A Complete Guide to the 5 Best AI Website Builders of 2023

AI website-building platforms represent a significant shift in web development. These tools simplify web creation with advanced AI features. This article will showcase info about AI website building. So, choose the best AI website builder to modernize your online presence.

A Complete Guide to the 5 Best AI Website Builders of 2023
AI Website Builder

In the past few ages, website creation has been a tough net to crack. Most people quickly got annoyed while creating a best-customized website. But now you can create a website within seconds. This become possible due to AI website builders. Yes, AI-powered website builders promise to build a fresh website from scratch in just a few minutes. Due to artificial intelligence, site builders can streamline everything from designing their website to making it online. This bold claim can be pulled off through the best AI website builder.

AI plays a significant role in task automation in web designing and development. If we talk about the use of AI in web development, then according to HubSpot research, 93% of web designers have used AI in their web design creation. Additionally, 50% of users utilize AI to design complete web pages. It's become easy to create a website in real-time while focusing on important elements such as customized designs. If you are wondering how to find the best AI website builder, you have jumped at the right place. In this blog, you will find your answer regarding AI website building with the curated list of 5 best AI website builders of 2023. Therefore, stick around and grab your answers right here

Introducing an AI Website Builder

As the name says, an AI website builder is a system that uses artificial intelligence to generate customized sites from scrapes. So, you can get your website generation at an easier yet faster rate.

How Does an AI website Builder work?

AI website builders work through machine learning and natural language processing techniques. This technology enables you to create personalized websites and web designs according to users' needs and preferences.

Due to artificial intelligence, anyone much into web development can develop a fresh website from scratch. One must be noted that not all AI website builders are identical. Each platform offers different features and functionalities. Some AI web builders have advanced workings, such as image recognition or chatbot integration. Others may have some basic AI-driven design backing.

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Moreover, each AI website-building tool works differently depending on the tool you interact with. Some tools allow you to build a website with just a single prompt. At the same time, others may have advanced features like content generation or automated layout. So, it's important to research the working of tools before jumping into a specific AI website builder.

What are the Criteria for Hunting the Best AI Website Builder?

Before finalizing the best AI website builder for yourself, search for the best features.

Ease of Use

First and foremost, a friendly interface should be prioritized when choosing any AI website builder. So, if you want to build a website using AI, it will be a minute game through a friendly go-to interface.

Customization Choices

The best AI website builder should offer a variety of customization options. A good AI-powered website builder should line up the uniqueness of the user by showcasing different design elements.

Integration Abilities

Another thing that should be counted on while picking the best AI website builder is the integration capability of the tool with other apps. So whenever you choose an AI website builder, always look for one that enables you to integrate with additional apps you use to create a website.


Always pick that AI website builder that adapts to your desired website elements. So, a tool should be flexible in adaptability.


If you are investing a good amount of money in any AI website builder, then always prioritize the good one which offers substantial value for your investment. Also investigates the features of the chosen website builder that truly define the money that you have spent.

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Best AI Website Builders of 2023:

1. CodeDesign –Best AI Website Builder for developers and designers:

Launch your full website with a single prompt with the CodeDesign AI website builder.

CodeDesign is a website builder powered by AI. In past years, web developers were stressed due to the over-loaded deep understanding of JavaScript, HTML or CSS to develop a website. But now, artificial intelligence makes it much easier. CodeDesign.ai aims to simplify the whole process by focusing on what matters. This technology enables individuals and businesses to curate first-class content with a strong online presence.

One of the standout features of this website builder is its diverse nature. It means it helps people with budget-friendly options to budge their start-ups and supports big enterprises in maintaining a strong brand identity. So, CodeDesign is one of the best AI website builder to stand tall in the saturated market of web builders.

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+ It has its cloud. So you can safely store all your assets in that cloud.
+ It has a user-friendly interface.
+ It has built-in SEO capabilities.
+ CodeDesign has its database. So there is no need for any external one.
+ Both developers and designers can use this platform.
+ It provides you with two options: one is you can publish a full-fledged website on this platform or export it in the form of code.
+ The regeneration option is also available in case of making any modifications to the design.


- SEO features sometimes need to be clarified.
- Its free Plan is limited.
- It offers sub-domain hosting only on a free Plan.
- It does not provide information about loading speeds.

Price Plans

  • Basic Plan: $9/month
  • Standard Plan: $19/month
  • Growth plan: $39/month


  • 4.9 Out of 10

2. Hostinger – Best AI Website Builder for Beginners

Hostinger AI website builder can create SEO-optimized content with a plugin assistant powered by AI.

Another amazing platform for AI website building is Hostinger. This platform enables you to easily produce a customized website from scratch with the assistance of AI. Through Hostinger, you can launch your website within seconds. You have to fill out the form, which tells you about your website type. After that, you will come through different layouts from which you can choose the basic structure for your website. Now, you can build and customize your site using generative AI technology such as ChatGPT for content creation, font styles and themes, etc.

