Top 5 AI Tattoo Generator Tools

An AI tattoo generator is undoubtedly the most powerful helping hand for tattoo lovers. There is a saying that "a perfect tool lessens the burden." So, if you want to choose the right gear for your new tattoo creation, this article is your perfect destination.

Top 5 AI Tattoo Generator Tools

AI is undoubtedly the most hyped technology of the time. AI tools have shaken the planet with their presence. These tools are likely to sweep and transform the entire business landscape in the future. Statistics revealed that Artificial intelligence will boost the world’s GDP by 14%, hitting 15.7 trillion dollars by 2030. A great part of this growth owes to the AI art industry which is on its way to transforming the lives of designers and creatives. The global AI Art and Creativity market size was $2.45 billion in 2022 and is anticipated to reach $20.55 by 2030. AI artists are extensively practicing their skills using AI art generators. Since the launch of the AI text-to-image algorithm in 2022, the number of AI-generated images has exceeded 15 billion. This number is greater than the total images created by photographers in the period of the last 150 years. On average, 34 million AI images are being produced daily. With this accelerated generation of visual content, AI is now penetrating the body art market with its revolutionary technology of AI Tattoo Generator.

AI tattoo generating apps and tools took the burden of creating unique tattoos. These tools, accessible at your fingertips, create tattoos according to the user's preferences. These apps serve as a welcoming avenue for tattoo lovers who want customized designs to spur their new creative looks. These AI tattoo-creating tools are effective and very efficient in creating art masterpieces. This article will guide you about how these AI Tattoo generator tools work. You will also get deep insight into the top-class tattoo creating apps, highlighting their features, user dashboards, limitations, and costs.

How AI Tattoo Generator Tools Work?

Automated tattoo designing tools create simulated representations of tattoos by using AI algorithms. These tools are designed to accommodate user needs on computer systems and other mobile devices. The AI-driven software analyzes your prompts and parameters regarding design, color, fonts, and styles to create unique tattoos as output. Intelligent Tattoo Maker Gears offer users the leverage of virtual visualization of tattoos with in-depth details before they experiment with it on their bodies. These tools help in making informed decisions. They work with the agenda of "View it before you ink it."

Things to Consider While Selecting an AI Tattoo Generator

Today, the internet is bombarded with AI tattoo designing apps, each offering and claiming unique features. However, one should make insightful decisions to enjoy desired outputs. The key features that make the AI tattoo-generating tool exceptional are listed below.

User Convenient Interface

An extraordinary tool must offer its users a friendly interface with different options on the dashboard. It should allow the handler to navigate the app easily, exploring multiple possibilities.

Wide Range of Customization Options

The best AI tattoo crafting tool must have different customization options for style, colors, image size, depth, and effects to elevate the tattoo-generation experience of its users. Moreover, the one offering different options for displaying and sharing art pieces with friends is the perfect choice.

Quality of the Tattoo Design

The quality of the Tattoo generated also defines the eminence of the app. The vibrant colors and effects of the end virtual tattoo design depict its closeness to originality. The apps with a closer element of human touch are considered quality tattoo-creating tools.


The automated budget-friendly Tattoo designing apps that offer multiple chances for free creation usually fulfill the criteria of the best app. Moreover, the ones offering different promotional offers and discounts are usually preferred by art lovers.

Offline Accessibility

The tattoo-creating apps that work well even when the user is offline are generally categorized as the best since they provide the art lover or creator with unlimited and uninterrupted work experience.

Compatibility with different electronic devices

The AI tattoo app must have flexible compatibility so that a larger audience can benefit from it.

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Top 5 AI Tattoo Creators and Apps

Trying on tattoos has become easier with AI tattoo generator tools. Choosing the right one allows you to see what a tattoo will look like before you create it. Let's dive into the Artificial intelligence world and explore some tattoo-creating apps and tools that are the gems of the AI ocean.

1. Fotor

Picture Credit: Fotor
Picture Credit: Fotor

Fotor is a top-notch AI tattoo generator that offers diverse designs, templates, detailing, colors, and effects. Its unique feature is that it can create your desired image or Tattoo with the description provided. The more details and elaborations you incorporate into it; the more realistic outcome you can have. Fotor visualizes your tattoo ideas and gives a virtual print of it. Moreover, it also provides the option of image integration. The uploaded image can be turned into a masterpiece with the Fotor magical software.

