JanitorAI: Online AI Chatbot

JanitorAI is an online AI chatbot that allows scenario-based chat with role-playing anime characters. Also, the AI bot is free from NSFW filters. This article digs deep into the world of the JanitorAI. So, read if you want to live the dream of conversing with your favorite fictional character.

JanitorAI: Online AI Chatbot

Artificial intelligence chatbots are revolutionizing data communication. From responding to customer queries to performing specialized tasks, an online AI chatbot has automated user interaction. As per Statista, the size of the chatbot market is projected to hit $1.25 billion in 2025 from $190.8 million in 2016. According to another survey, 42% of B2C companies use AI chatbots on their websites.

Conversational bots provide plenty of benefits to companies. For example, they enhance customer experience, reduce labour costs, and save time. Furthermore, they solve problems and provide extensive answers. Janitor AI is one such online AI chatbot. It is a powerful bot created on the OpenAI ChatGPT model. Like other AI chatbots, Janitor AI leverages NLP to imitate human-like conversations. But there are a lot of other features that distinguish Janitor AI from other online chatbots.

So, if you want to learn more about this beneficial AI chatbot, read till the end. Learn to harness the chatbot for automated assistance and smart interaction.

What is Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is a role-playing online AI chatbot. As mentioned earlier, the onlinechat robot uses Large language models to provide a realistic chat experience. Just like Character AI, Janitor AI enables users to chat with virtual characters or make their own. The most popular character option the AI chatbot offers is anime style.

The online AI chatbot uses AI technology to optimize conversations and automate tasks. In addition to chat support, Janitor AI provides a clean API for evaluating unclean datasets. Thus, the online AI chatbot is also valuable for data scientists as it can streamline their machine-learning models.

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Following are the two stand-out attributes behind the hype of Janitor AI;

  • It lets you create anime-style fictional characters. You can also initiate a personal chat with these human-like avatars.
  • The NSFW chat mode of the AI-powered chatbot can breach the security consensus. This feature also attracts a lot of users.

Features of JanitorAI

The following are some distinct features of JanitorAI:

1. Automated Assistance by Online AI chatbot

The AI-driven chatbot can provide automated chat support to businesses and companies. It could further act as an assistant and optimize customer contacts. Moreover, it can reduce response time and perform repetitive tasks. This way, the online AI chatbot can enhance workplace productivity.

2. Varied Character Choice

Diverse character options are another stand-out feature of this online AI chatbot. You can select a role-playing anime chatbot according to your choice. These fantasy avatars have a variety of personalities, traits, and appearances to choose from. Furthermore, the AI chatbot can simulate human conversations. So, you can have a fun chat with these personalized virtual avatars.

3. Personalized Characters and Chat Service

Apart from chatting with premade avatars, you can create your own. The JanitorAI uses generative AI to build a personalized AI chatbot. You can write an introduction to your chatbot and define its personality. Furthermore, it enables you to set a scenario for your character to start a talk. Lastly, you can either keep your chatbot private or make it public.

Once you have built the chatbot, you can offer chat services on the JanitorAI. It leads to the fast expansion of character options on the platform. The diverse range of characters can also serve a variety of users.

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4. Effortless Communication by Online AI Chatbot

Advanced AI algorithms fuel the online AI chatbot. Therefore, it offers seamless and coherent conversations. Furthermore, the virtual personas mimic real-life chats to provide a smooth experience.

5. Quick Response

As Janitor AI is built on NLP, it can efficiently respond to queries. The AI chatbot provides rapid assistance and prompt replies. This feature makes sure that users get a productive and fulfilling experience. So, Individuals looking for timely responses will surely enjoy this online AI-powered chatbot.

6. Multi-Age Interaction

The AI bot offers age-related character interactions. This way, it serves the users of various generations and age groups. However, people under the age of 18 years are not allowed to use the platform. This is because Janitor AI permits adult content unsafe for minors.

7. Clean API

In addition to multi-age interaction, the AI chatbot also provides a clean API. These API asses and enhances unclean datasets. Thus, Janitor AI is a valuable tool for data scientists and web developers. It can refine datasets and streamline machine learning models.

8. NSFW Chat Mode by Online AI Chatbot

Most AI chatbots use various security filters to restrict users from accessing uncensored content. But unlike them, Janitor AI offers an NSFW chat mode. This feature of the online AI chatbot has expanded its user base manifold. It displays a wide variety of adult and bold characters to choose from. Furthermore, it allows you to hold conversations on mature and sensitive topics or themes.

