Joyland AI Chatbot: Create and Interact with AI Characters

Joyland AI is a chatting platform where you can meet your dream AI companion. It offers a variety of role-playing bots that can hold realistic conversations. Interact with premade AI characters or create one. Read the article if you want to ditch the dull life and immerse yourself in a true joyland.

Joyland AI Chatbot: Create and Interact with AI Characters
Joyland AI Chatbot

Joyland AI is a chatbot that can fulfill your dream of conversing with your favorite fictional character. The Artificial intelligence-powered interactive bot can be whatever you desire - a friend, an advisor, a mentor, or a secret lover.

AI Chatbots are undoubtedly reshaping the communication landscape. Research says that the chatbot will become the prime customer service channel for every one in four businesses by 2027. The reason is that AI bots save time, cut costs, and reduce labor. All of these factors account for optimized customer support.

Apart from businesses, people use chatbots for personal use. According to a study, 40% of millennials use AI chat services daily.

Joyland AI is one such chatbot designed mainly for entertainment purposes. It is a two-way chatting platform that allows you to build and interact with fictional AI characters. Released on December 28, 2023, the Joyland app garnered over 100 downloads in a few hours only.

Keep reading if you are curious and want to know more about this interactive bot. In this article, we have discussed in detail about Joyland AI and what it has to offer you.

Read and create your new AI companion.

What is Joyland AI?

In the same way as Janitor AI, Joyland AI is a character-driven AI chatbot that simulates human conversation. It is trained on large datasets of conversations and dialogues from multiple sources like books, movies, etc. Furthermore, the AI chatbot uses deep learning techniques and NLP to respond engagingly and naturally.

The AI chatting platform offers a diverse range of AI bots for selection. Each fictional persona has a different quirky personality, making the chat fun and lifelike. So, unlike the robotic conversation with traditional chatbots, Joyland AI gives a realistic chatting experience. It further allows users to create AI avatars of their own. You can customize their appearances, traits, background, etc., according to your preference.

How to Use Joyland AI Chatbot?

To use the interactive AI chatbot, follow the steps below.

Step No 1: Register on

You need to register an account on Joyland AI before starting the chat. So,

  • Visit the official website first.
  • Next, Click the sign-up button at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Then, enter your email and password. Remember to input a strong password to prevent security threats.
Joyland AI Sign-up
  • You can also log in using Discord, Apple, or Google ID.
  • Once logged in, you will receive a welcome message from the
Welcome message from Joyland AI

Step No 2: Customize The Interface

Besides selecting AI characters of your choice, you can personalize your interface. If you are a late-night chatter, turn the dark mode on. Keep the screen bright if you prefer a lively color scheme instead.

You will see a moon-shaped icon in the top right corner. Click that to switch between different light modes.

Joyland AI Dark Mode

Step No. 3: Choose an AI Character

After signing up, you will see AI personas on the screen. Each of the fictional avatars has a different personality and a background story. From a witty friend to a philosophical guide, the Joyland platform offers a wide variety of options. Select anyone according to your mood to start a chat.

Furthermore, the AI chatbot provides plenty of genre options. Game characters, Vtuber, Celebrity, Cartoons, TV, etc., to name a few. So, whether you are a gamer or an anime lover, Joyland AI has got you covered.

Lastly, you will find a leaderboard on the right side of the interface. The board displays the names of all the Recommended and Trending chatbots. You can start conversing with a click only.

AI characters on Joyland AI

Step No 4: Start The Chat

Once the AI character is chosen, click it to initiate a chat. You will see a chat box where you can type your message.

Chat with Taylor Swift’s AI Character

Ask anything, and the Joyland chatbot will respond naturally and engagingly. You can also listen to the AI's response by clicking the audio button. Furthermore, Joyland AI allows you to share chat in Community, Profile, or other Public pages. You can either choose to post publicly or anonymously.

Sharing a chat with AI character publicly

Create Your Joytoy (AI Character)

In addition to chatting with pre-made bots, you can build one for yourself. Click on the Create Bots option on the left side of the screen. Joyland AI platform will display three options as a result.

Chatbot Creation on Joyland AI Platform

Quick Create

Quick create works best when you like an AI character somewhere else and want to transfer it to Joyland.

  • Visit the character card site you want.
  • Then, download the character file in JSON or PNG format.
  • Lastly, upload the files to Joyland AI.

The AI platform accepts characters from

  • Venus AI
  • Chub
  • Tavern AI
  • SillyTavern, etc
Option No 1: Quick Create

Advanced Create

This mode of chatbot creation is recommended by Joyland.

The AI platform provides you with 3000 tokens for free to create a chatbot. Using these tokens, you can customize the following


A user name of a maximum of 20 characters.

