AI Dungeon Game - Top 15 AI Dungeon Alternatives

A ground-breaking online text adventure game, AI Dungeon, by Latitude, showcased a novel human-machine collaboration. The game is regarded as the greatest text-based gameplay that offers an unpredictable playing experience to users once they type the dialogue they desire their characters to say.

AI Dungeon Game - Top 15 AI Dungeon Alternatives

AUTUMN 2019 saw the release of AI Dungeon, a ground-breaking online game from Utah firm Latitude, showcased a novel kind of human-machine collaboration. The business developed a choose-your-own-adventure game with a Dungeons & Dragons theme using text-generation technologies from the artificial intelligence startup OpenAI.

A startup that involves in creating infinite storyline games via artificial intelligence, Latitude has announced its seed funding raised to $3.3 million. The concept of an AI-generated tale may conjure up images of comically incoherent experiments like "Sunspring." However, Latitude's debut offering, AI Dungeon, is an astonishingly open-ended (and intelligible) text adventure game with many styles and players to pick from. In contrast to typical text games with pre-written material, AI Dungeon may produce an infinite number of tales and content. On December 5, 2019, AI Dungeon was published for Browser on Windows, Linux, and macOS. On December 17, the same year, the game's Android and iOS versions were published. The game employs AI to produce an infinite number of events, objectives, and more material. You can select from a variety of pre-made settings and scenarios. You may also make your tale and game setup.

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What is AI Dungeon and How to Play It?

If you're here, it's presumably because the game's UI has piqued your interest, and why wouldn't it? AI Dungeon is widely regarded as one of the greatest text-based gameplays. The game includes AI technology that employs an adaptive to conditions interface to provide a realistic story environment. AI Dungeon lets users design their pathways and trips in whatever manner they choose. You may put whatever you want into the tale, and the AI will lead you.

So playing is fairly simple; you must type and create your path in the game since survival is essential, or you will have to restart. That is, you may express what you want to accomplish in your own words, and the AI will include it into the plot; this is the basic idea of AI Dungeon. The game is playable on almost any smartphone or device with a browser capable of running the game's website. It is one of the must-try games on the list of AI Dungeon alternatives.

AI Dungeon is a comprehensive text-based smart adventure story that players of all ages may enjoy. You might be perplexed by its user interface if you've never played a text adventure game. The game is easy to learn and play. All you must do is enter what you will do when faced with a certain circumstance. To play the AI Dungeon, choose New Game and one of the following options:

  • Worlds - Pre-created worlds with various tale settings and material.
  • Prompts - This is where you may choose a setting and begin playing.
  • Survival - Premium Feature, presently in BETA at the time of writing.
  • Multiplayer - Play the scenes with a friend.
  • Featured Scenarios - Scenarios created by individuals and made available to the community.

To engage with the AI, three major interaction methods may be selected from settings:

  • Do: You may give any activity accompanied by a verb, giving you an infinite number of options in the game.
  • Say: You can write in any conversation sentences to speak with the game characters.
  • Storytelling: You may design any circumstance explaining what will take place in the story, or you can even tell AI scenarios for future story occurrences.
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What Is Dungeon Crawler?

A dungeon crawler is a video game miming the dark hypothetical scenario in which warriors must travel dungeons, battle multiple adversaries, and obtain new equipment to confront the ultimate evil power. In essence, that description encompasses the three key characteristics of a dungeon crawler: loot, map structure, and monster mobs. These are the soul and essence of dungeon crawlers, and they go hand in hand with why this game style set the foundation for RPGs when they originally came out. In other words, dungeon crawl is a fantasy role-playing game scenario in which adventurers travel a convoluted area, defeating numerous enemies and plundering whatever loot they may discover.

How Does AI Dungeon Work?

AI Dungeon is a role-playing text adventure game created by Nick Walton that is available for both iOS and Android devices. While the game is becoming increasingly popular, many players are confused about how does AI Dungeon work. If you've been curious about it, don't worry; here's everything you need to know.

A new version of GPT-2 called AI Dungeon 2 was made available. Walton began his project and gave it the moniker Latitude. AI Dungeon 2 download link is also available here. In July 2020, Latitude produced a premium Dragon model based on the GPT-3 model, and Walton was hired as the company's CTO. One of the most potent AI models at the moment is GPT-3. It made it feasible for the new edition of AI Dungeon to add more tales that were previously impractical.

