini AI. It responded with the following list.

Grammarly Suggested Best Articles on Gemini AI


  • Time-saving.
  • Enhanced writing style.
  • Error-free essay/article.
  • Real-time feedback to improve the content.


  • May not identify colloquial language.
  • AI proofreading cannot replace human checking.
  • AI suggestions might be inaccurate.


The free plan costs you $0. But you only get 100 AI prompts a month.
So, to get more prompts, subscribe to either

  • Premium: 1000 AI prompts/month for $12
  • Business: 2000 AI prompts/month for $15

3. PhotoMath

AI-Driven Maths Tutoring App

Mathematics is not every student's cup of tea. Yawns and boredom stirred by geometry, algebra, and calculus make it less likable to most.

But PhotoMath is here for students to make maths homework easy and interactive.

It is the most used Maths app that has gathered over 220 million downloads during the pandemic. It also secured $23 million in Series B funding led by Menlo Ventures.

The AI maths helpertool was created in 2014 by a tech company, PhotoPay (now Microblink). The founder of the magic app is Damir Sabol, a father who wanted to help his son with maths homework.

How to Use PhotoMath?

Following are the few steps to solve the tricky maths problems.

Download the App

PhotoMath is available on both Google Play and App Store for installation. Open the app after downloading. Fill in the required information. Now you are all set to get the Maths homework done.

Input the Problem

  • Use the camera mode to take a picture of the problem written on a sheet or book. Scan the question and get a detailed solution in an instant.
PhotoMath Scanned a Scanned and Solved an Algebra Question
  • You can also use PhotoMath's built-in calculator. Here, you can type the question instead of taking a photo.
PhotoMath Built-in Calculator

Solve Using PhotoMath

The AI homework helper uses advanced AI and image processing technology to analyze the problem. Then, it will solve the problem by breaking it down into small, simple steps. The app also provides a detailed explanation about each step for your clarity.

Features of PhotoMath AI Homework Helper

Diverse Topics

The AI Homework partner covers a variety of topics for maths topics. So, it can be your study buddy from second grade to high school.

Multiple Solutions

The AI homework helper provides multiple ways of solving an equation.

Animated Tutorials

Besides showing written solutions, the app provides audio-visual tutorials for better learning.

Solve Using PhotoMath

The AI homework helper uses advanced AI and image processing technology to analyze the problem. Then, it will solve the problem by breaking it down into small, simple steps. The app also provides a detailed explanation about each step for your clarity.

PhotoMath Animated Tutorials Feature


The homework app has a feature that lets you access previously solved problems.

PhotoMath History Shows Previously Asked Questions

Math Dictionary

Instead of providing mere solutions, PhotoMath aims to enhance student's understanding of the concept. Therefore, it explains the definitions of the highlighted terms in the solution.


  • Time-saving.
  • Enhanced Maths proficiency.
  • Step-by-step solutions.
  • No Internet is required.
  • Supports 30 different languages.
  • Efficient Scientific calculator.
  • Interactive graphs.
  • Textbook solutions.


  • It may lead to cheating.
  • Over-reliance on the AI.


The basic version is free of cost. However, access to advanced features costs 9.9 USD a month.

PhotoMath Price
PhotoMath Price

4. OddityAI

ChatGPT-Powered AI Homework Helper

OddityAI is another great AI homework helper for students. It is like a brainy study partnerthat sits in your pocket.

Instead of just giving answers, it also explains the in-depth principle behind the problem. So, besides helping with homework, it betters your understanding of the schoolwork.

OddityAI displays numerous ChatGPT-4 enabled bots, each for a separate subject. The homework bots work as your AI tutor to support you with assignments and learning.

You can either

  • Upload a picture of the problem from the textbook, notes, etc.
  • Or type in your assignment question in the box.

The AI homework helper will analyze and provide detailed answers with explanations.

Features of OddityAI

Diverse Subject Range

The AI homework helper covers a variety of subjects. Examples are maths, chemistry, physics, English, business, etc. Each AI bot is assigned to deal with the subject-specific question.

Oddity AI Homework Answer Bots

24/7 AI Tutor

Besides AI homework bots, you can access the AI tutor bots. OddityAI tutors are not designed to provide answers like homework answer bots. Instead, they are meant to explain the topics to enhance learning and understanding.

Oddity AI Tutor

Essay Writer

The AI homework helper for students also features an AI essay writer. It generates a personalized and unique essay with every use. The AI writer provides an outline after you fill in the required information. You should then edit and humanize it to avoid cheating.

Unlike a question, an AI essay consumes two credits.

Oddity AI Essay Writer

AI Flash Cards

The flash card feature of the AI homework partner will enhance your learning and memorization. AI flash cards are a new addition to Oddity and cost 0 credits.
To use the feature, upload a picture of your notes/homework. You can select up to three images at a time. Then, click Generate Flash Cards.
You can use the auto-generated flashcards to keep track of your progress.

OddityAI Auto-generated Flashcard

AI Quizzes

AI-generated quizzes by Oddity AI are the best way to prepare for school tests. In the same way as AI flashcards, this feature is also new and free.