Additionally, with the free version, you would have few options like adding more pages or making any modifications in font and color.


+ AI Logo Maker is available for making custom logos.
+ Build-in AI tools for SEO.
+ AI Heatmap is also present.
+ Hundred-plus readymade templates are available.
+ Quick website designing with AI.
+ It also offers an AI writer tool for quick generation of copy.
+ Availability of ecommerce tools for online store creation.


- You can only get access to live chat if you are signed up.
- Although Hostinger claims a 30-day money-back guarantee, this package does not refund redemption fees and domain name purchases.

Price Plans

  • Single Plan: $1.99/ month
  • Premium Plan: $2.99/ month
  • Business plan: $ 3.99/ month (it’s the most popular one)


4.6 Out of 5

3. Wix –Best AI Website Building Platform for Creating Top web Pages

Let’s create amazing web pages quickly with the Wix ADI website builder.

Another website builder powered by AI is Wix ADI. This platform is known for website creation through inventive AI assistants. Wix enables the Builder to create a website with easy-to-go techniques. Its inventive features help those people who need more technical skills in website creation. This platform highly supports creating amazing web pages. Wix also enables landing pages and the creation of online stores.

So, Wix ADI is one of the best AI website builder for people who want an effective tool for web designing. Moreover, the users can only enjoy some of the features of the standard Wix AI website builder in the ADI interface. Users must stay on the ADI editor if they want to utilize AI web building for their websites.


+ Customization options are available so that a user can create content with the addition of a human touch.
+ An amazing AI assistant is also present.
+ Conversion into standard Wix site through AI.
+ Effective and easy to use.


- SEO tools do not work properly sometimes.


  • VIP Plan:$24/ month
  • Unlimited Plan: $12/ month (popular one with one year free AI website builder custom domain)
  • Combo Plan: $8/month


4.6 Out of 5

4. Framer AI –Blend Art and Technology Both with This AI Website Builder

Framer AI
A super impressive, fun AI website-building platform with built-in AI features

Framer AI is also one of the best AI website builder to create an entire website from a single text prompt. This platform will do magic by telling you the type of site you want. It gave so many other options. In case of any disappointment with the design, you can shuffle the color scheme with the click of a button. This all becomes possible just due to engraved generative AI technology.


+ Not just producing a website but also reviewing, editing and designing the website.
+ A smooth transition from designing to developing a website.
+ This web builder can easily add interactive components like sliders and hover effects.
+ You can also jump into the past designs with a single click.
+ User-friendly interface.


- Sometimes, Interactive components behave strangely.
- More personalized towards prototyping rather than building a full-fledged AI website.


  • Free Plan: Free AI website builder with limited features.
  • Mini Plan: $5/ month
  • Basic Plan: $15/ month
  • Pro Plan:$30/ month


4.4 Out of 5

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5. Jimdo –Fine AI Web Building Platform with Bulk of Digital Tools

Jimdo's AI web-building platform enables you to grow online businesses with its amazing digital tools.

The next platform that also utilizes AI for website building is Jimdo. This platform can generate a full website process with the power of AI. There is no hard and fast rule to start with this AI website builder. All you have to do is to answer various questions according to your preferences. So, with your response nature, Jimdo will efficiently create a website for you. If we talk about the amazing features of this platform, then Jimdo enables you to utilize pre-existing information about the business to generate the most relevant content.

Moreover, this platform builds web pages and helps set up online stores like other website builders. Further, Jimdo also supports the integration of Google Analytics, designing logs and managing business listings. Additionally, this is one of the best AI website builder in page selection recommendations and has customizable design elements.


+ Customized design options are accessible, which include button shapes and color palettes.
+ AI-powered tools for creating online stores, logo designing and more.
+ Google analytic integration.
+ Make use of readymade info about businesses to create relevant content.


- Inadequate AI for initial site formation.

Price Plan

  • Free Plan: $0/ month
  • Start Plan: $9/ month
  • Grow Plan: $15/ month
  • Unlimited Plan: $39/month


3.9 Out of 5

Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQs

How Can We Improve Our Existing Websites through AI Web Web-building Platforms?

Artificial intelligence can help greatly in improving existing websites. Web developers and owners can gather information on site performance, user behavior and many other things through AI Algorithms. Moreover, with the help of AI-driven analytics, web owners can optimize their websites easily.

Which one is the Best AI Website Builder?

The choice of the best AI website builder from the list varies according to users' partialities. So, it's effective for the user to research the tool that works best for their desired preferences and then go for its purchase.

Which Website Builder is Best for Making Web Designs?

From the above-given list, Wix ADI is one of the best platforms in web designing. This platform not only claims for quick website creation but also promises to create amazing designs with many customization options.

Bottom Lines

As a whole, with artificial intelligence's popularity, the AI website-building market is gaining much hype. The best AI website builder offer a lot of ease of use in web development. Due to this AI technology, users can now create stunning websites with minimal effort. Therefore, as the tech world continues to evolve, AI-driven website-building platforms will reshape businesses' online presence.