How to Generate Tattoo Designs with Fotor?

  1. Open the Fotor App and click on the “Create a tattoo with AI” generator.
  2. On the left toolbar, two options will be provided: create from text or images.
  3. Choose the one that suits you and click Create. It will provide the desired tattoo design in less than 1 minute.
  4. You can customize the generated Tattoo by changing colors, light effects, and art styles.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the output, download your AI-generated Tattoo design.
Fotor interface
Fotor interface


Fotor offers free art generations for up to 5 tattoos through Fotor Basic. But to give its users an unmatchable experience, it provides two types of paid packages. Fotor Pro charges 3.33$ per month.


  • It provides dual functions: AI photo-to-photo conversion and text-to-photo conversion.
  • It is feasible for Mac, Windows, Android, and OIS mobiles.
  • It provides diverse designs, effects, colors, and styles.


  • The tool provides very limited free trials for AI Tattoo creation.
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2. Night Café

Night café dashboard
Night café dashboard

Night café is an AI tattoo generator app with assorted functions. Night café tool uses neural style transfers and text-to-image mechanisms to create masterpieces of tattoo designs. This AI-supported tattoo generator application is free online and compatible with Android and iOS systems. The app is supported by algorithms like DALL- E 2, VQGAN+CLIP, and CLIPP-guided Diffusion, which are not all available in any other app. The most unique feature of this tool is its online community network. The night café community comprises millions of people sharing their pieces of art creations, tattoos, and illustrations. The healthy discussions and feedback from each other encourage trust in these AI tattoo generators.

How AI Night Café Works?

  1. Open the app online on your phone or system—no need to download the AI tool of Night café.
  2. Provide the prompt in the text box that you want to create.
  3. Choose the style and number of images or tattoos you want to generate.
  4. Press the button to create and watch the magic.
  5. You can browse your tattoo creations, share them with friends, and publish them.


Night Café artwork generator allows users to create unlimited base stable diffusion creations for free. A base generation is a single image with thumb resolution. However, it also provides its users free daily credits to enjoy more powerful settings of the AI tattoo generator. The operators are offered multiple paid plans if they want their creations to be printed or for extended usage.

100 credits / month 200 credits/month 500 credits/month 1400 credits/month200 credits/month
4.79$/month 7.99$/month 15.99$/month 39.99$/month


  • It has a special Night café community and chat rooms to share your art and tattoo work with your friends and community.
  • It offers free credits every day to every member.
  • It has several algorithms as compared to other AI tattoo apps.
  • The app even allows you to print and deliver your art creations to your door.


  • It has some technical confines that affect the quality of artwork at times.
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3. Adobe Fire Fly

Adobe Fire Fly Interface
Adobe Fire Fly Interface

Adobe is a familiar name when it comes to illustrations and editing software. Adobe's umbrella had some of the oldest pictorial tools used extensively by artists and students. However, with the addition of Adobe Fire fly, it became the dream destination for tattoo lovers and art creators. This AI tattoo generator helped people generate images, tattoos, and drawing pieces with more colors, textures, and effects in less time. This AI tool serves tattoo enthusiasts and builds remarkable illustrations and print advertisements. Initially, this AI-based tattoo-creating software only offered text-to-image generation with special text effects and generative recoloring. However, now it's upgraded with many other algorithms, thus making the tool more practical.

How AI Tattoo Generator Fire Fly Works?

  1. In a browser, open the Firefly website. At the home page, you will be currently provided with six options: text to image, generative fill, text effects, generative recolor, text to template, and text to vector graphic.
  2. Provide your prompt in the form of text and then press generate.
  3. The image generated can then be further enhanced by using advanced size, colors, aspect ratio lighting, composition, and tone options.
  4. By using the generative fill option, you can add or remove the background from your tattoo.
  5. Generative recolor can help you experiment with different color palettes for your desired tattoo.
Adobe Firefly user dashboard
Adobe Firefly user dashboard


The price for a one-month subscription plan is 4.99$. Whereas a yearly subscription costs 49.99$. The subscription canceled within 14 days is entitled to a refund.


  • User-friendly dashboard, especially for beginners.
  • There is a wide range of styles to select from.
  • The generative recolor feature proves to be an excellent companion for tattoo artists.