Are you wondering to find how AI Dungeon works? This AI Dungeon guide is for you. It is one of the most capable and adaptable single-player and multiplayer text adventure games. Any text you contribute to the narrative will be included, and the Do, Say, and Story text options listed above will be used to create relevant material.

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AI Dungeon Tips: A Quick AI Dungeon Guide

Focus on the below-mentioned tips to well-play and enjoy all aspects of AI Dungeon.

  1. Add a full stop to the end of each sentence. The AI considers incomplete sentences open sentences and responds more flexibly when you don't add a full stop. Ex. Take up the notebook.
  2. Avoid using commas and long phrases. The AI often tries to execute the most recent statement since it frequently becomes confused by many sentences (not very well). Instead, expand the statement by adding "and." Using a claymore, for instance, slash an orc in the face.
  3. Start a sentence with a speaking action when you intend to express something, such as "We should burn the supplies." Additionally, you get to pick whom you talk to. For instance, tell Benjamin that his father owns the land.
  4. To keep track of newly introduced characters and their intentions, use /remember.
  5. If you don't receive the answer you want after rearranging your statement, try it again and see if you do.
  6. When you try to do something, it's acceptable if the result isn't what you had hoped for, but it's unacceptable if your character entirely disregards the action.
  7. Your acts must be preceded by a verb (doing word).
  8. Don't begin your sentences with "You." Anywhere else in your statement where you or your appears OK.
  9. DO NOT use the first person to describe oneself (I, me, my). The AI recognizes your character in the second person. Use the second person to refer to oneself at all times. If you truly want to carry out a particular activity but the AI is being obstinate, employ the “!” at the beginning of a sentence. Ex:! The trap is set off when the orc slumps over. Use this sparingly and seldom.

Let's imagine, for instance, that you got a great reaction, but the AI tries to detour you by stating, "You hear an explosion," or something else unrelated to your tale up to that point. Just carry with your original strategy without mentioning the unpredictable addition made by AI. If the AI starts acting strangely, such as changing your location, sending you to bed, or generating a few years pass, don't disregard it. In general, you must find a balance between insisting on executing your plans and embracing a useful result. Everyone on this sub is having a great time, but this game is more than a goofy or humorous narrative generator. These are actual worlds where you may live and have experiences.

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What Happened to AI Dungeon? Towards Improved User Friendliness

A representative for Latitude stated that the company is still improving its content regulations and filtration technology. The staff has previously banned gamers they discovered were using AI Dungeon to create pornographic material with young people. However, in response to a recent warning from OpenAI, a corporate spokeswoman stated that "necessary changes" are being made. AI Dungeon will "continue to support additional NSFW content, including consenting pornographic material, assault, and profanity," Latitude promised in a blog post.

It will be challenging to prevent the AI system from producing some forms of sexual or adult material while permitting others. Because it was developed using ML algorithms that have devoured the statistical language patterns used in billions of words taken from the web, including portions unsuitable for minors, technology like OpenAI can create writing in various styles. Although the program occasionally exhibits stunning imitations, it lacks human-level understanding of social, legal, or genre distinctions. When “Homo Internetus” ingenuity is combined, the result might be bizarre, beautiful, or harmful.

Is AI Dungeon Down? Check its Status

You might not be able to use the AI Dungeon app because of a device problem or internet connection issues. Last year, the game was not playing rightly and people started searching for why is AI Dungeon not working 2021? There are several reasons if your AI Dungeon is not working. Follow the below mentioned guidelines to check if the issue resolve.

Dungeon Crawler Carl: A LitRPG/Gamelit Adventure

Blank Screens

When trying to start up the actual game of AI Dungeon, you could occasionally—more commonly on the mobile app—experience a blank screen, typically followed by a violent crash, it might be one of the reasons that why your AI Dungeon is not working. If this happens when you're playing AI Dungeon on your desktop, try shutting your web browser, waiting a bit, then opening it again.

The procedure is the same for the mobile version; after closing the AI Dungeon app, go to your settings and force-stop it. Restarting the program should restore everything to normal. Attempt rebooting your device if it isn't.

Loading Issues

The likelihood of AI Dungeon is not working is high that the issue is on your end, primarily with your internet connection, if you launch any version of AI Dungeon and are met with a loading error, connection error, ping error, or anything similar. Ensure that your computer or phone is properly linked to the internet, preferably through a hard connection in the case of a PC.

If your connection appears to be working well, try checking the servers for AI Dungeon. AI Dungeon page is one of the apps and services that Latitude continuously monitors, so if there are any failures on their end, they should be reported there.