The process is simple

  • Upload the picture of homework
  • Click Generate quiz
  • Solve the quiz
OddityAI-generated Quiz Question

The AI homework helper also shows your result at the end. So you can identify the wrong answers and topics you log in.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Time-Saving.
  • Fast responses.
  • Accurate and reliable.
  • Affordable.
  • Wide range of subjects.
  • Enhanced understanding of the topic.


  • Limited to the website only.
  • Imprecise answers to complex, niche-specific questions.
  • No multi-language support.
  • Requires internet


  • Free Trial: 10 free questions
  • Buy Credits: 250 answers for $4.99
  • Subscription: Unlimited access for $9.99/month
Oddity AI Price
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5. ClassX

AI Homework Tool for Young & Experienced Students

Last on the list of top AI homework helpers is ClassX. It contains numerous AI features to assist you with homework and academic learning.

The ClassX homework helper is also powered by ChatGPT, like OddityAI. So, the platform is interactive and provides detailed solutions in easy and natural language.

Features of ClassX

Wide Variety of Subjects

Students can rely on the AI homework helper for over 280 different subjects from grade 1 to grade 12. The subjects range from STEM to English, grammar, Arts, Economics, Psychology, etc.

ClassX AI Homework Helper Grade 1-12 Selection

Coding Assistance

The AI homework tool also specializes in coding other than STEM and Arts. So, it can help you with school assignments related to coding and programming languages.

ClassX Solved Coding Question

AI Project Helper

ClassX offers a 10-step project-based learning. The AI project helper is a way to explore the subject of your interest. And create engaging projects to showcase your learnings.

ClassX AI Project Helper for Grade 6 Astronomy

Video Lessons

The AI homework helper provides video lessons for experienced students. You can search and watch videos on various subject-related topics. After that, you can ask the AI Xtutor questions related to the video to enhance your understanding. Furthermore, it displays the definitions of the tricky terms to improve your vocabulary.

ClassX Video Lesson

AI Conversations

It is the most fun feature of the AI homework helper.
It lets you

  • Interview the AI version of a Historical figure to increase your knowledge
ClassX AI Historical Figure Interview
  • Converse with the Xtutor about the book you are reading.
ClassX AI Book Chat
  • Chat with AI-powered country guides to learn about the economy, culture, geography, etc, of various countries.
ClassX AI Country Guide

Numerous AI Homework Tools for Students

ClassX features plenty of AI tools for students, like

  • Dictionary
  • Sentence generator
  • Grammar Corrector
  • Ancient Text Translator, etc., all driven by AI.

In addition, it also helps young kids with alphabet, phonics, music, etc. homework.


  • User-friendly.
  • Enhanced learning.
  • More than 280 different subjects.
  • Offers support in coding assignments.


  • The AI homework helper Requires an Internet Connection.
  • It can create dependency on AI.
  • It cannot replace human feedback and tutoring


  • Free Version: You can access the Xtutor and all the lessons for homework free of cost. But you only get ten questions/ day with the free version.
  • Premium: It is $6.95/ month. A premium subscription lets you access most of the advanced features. And you get 2000 AI queries for a day instead of 10.
  • Pro: You get all the premium features plus AI images. And 10,000 queries every day. It costs $14.95/month.
ClassX AI Homework Helper Price

AI Homework Helper Tools Price Comparison

Here is the price comparison to help you make decision according to your budget.

AI Homework Helper Tools Price Free Option
Socratic Free
Grammarly $12/month
PhotoMath $9.9/month
OddityAI $4.99/month
ClassX $6.95/month

Ethical Considerations of Using AI Homework Helper

AI Homework helpers have proven to be a valuable resource for students. From completing school work to enhancing learning, AI homework tools benefit students in plenty of ways.

However, there is a fine line between assistance and cheating.

In 2017, one of the Socratic app founders was asked how the homework app reduces academic honor violations.

He replied (quoted by Time)

"Every student today goes to the Internet, goes to Google to ask all of their questions - this is something that's happening anyway."

So, the main ethical concern with using AI in homework is plagiarism. Submitting an AI-generated essay/assignment without proper attribution breaches Academic honor codes.
Secondly, students using AI homework helpershave an advantage over students without access to these tools. This inequality fuels unfair competition and devalues academic achievements.
Other than that, over-reliance on AI can reduce the problem-solving skills of the students. Use of an AI homework helper can also lead to the loss of critical thinking in the students.
Lastly, failing and making mistakes is an essential part of learning. AI homework tools might interfere with the natural learning curve of the student

Potential use of Robotics in Education System
When we think of a robot at work, we think of them cleaning, delivering things to designated locations, and assembling components in a factory, but we rarely think of them doing creative work like teaching a class or prescribing medication to patients.

Final Thoughts

Above mentioned are our recommended top 5 AI homework helper tools. They will not only assist you with assignments but will also enhance your knowledge and learning.

But no matter how efficient, the homework tools are AI-driven nonetheless. They can never replace a teacher's intellect and feedback. Nor can they build an emotional connection with students.

So, the key is to strike a balance between AI power and human genius. Use the tools for assistance, but do not rely entirely on AI for school work.