However, you can use the regular character and avoid the NSFW one while selecting the chatbot.

Uses of Online AI Chatbot, JanitorAI

Following are some applications of the online AI chatbot

1. Business Development

Businesses and developers can integrate the AI chatbot into their processes. JanitorAI provides APIs that can be used as JSON files. The process starts with downloading the API from the JanitorAI website. It can then be integrated into the preferred platform. After that, you need suitable datasets and relevant conversations to train the chatbot. The training can enhance the ability of the chatbot to respond and comprehend.

Following that, you customize the response of the online AI chatbot to match the tone of your organization. Once the training and customization are done, the next step is to conduct testing. The testing is to ensure the proper functioning of the AI-powered chatbot.

2. Entertainment and Emotional Support

As the JanitorAI chats are realistic, they can be a source of emotional support for you. You can use specific keywords to express your emotions, like anxiety, stress, excitement, etc. The AI chatbot can recognize those keywords and provide comfort through positive words and affirmations.

It can further provide relevant materials and recommend to take professional therapy. However, it cannot substitute emotional support from humans.

3. Learning and Education

Apart from having fun chats, Janitor AI can be a source of learning. You can use it to get answers and educate yourself on different subjects or topics.

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How to Use the Online AI ChatBot, Janitor AI?

Janitor AI is free and easy to use. Following are the steps you must follow before you can start a conversation with any chatbot.

1) Create an OpenAI Account

Creating an OpenAI Account (Step 1 of how to use JanitorAI)
Creating an OpenAI Account (Step 1 of how to use JanitorAI)

First, you need to have an OpenAI account. Creating an OpenAI account is essential for obtaining an API key from the platform.

  • Go to the OpenAI official account.
  • Then, Click on the sign-up.
  • Next, input your email address, a strong password, and other required information.
  • Lastly, click the Create Account.

You can log in to the created account by entering the credentials.

2) Obtain an API Key

Although JanitorAI is easy to use, you need an API key from OpenAI to start the chat. To get an API key:

  • Login to your OpenAI account.
  • After that, go to the top right corner and select View API Keys from the profile menu.
Obtain an API Key (Step 2 of how to use JanitorAI)
Obtain an API Key (Step 2 of how to use JanitorAI)
Create a New Secret Key Option on OpenAI
Create a New Secret Key Option on OpenAI
  • Input a name for your OpenAI key and hit the Create Secret Key button.
Name Your Secret API Key
Name Your Secret API Key
  • OpenAI will generate a key for you. Copy and save it somewhere.

3) Create an Account on JanitorAI

Register on JanitorAI (Step 3 of how to use JanitorAI)
Register on JanitorAI (Step 3 of how to use JanitorAI)

The Next step is to register an account on JanitorAI. You can register either with Google or Discord. The online AI chatbot forbids you from setting up an account if you are below 18.

Account creation is easy. Enter your name and personal details before you click the Update Profile button.

Updating Profile on JanitorAI
Updating Profile on JanitorAI

4) Select a Character and Apply the API Key

Once you have registered on Janitor AI, you can select a character for chat. The AI-driven chatbot offers a variety of character choices.

Variety of Character Options on JanitorAI
Variety of Character Options on JanitorAI

Click on your desired character and click the "chat" button. You will see the chat is locked and requires an API key before you can start.

JanitorAI Chatbot Kazuko
JanitorAI Chatbot Kazuko

To Apply API, click on "API not ready! Click to set up." Janitor AI provides two API options. OpenAI and Kobold AI. If you want to go with OpenAI, then:

JanitorAI Asks to Setup an API
JanitorAI Asks to Setup an API
  • Select OpenAI for API settings.
  • Select up-3.5-turbo as the OpenAI model.
  • Opt for "My API key" as an access OpenAI API.
  • Paste the saved API key in the relevant box.
  • Lastly, Click Save Settings
JanitorAI API Settings (Step 4 of how to use JanitorAI)
JanitorAI API Settings (Step 4 of how to use JanitorAI)

You are ready to start a conversation with your favorite online AI chatbot.