Login Issues

Similar to loading troubles, login issues are frequently brought on by the same network problems. Once more, ensure nothing is clearly wrong with your internet connection or the servers hosting AI Dungeon.

If the networks appear to be functioning properly, your login information may just be incorrect. Make sure your username and password are correct, and if you're unsure, use the "Forgot My Password" feature to recover them.

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How to Use AI Dungeon?

Uses for AI Dungeon are numerous. Like Dungeons & Dragons, it may be played as a game in which you and the AI work together as dungeon masters to manage and direct the environment you're building. However, it may also be used as a tool, for example, to help writers overcome writer's block.

How to Play AI Dungeon Multiplayer?

Players can request other participants to play AI Dungeon in the exclusive multiplayer mode. The storylines are often character-based, and there is simultaneous play for many people. Additionally, all stories are in the third-person mode to help with the unique perspective required to support the mode. Since multiplayer is not turn-based, the AI may always receive input from any player.

Get a group member with a premium to host so that the dragon AI may be chosen, improving the multiplayer experience. Additionally, the premium player may choose the unique third-person mode, which enables the AI to manage several players more effectively.

Is your AI Dungeon multiplayer not working? If the AI makes a mistake or becomes confused, all you must do is "undo" and "redo" the previous steps until they are correct. In a multiplayer game, all participants have access to commands.

You must select a setting prompt from the menu before entering your name and finishing the game. An online game has begun.

Simple enough, right? The issue, however, primarily comes when players attempt to join games, which calls for a short code. Although short codes aren't often easy to discover, they are just where they need to be. Three-tab options labeled "Model," "Display," and "..." will be located in the upper right corner of the screen. Look at the bottom of the menu screen after selecting the last tab. The "invite friends" button will appear. Click on it to get the 8-digit short code for that game.

Now you may ask your pals to accompany you on your adventures.

Make sure your friends join with the same short code because it is case-sensitive. Additionally, not every player needs to be online for the game to function; regardless of the number of players or lack thereof, the game will always operate.

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Is AI Dungeon Safe to Play?

The AI can't think; all it does is scan what's on the screen and spout more text. You could encounter some unsettling "ghost in the machine"-type scenarios, but the AI won't communicate with you in any way; instead, it will just make intelligent guesses about which phrases are most likely to occur next, much like a game of sequence guessing. And it's cool.

However, never use your actual name online. If you do, learn about online privacy and take precautions to prevent your data from spreading to other online activities.

The new security measures in AI Dungeon assist defend against offensive sexual content, but the project is still developing and far from cohesive. Although some complaint about false flags—harmless content restricted because the algorithm thinks it could contain sexual content involving minors—this seems to be the rarity. In general, the security measures detect sexual content and will prevent this according to filter settings, although the reliability will need to be assessed over time.

The human staff employees analyze suspicious instances highlighted by the automated process to see whether they genuinely meet the criteria raises possible privacy concerns for some users. You are also recommended to read their privacy policy.

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AI Dungeon Alternatives - Top 15 Games Similar to AI Dungeon

Non-player characters, or NPCs, are controlled by advanced artificial intelligence. While playing, users can communicate with one another via a chat box. Voice chat is another option.

It depends on your preferences and dislikes for AI Dungeon, but there are unquestionably better AI Dungeon alternatives. To begin with, it is extremely game-centric, whereas numerous alternatives focus on academic development.

AI Dungeon 2022 in the games category is "the first endless text adventure game of its kind designed with incredibly powerful artificial intelligence employing a huge deep neural network at its heart." AI Dungeon-like games are available for Online / Web-based, Windows,, Linux, and Mac. NovelAI is the finest alternative. It is not free; therefore, if you want a free alternative, try GodAI or Text Synth. initially developed AI Dungeon, an online game, in 2019. It provides endless options for real-time endless text adventures with other players.

Non-player characters, or NPCs, are controlled using advanced artificial intelligence skills. While playing AI Dungeon, users can communicate with one another via a chat box. There is also a voice chat option.

The game is accessible on the web and is a free app for Android and iOS smartphones.

AI Dungeon is helpful for fun but may also be used as a writing tool. It allows authors to experiment with various plots and character interactions. You can also learn about its recent updates.

As a result, offering comments on their work can assist authors in developing their talents. Players who are new to the game can seek assistance from the AI Dungeon community. The game's website has several lessons and directions. The community is very active on social media, and fellow players are always eager to answer any queries you may have.