  • There are very limited free trials.
  • There will be no refund after 14 days of subscription.
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4. Blackink.AI

Black Ink.AI is one of those apps solely designed for tattoo creations. This AI tattoo generator claims to use new AI technologies to make the tattoo experience seamless. It specializes in more than 13 tattoo generation styles that no other app offers. This includes Dot work tattoos, Blackwork tattoos, Sketch tattoos, Minimalist tattoos, Geometric tattoos, Traditional tattoos, Anime tattoos, New school tattoos, Tribal tattoos, and Surrealism tattoos.

Black ink.AI styles
Black ink.AI styles

Black Ink.AI has almost seven tattoo creation modules, of which 3 are free initially, but the remaining four are only available for paid pro packages. Each of them has their customized styles and templates. Moreover, one unique feature of this AI tool is it allows users to get customized printed tattoos delivered to their doorstep. These temporary tattoos enable users to experience the real look before they get permanently inked.

How Blank Ink.AI Works?

Blank Ink AI helps you find your new tattoo inspiration. It works on a very simple formula.

  1. Sign up for the AI Tattoo Creator tool.
  2. Feed the bar with your prompt or idea.
  3. Choose a tattoo style from the options provided.
  4. Click the Create button.
  5. Black Ink.AI generates your customized tattoo in 30 seconds.
  6. Now, you can save, download, and share your created tattoo with friends.
  7. Remix to create more tattoo designs.
  8. You can even upload personal images and tattoo them.


It initially allows 5 credits free to its users with limited features. However, it is Black Ink. AI pro unlimited package is charged at $15 per month and offers annual savings of up to 60%, charging $72 annually.


  • Black Ink. AI is compatible with tattoo enthusiasts, first-time users, and experienced tattoo artists.
  • It offers printed temporary tattoo designs to its users.
  • It allows you to save your tattoo designs permanently on user dashboards.


  • It is expensive when compared to other Artificial intelligence-based tattoo creator tools.
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5. Tattoos AI

Tattoo AI is the perfect platform to give actual shape to the tattoo idea somewhere embedded in your mind. If you cannot locate any tattoo that resonates with your vision, then Tattoos AI can help you. It customizes the tattoo according to guidelines provided by the tattoo lover. The AI platform is enriched with multiple styles, including some of the favorites of the tattooing industry, like realistic, watercolor, lettering, and surreal. Moreover, it also contains a complete gallery of tattoos created by its subscribers, showcasing thousands of sample works for new users. One of its unique features is that it allows you to mimic your favorite tattoo artist's style. The saying "dream comes true" holds best for this app.

How does Tattoo AI work?

  1. Sign in to Tattoos AI, which will bring you to the user interface.
  2. Purchase one of its plans either weekly or monthly.
  3. Give details of your tattoo idea in the description box.
  4. Pick a style like a sketch, watercolor, etc.
  5. Pick a color.
  6. Please select your favorite artist, or leave it empty for any.
  7. Click Generate Tattoos.
Tattoo AI user interface
Tattoo AI user interface


Trial (try for free) 7 Day Pass (9.99$) 30 Days Pass (24.994$)
8 tattoo designs 7 Day AI access 30 Days AI access
Personal AI tattoo designer Unlimited tattoo designs Unlimited tattoo designs
Personal AI tattoo designer Personal AI tattoo designer
Onetime payment Onetime payment


  • Thousands of tattoo ideas are available in the gallery.
  • Easy to use.
  • Works on simple commands.
  • Its specialty is tattoo generation.


  • The tattoos generated may not be unique.
  • There are very limited free trials.

AI Tattoo Generator Price Comparison

Here is the price comparison to help you make decision according to your budget.

AI Tattoo Generator Price Free Option
Fotor $3.33/month
Night Café $4.79/month
Adobe Fire Fly $4.99/month
Black Ink.AI $15/month
Tattoo AI $24.994/month
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Concluding Thoughts

A Tattoo enthusiast or artist was never as excited as today just because of the accessibility of AI tattoo generator. This groundbreaking technology has changed the concept of body art. These tools or apps work wonders for tattoo artists. So, we need to embrace its importance and the new potential that it creates. Moreover, the clear vision provided by this article would be really helpful for any tattoo lover or an experienced art creator. Incorporating AI technology in tattoo-building tools has created a world of evolution, offering ease and versatility. Moreover, viewing the result even before the tattoo is started to ink is another level of AI generator competencies.