Short Introduction

Briefly describe a few traits of your character using relevant keywords. It is displayed in the bot's profile so people can envision its personality.
e.g, Nerd, Bookworm, Kind


You can either

  • Upload a picture of a maximum of 10MB
  • Generate an avatar using prompts
  • Create a GIF avatar if you have subscribed to a paid plan.


Anime, Dating, OC, etc.


  • Private
  • Unlisted
  • Public

Character Description

Describe your character in detail to add depth to the personality. And, age, gender, greetings, example dialogue, facts, etc. about your AI character.

If you are still confused about creating an AI bot, read the joyland's user guide.

Option No 2: Advanced Create


This method of character creation provides an immersive chatting experience. It lets you create a text adventure where you and your AI partner can be a part of a thrilling story. You can personalize the

  • Story name and the plot.
  • Name, profile, and image of your AI partner (character).
  • Visibility.
  • And your (protagonist) introduction.
Option No 3: Game

Features of Joyland AI

Despite being new, Joyland AI can compete with many popular chatbots. Following are a few distinct features of Joyland AI bots.


Joyland AI platform is easy to operate. Even if you are new to using AI, you can easily navigate around the website. The recently launched app is also beginner-friendly. You can start chatting with AI companions with a click only. It further has a visible dialogue box where you can enter your queries. Moreover, Joyland provides you the option of saving chat and resuming it from where you left off.

Real-Time Conversations

In the same way as Chai, Joyland chatbots provide real-time engaging conversations. The key technology behind the Joyland bots is neural language models. Therefore, the dialogues are natural and human-like.

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The Joyland AI algorithm further learns from your responses and interests and personalizes the conversation.

AI Suggestions

Sometimes, you are stuck on a message and do not know how to respond. Joyland's generative AI gives you reply suggestions to craft that perfect reply for your AI friend.

Automated Reply Suggestions by Joyland’s Generative AI

Diverse AI Characters

Myriad of AI character options is another stand-out feature of Joyland. Each created chatbot has a different story and quirks to suit your mood and style.
The AI platform also supports plenty of genres to cater to a vast range of audiences.


You can easily access the Joyland AI chatbots on the website. The app is also available on Playstore free of cost. You can easily download and use it on your Android devices.

Personalized Chatbot Building

The Joyland AI platform lets you create a custom chatbot. You can personalize its name, outlook, voice, nature, etc., as you want.
So, the Joyland platform allows you to be creative and build the AI friend you always wanted. The chatbots also respond to your emotional messages, which makes the interaction wholesome.

Search Feature

The AI chatbot platform also offers a Search feature to find bots. If you are looking for a particular AI character, type its name in the search bar. Joyland will use AI to find and display the desired bots.

Search Chatbot Feature

Seamless Communication

Powered by an advanced AI algorithm, Joyland provides coherent and effortless conversations. The virtual AI characters simulate human conversations to give a smooth interactive session. Furthermore, the Joyland chatbots respond to your queries in no time. Fast replies keep you hooked and make the chat experience more engaging.

Community Support

You can join the Joyland AI community, where like-minded people share their queries and interests. You can reach out to them for assistance or help.
Moreover, there is a Community option on the Joyland AIwebsite. There, you will find FAQs and guidelines about using the platform.

FAQ and Guidelines on Joyland AI

Review AI Characters

The AI platform allows you to post a review about the AI character. Your feedback could include what you liked or disliked about the character. It helps to improve the behavior and working of the chatbot.

Review Chatbot Feature

Is Joyland AI Free To Use?

Yes, you can use Joyland AI free of cost. It offers the following three plans to accommodate different types of users.

Joyland AI price plans

Free Plan

The free plan does not cost you a single penny to use the platform.
However, you only get 50 credits/day to chat with the bots. And one text message costs one credit. You can send three image messages a day for free.
You also will get 150 credits for free when you register on the website.

Joyland AI Daily Reward

Lastly, whenever someone joins the platform using your referral code, you get 50 free credits.

Joyland AI referral link

Standard Plan

Joyland AI's standard plan can be subscribed for $ 9.99 per month. You get 50 credits/ day and 5000 credits/month. This plan further gives you unlimited access to NSFW chat and conversation tools. You can send 100 image messages/day with a standard plan.

Premium Plan

The premium plan comes for $19.99 a month. You get 50 credits/day and unlimited text messages/month. You have unlimited NSFW chats, conversation tools, and image messages for an entire month with a premium plan.

Does Joyland AI Allow NSFW?

Most of the chatbots online are equipped with security filters to censor content. But Joyland AI allows NSFW (Not Safe For Work) chats with AI bots. The platform displays numerous bold and erotic AI characters for selection. You can easily choose a bot and chat on sexual and sensitive topics.

However, the AI chatting platform comes with an NSFW toggle. So, the ball is in your court now. If you are OK with explicit and erotic content, enable the NSFW mode. But, if such content makes you uncomfortable, turn the feature off.