However, new AI Dungeon is still developing, and the AI experience will always be unexpected. You'll be overwhelmed by a lack of storyline and character control.

Its latest precautions prevent sexualizing young characters, regardless of the genre you want to play. The game's developers also pledge to add additional material in the future. One cannot deny that a minor component of the game may be quite aggravating due to how frequently NPCs glitch out or utter things you never designed.

This game is not appropriate for youngsters. Regardless of the protections, the produced content might be nonsensical or obscene. Children should never be exposed to gore or violence. As a result, it appears that child-friendly solutions to Dungeon AI are required.

You can probably find better AI Dungeon alternatives; it depends on what you like and dislike. For instance, it is excessively focused on games when several alternatives focus on developing writing. Lets discuss the updated AI Dungeon alternative 2022 list to choose other competitors that work similar to AI Dungeon but in the unique way.

Image source: Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

It is a post-apocalyptic turn-based survival game. It is one of the greatest free AI Dungeon alternatives that use text and lets users design a world for numerous characters to inhabit with no ultimate objective. You are placed in one of several different starting settings and are free to do anything you like. Official builds of Cataclysm are available for Windows, Linux, OS X, and Android.

Image Source: Dreamily.AI

Dreamily.AI is a free-to-play interactive, interesting narrative about living in a dismal future. The game allows users to explore the world of Dreamily through the eyes of one of its residents.

The best instrument for making your aspirations come true is artificial intelligence. Its user-friendly design makes it simple to develop and personalize your desires. Additionally, it provides a variety of dreaming possibilities in its Dream Library.

Dreamily.AI is perfect AI Dungeon replacement if you want to escape reality or explore your deepest fantasies. Write anything you like in the Dreamily.AI input field; it may be a list of your favorite things or the start of a tale. Like AI Dungeon, you have the option of entering a dream from the Dream Library or coming up with your version. AI categorizes dreamily.AI dreams, and you may even conduct keyword searches.

In this AI Dungeon alternative, players write a speech for the people they meet while exploring the realm, which they may do by typing or dictating into their device's microphone. Players who complete a dialogue prompt earn experience points, which they may use to level up and unlock additional dialogue choices in future sessions. When you discover that you just have 10 minutes or fewer to do this task, what first seems simple becomes complicated.

It distinguishes itself from other dreaming tools with a few special characteristics. Adding notes to your dreams is one of these options. In Dreamily, you may write down any dreams you want to remember or add some notes. Additionally, you can email or post on social media about your dreams. Read the terms and conditions to understand how the app and online versions work.

Image source: Dwarf Fortress on Steam

Dwarf Fortress is a video game that simulates building and management. The freeware allows users to indirectly govern a tribe of dwarves in a randomly created fantasy world while attempting to build a prosperous castle. Similar to AI Dungeon, it includes text-based visuals and an open-ended concept with no major objectives. You can play it on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Image source: Hyperwrite

HyperWrite is a web-based interface that employs natural language processing to improve writing. It is worthwhile for folks who know what they want to say but don't know how to say it. This AI Dungeon alternative allows you to give it whatever you want, and it will produce creative paragraphs for you to use.

5. InferKit

Image source: InferKit

InferKit offers a web interface and an API for AI-based text generators. InferKit is an AI Dungeon replacement tool that uses machine learning and natural language processing to build a gaming environment for you, your players, and your NPCs.

You may use it to create dungeons and even entire universes. The issue is how hard it is to use the tool. Using the free program InferKit, players may create their Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, but it also has other uses.

It is one of the games similar to AI Dungeon that may be used for both role-playing games and story authoring. InferKit contains various components, such as NPCs, treasure maps, and random encounters. The finest feature of InferKit is the opportunity to export your campaign into an app for iOS or Android devices.

It provides you with a blank canvas on which to write whatever, automatically producing the following paragraph. You may customize the program to display extra text on any subject.

Image source: Infinite Story

People frequently play the well-known game Dungeons and Dragons in groups. However, playing with numerous players might be challenging. An AI Dungeon alternative 2022 that supports one or two players is Infinite Story. An interactive fiction system called Infinite Story enables you to read and create any story jointly. You may select from the many different themes offered and make interactive workflows, picture adventures, and menu prototypes, among other things. Because of its web interface, you don't need to download an app to operate the engine.

A well-liked alternative to AI-based dungeons is Infinite Story as it is intended to take the place of the traditional role-playing game using paper and pen. Several elements that set Infinite Story apart from the rest of its rivals include intuitive character creation, in-game chat, and an easy-to-use UI. It is one of the AI Dungeon alternatives the Seattle-based startup business Game created.