A Chat Published on JanitorAI
A Chat Published on JanitorAI

Benefits of Online AI Chatbot, JanitorAI

  • Role-playing chats are based on different scenarios with more than 800 character options.
  • Personalized chatbots with a variety of personality traits and background stories.
  • The AI-powered chatbot gives quick responses, which reduces the waiting time.
  • It allows chat on numerous themes and subjects ranging from fun to educational.
  • The chats are unrestricted, and there is no fear of censorship.
  • The conversation is seamless as it can understand the context of the conversation.
  • Although the content is not restricted, it prohibits harmful content.
  • The online AI chatbot claims to protect your personal information.
  • The online chatbot is affordable for most people.
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Limitations and Challenges of JanitorAI

Despite its exceptional benefits, the online AI chatbot has some limitations.

  • It permits Not Safe For Work chats. This chat mode allows conversations on adult and offensive topics. So, this feature might be an ethical concern for some users.
  • Although it can simulate human conversations, it is a bot nonetheless. Like most chatbots, it lacks emotional intelligence. Thus, it cannot cater to ambiguous emotional queries.
  • It cannot respond accurately to complex niche-specific questions.
  • The online AI chatbot collects users' data to enhance its performance. Although the JanitorAI has strong security measures, privacy violation is a risk.
  • Users might experience bias in the chatbot's response sometimes. This is because the JanitorAI's knowledge is only based on the datasets it has been trained on.

Safety Measures Adopted by JanitorAI

JanitorAI claims that it is a safe platform to use. The following are the features of this AI chatbot to protect users' data privacy;

  • JanitorAI uses encrypted data to ensure safety. It restricts unauthorized parties from accessing user's data.
  • It further has a safe storage mechanism to store the sensitive details of a user.
  • The AI online chatbot confirms all the relevant security regulations and legal requirements.
  • The AI chatbot never links data to any specific user identity. This way, it protects privacy via data anonymization.
  • JanitorAI also employs age restrictions. Anyone under the age of 18 years is not allowed to use the AI chatbot. The AI platform claims it never knowingly collects data from people below the age of 18 years. This measure is to ensure the safety of the minors.

“JanitorAI Not Working” Issue

Janitor AI is a top-rated online AI chatbot platform. The hype is due to the diverse character options and unfiltered chat mode. But sometimes, some users receive a message saying Janitor AI is not working. It happens when the server crashes due to a large user volume.

You can try one of the following methods to ensure its smooth working;

  • User traffic is usually high during peak hours. Avoid using the AI chatbot during those hours.
  • Check your internet connection. Use a strong internet connection to access the online AI chatbot.
  • Update your browser to the latest version. Outdated browsers might hinder the functioning of JanitorAI.
  • Remove the cached data from the browser. Browser cookies and cache can also inhibit the AI chatbot from working properly.
  • Contact the support team of JanitorAI if no method is working.

What Type of Content is Prohibited by JanitorAI?

Despite the freedom of expression, it offers, JanitorAI forbids the content that;

  • Support any illegal actions.
  • Promotes sexual violence.
  • Sexualizes anyone under the age of 18.
  • Infringes copyrights.
  • Discloses personal information or login credentials of a user.
  • Encourages terrorism or extremism of any kind.
  • Contains racism, bullying, or hate speech.
  • Advertise any other tool or service.
  • Showcases wrong information and spam content.
  • Provides information on how to breach security laws.

In short, the AI chatbot restricts the content that could harm someone. The reason is tocombat crimes and ensure cybersecurity.

Is Janitor AI Free to Use?

  • If you are using the OpenAI access API key, you should subscribe to one of the paid plans of OpenAI first. JanitorAI would not let you start a conversation otherwise. AI driven chatbot has a token-based pricing system. You have to buy tokens to use the online AI chatbot. OpenAI charges you per 1000 tokens.

OpenAI Billing Overview
OpenAI Billing Overview

The other method to access JanitorAI is to use a Reverse proxy for OpenAI. Please be aware that this method might not function smoothly. You can face slow speed or unstable connection.

Wrap UP

In conclusion, JanitorAI is an exceptional online AI chatbot. It provides human-like chatting services that you can use both professionally and personally. Unrestricted chats, numerous character options, and quick responses make it an ideal chatbot. Strong security measures further increase the reliability of the platform. But as with any other AI chatbot, JanitorAI has its limitations. Learn to use it smartly with specific keywords to make the most out of this online AI chatting bot.