NSFW toggle is an excellent addition to the Joyland platform. It increases the user base and also ensures age-appropriate interaction. If you are 13 years old or under 16 EU citizens, you are not allowed to register on

Is The Joyland AI Platform Safe?

The security of the users was kept in mind while designing Joyland AI. Following are some safety measures of the AI platform that ensure data privacy.

Data Encryption

Joyland AI platform employs advanced encryption protocols to ensure the data stays confidential. The data encryptions also safeguard against fraud by limiting access to the user information. Furthermore, the AI chatting platform has a transparent privacy policy. The policy clearly explains data collection, sharing, and usage for users' satisfaction.

Content Moderation

Although Joyland allows unrestricted chats, it has mechanisms for moderating the content. The AI platform uses AI to identify and remove inappropriate, offensive, and harmful content. It ensures that people of all ages and backgrounds can safely use the platform.


The Joyland AI website displays community guidelines for safely using the platform. Relevant contact details are also given to report unsuitable behavior. It is to make sure that users adhere to safety protocols.

Joyland AI Benefits

Below are a few advantages of using the Joyland AI platform.

  • It provides a wide variety of AI characters with different personalities and background.
  • The AI platform offers more than 12 genre options to cater to different user type.
  • It allows custom chatbot creation for an enhanced chatting experience.
  • The chatbots offer realistic conversations as they run on an advanced neural language model.
  • The AI platform can be a source of learning as you can chat with a bot on various helpful topics.
  • It can enhance customer support if deployed as an AI assistant.
  • Joyland AI offers NSFW chat mode.
  • It can assist in data analysis.
  • The AI chatbots are free to use for everyone.
  • The conversation is seamless, with quick responses by the AI characters.

What Type of Content is Prohibited by Joyland AI?

Joyland platform permits open discussions but strictly prohibits following type of content.

  • Any content that infringes on intellectual property rights is prohibited.
  • Any content that contains malware, potentially disrupting software or hardware functionality is prohibited.
  • Any content that facilitates the advertising of goods and services for sale is prohibited.
  • Any content that encourages hate speech, bullying, or racism is prohibited.
  • Any content that features or promotes pornography is prohibited.
  • Any content that supports abusive behavior, harassment, or extremist views is prohibited.
  • Any content that discloses users' personal information without consent is prohibited.
  • Any content that attempts to reverse engineer to access the service's source code is prohibited.

All of these measures are to prevent digital assaults and ensure cybersecurity.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity
Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help maintain cyber security and guard against digital assaults. However, using machine learning hackers can thwart security algorithms by morphing the data they train on. Programmers can likewise utilize AI to get through safeguards and firewalls.

Joyland AI's Risks And Limitations


  • You might come across AI characters specifically designed to obtain your sensitive information.
  • Despite content moderation, there is a risk of getting exposed to inappropriate content.
  • NSFW chat mode might be an ethical concern.
  • The Joyland AI privacy policy clearly states that it collects your
  1. Name, contact information
  2. Social media information
  3. Technical information when you use the service
  4. Log data

So, there is always a slight risk of personal data breach.


Even though it offers numerous benefits, Joyland AI has some limitations.

  • AI characters can provide incorrect information.
  • The response generated by AI chatbots can be biased. This is because their knowledge is limited to the fed data only.
  • Although Joyland AI chatbots can simulate human interaction, they are bots anyway. The AI characters can not accurately respond to complex, niche-specific queries.

Tips for Safely Using Joyland AI

  • Privacy is a serious concern when interacting with AI chatbots. Even the privacy policy of Joyland AI says that no Internet transmission is fully secure. So, never share personal information with AI or online.
  • Always set a complex and strong password when signing up.
  • AI chatbots can hallucinate and are error-prone. So, never trust every piece of information they provide.
  • Do not ever come to chatbots for mental health advice. Opt for professional help instead.
  • Keep updating your software and apps to get the latest security enhancements.
  • If you are uncomfortable with the chat, end it immediately.

Alternatives to Joyland AI

Character AI

Character AI is a chatting service that allows human-like conversation with the bots. It also lets you create digital personas of your choice. But, this platform does not permit NSFW chats.

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Janitor AI

It is a role-playing chatbot that allows NSFW chats, unlike Character AI.

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Chai AI

Chai is a two-way AI chatting platform with a variety of chatbots. It comes with an NSFW toggle.

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The platform contains NSFW chatbots and allows users to have explicit and uncensored chats.

Wrap UP

In conclusion, Joyland AI is a chatting platform that allows you to create and interact with various AI characters. The chatbots can hold human-like conversations on a variety of topics. Whether you want a good laugh or serious advice, Joyland bots are there to help.
However, it is rightly said that AI is a double-edged sword. No one denies that AI benefits society in a lot of ways. But it has its drawbacks too.
So, Joyland AI also has its share of risks and drawbacks.
We recommend using this or any AI platform wisely, following all the safety protocols.
This way, you can save yourself from data breaches and online scams.