In the dungeon-building game Infinite Story, users may write their tales and publish them online. An in-game economy enables players to buy what they desire or need.

Alternatives to Infinite Story abound; “Dungeons of Fate” and “Dungeons of Doom” are a few of these substitutes that are AI Dungeon like games. These games provide a comparable experience to the original game, yet they differ significantly in several important ways.

A real-time combat role-playing game called “Dungeons of Doom” lets players battle foes while also exploring dungeons and discovering gems. “Dungeons of Fate”, in AI Dungeon replacement, focus on improving your character's skill set and talents so you may complete your game objectives without engaging in direct combat with any foes.

7. Magium

Image source: Google Play

You may play a regular person competing in a mage tournament against the strongest magicians. Your objective is to use the reward to help the player realize their ambition of becoming a magician. One of the finest alternatives to AI Dungeon available on iOS and Android devices is Magium.

Android and Apple users may play the text-based adventure game Magium. It's everything here in this text-based adventure game! Your decisions will impact the game's outcome, whether you choose to play as a wizard or a warrior. There are numerous adversaries and more than 100 spells and skills to learn. Additionally, there are a ton of mysteries and side tasks to find. You won't want to miss the thrilling adventure that is Magium! Although AI Dungeon 2 may provide more customizing options, Magium's plot is more complex and in-depth.

The primary distinction is that AI Dungeon uses deep learning and Natural Language Processing to construct words and phrases procedurally. Although AI Dungeon is more open-ended, there is a chance that it won't make sense. In contrast, the plot, spells, artifacts, and everything other material in Magium is created by a team of expert authors. As a result, Magium is one of the alternatives to AI Dungeon that’s more captivating and well-rounded game than AI Dungeon.

8. NovelAI

Image source: NovelAI

Do you enjoy AI discussions, having fun, or telling alluring stories? If so, NovelAI has your solution. NovelAI, similar to AI Dungeon, is an AI-assisted authoring subscription service that can aid you in writing your novel. Your work will be improved by its powerful algorithms' comments and recommendations. It's a simple and enjoyable technique to assist you in writing your novel.

In terms of storyline and plot development, NovelAI is the best AI Dungeon replacement. Because of its expertise in natural language processing, the AI can comprehend your writing and offer more detailed comments.

As a result, your style will endure as you develop characters and use them to advance the story. You are the author and in charge of your narrative in NovelAI!

Additionally, NovelAI is always learning. It gets better at assisting you with writing the more you use it. NovelAI, as opposed to AI Dungeon, may offer criticism on your grammar, punctuation, and writing style. After the AI Dungeon 2 developers began reading people's tales and put in place a poor and flawed filter to block any information they found objectionable, NovelAI emerged as a direct rival to AI Dungeon.

The traffic is secured with NovelAI that makes it one of the best AI Dungeon alternative 2022. Your articles are either kept locally or encrypted on the server, out of reach even for the authors. Filters are absent. The "Sigurd" AI model, albeit smaller than AI Dungeon's, has shown itself to be quite competent. The output may be altered, whatever you like, and you can train your programs. With a "memory" that can go back almost three times as far as AI Dungeon's, NovelAI can recalls more things than AI Dungeon. After a free trial period, you can select from one of three payment options.

Image source: Philosopher AI

When seeking to understand philosophy but unsure of where to begin, Philosopher AI is one of the better alternatives to AI Dungeon. The GPT-3 Davinci model offers customers a realistic, informative, amusing experience, and the questions are thought-provoking.

Universal artificial intelligence, or philosopher AI, may be applied in any situation. It can help you resolve issues and enhance your quality of experience writing. Philosopher AI is software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to build dungeons for players. Numerous elements are integrated into it, including random dungeon creation, dungeon layouts, loot, monsters, and more.

These AI Dungeon alternatives can be found in a variety of locations. Some firms provide them digitally in place of traditional paper dungeons. Other companies have created unique AI-generated dungeons only available with their game or brand. The GPT-3 Davinci model is used in this text-based game, the same as in AI Dungeon's Dragon. It concentrates on philosophical issues, as opposed to AI Dungeon, which is more gamer-focused.

Since the questions are produced randomly, you never know exactly what you'll be asked. “What is justice," "What is pleasure," and "What is the meaning of life" are a few of the most well-known queries.

Users can vote on questions or contribute their own, enabling a democratic process that aids in determining the most well-liked queries. You can play the game for free, similar to AI Dungeon, but you can only submit a few requests daily. You may either switch to a premium account or buy more inquiries if you wish to ask more questions. As a result, people are more inclined to interact with the website.

Image source: Project Electric Sheep

A realistic dream simulation game that is listed as the best AI Dungeon alternative 2022 is called Project Electric Sheep. It provides you with a space where you may type whatever you like and enter a picture of the world of your dreams. The game generates new characters, settings, and dialogue based on your input. Unfortunately, only browsers may access the game. You must be a subscriber to play it.

Project Electric Sheep combines 3-D game technology with AI text creation to provide an accurate dream simulation. In the simulation, you may decide what you want, and in answer to your questions, the AI will create a dream for you. This project is the first of its type and will provide a good AI Dungeon replacement. Every time users use the project; it produces a fresh, different dream experience.

It was inspired by the idea of using computers to create brand-new, unique dream experiences. The project's name is taken from Philip K. Dick's novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” which explores artificial intelligence and what it means to humans.

11. ShortlyAI

Because ShortlyAI restricts the usage of NSFW content, it is far safer and better AI Dungeon replacement. Its AI processing capability is similar to AI Dungeon's Dragon and its text-generating empty slate.

This software, unlike AI Dungeon, is primarily concerned with assisting you in overcoming writer's block. The app comes with a built-in dictionary to aid you with your vocabulary.

Recently, ShortlyAI purchased a to allow the conversion of text to many media, including audio and video. Given that you can now produce material in various formats, it's a huge in the AI Dungeon alternative software.

Contrary to AI Dungeon, you can employ ShortlyAI to give your ideas more structure for impactful prose. Its UI is user-friendly for beginners, and its commands are strong.

12. TextSynth

Image source: TextSynth

You may use TextSynth's platform to type your ideas and create paragraphs of text. Using recent technology to assess your work and offer useful content creates word embeddings and parameters. It is one of the games similar to AI Dungeon that uses the neural net to finish the paragraph after you give it a text to work with. You can attempt as many times as you like, with each attempt leading to a different result.

13. Twine

Image source: Twine

Twine's open-source program provides a tool for creating interactive, nonlinear tales. Once you start typing in the given interface, Twine will add conditional logic, variables, and graphics to the text.

New technologies like CSS and JavaScript will be available if you wish to publish your work online. Sadly, this AI Dungeon replacement is only accessible through web browsers.

Image source: Write Holo

A text-based game called Write Holo was developed as an alternative to AI Dungeon. Another name for it is a text-based adventure game.

After reading the tale, the player chooses how to proceed. The player will have to decide which course of action to adopt.

The gender, name, and look of the player's avatar are all customizable. The game's objective is to compose an essay and finish numerous objectives that may be unlocked by progressing through the game's levels.

With the aid of AI, you can now compile your thoughts and ideas into a spectacular book or eBook. The given text editor is where you should just type or voice your ideas; the AI will do the rest. While using this AI Dungeon alternative, you may export your work into other formats for additional editing or publication.

You may use Write Holo's free features to explore an infinite number of possibilities and results that will enhance your writing. With the help of an AI-assisted tool, you can reach the heights of creativity you've always wanted.

Its characteristics include:

  • Narrations for text to speech
  • Save Automatically
  • Export to other formats
  • Redo/undo functionality
  • Encrypted end-to-end voice recognition
  • Pieces of data for all types of writing

Similar to AI Dungeon, Holo doesn't keep track of every nuance in your writing. Therefore, it needs a strong hand to lead it to the most logical conclusions. Holo's storyline is simpler to manage since it is less haphazard than AI Dungeon.

Go ahead and play AI Dungeon 2022. Holo should be used more frequently by writers instead of the less writer-friendly AI Dungeon. Users of Write Holo have access to a free trial before paying $5 or $8 for an unlimited premium subscription.

Image source: Write with Transformer

You can auto complete your writing using a neural network called Write With Transformer, one of the games similar to AI Dungeon. You may use the web app to type anything straight from your browser, and it will generate a text to finish your job for you. The idea is the same since you may utilize Write With Transformer to continue a tale or produce text in places when you run out of ideas, even if it may not be very similar to AI Dungeon.

Consider requesting that the AI Dungeon replacement, Write with Transformer create a paragraph about blossoms. Give the Transformer some basic information, like "flowers are lovely," and it will take it from there. In contrast to AI Dungeons, where you must give the AI player all the instructions, this is a superior option. Just give it a subject and let it go.